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AI Art Generator - Short & Simple Guide

LaTe bLoOmErX

Dec 9, 2023
"Adolf Hitler 666"

just to give you an idea of the potential of AI art generators used with the right directions to bring an "artistic vision" as close as possible to concrete art

site used : https://getimg.ai/

  • AI model : reproduction v3.31

  • Prompt : Hitler with white angel wings in a total black suit with black and red particles, smiling, young and beautiful, illuminated by a white-gold light, nimbus around his head

  • Negative Prompt : disfigured, cartoon, blurry, nude, letters, words, symbols, military ribbons

  • Guidance Scale : 12

  • Steps : 40

  • Sampler : DPM-Solver++

  • Seed : 653083753

first i tried random prompts and settings until i generated something as similar as possible to my vision, then i inserted that image in the "Image" box which allows you to insert an image as a "guide" to generate art and then adjusted the parameters in the "Strength" function until i achieved the desired result
lastly, i used https://it.vectorizer.ai/ to improve its quality

i would say, it could be a bit time consuming especially if you start from scratch in learning how to use it, this and all the other AI generators of art etc.
however, possibly dedicating this little time to it
it could be very fun and satisfying to see your visions or what you specifically wanted to create come to life
especially if perhaps one doesn't have great artistic/graphic skills and/or the time to learn them, this certainly takes much less time
(i say this also because for example at the moment i no longer have a computer and consequently i can't use "high quality" graphics programs, i can only use the phone for everything)

hope i have been able to help a little those like me who are very interested in art and these type of things😎😎😎😎

(sorry for any grammatical or typing errors, english is not my native language)

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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