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Advice for SS on self study of programming and or linux system administration.


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Oct 24, 2017
Hello. I wanted write a helpful post for SS for are interested in becoming sys admins, and or programmers. This will not be a guide, but a couple pointers for people who want to do self study.

We live in a world unfortunately, where going and getting an education from a college or vocational school can be very expensive, ending up in debt or worse circumstances. A good way to really get our feet wet at first is pursuing self study of topics, and then really decidng what course we would like to take in our eduction, profession and lives.

For people who are interested in pursuing System Administration of linux servers as a career, a good starting point for self study is using virtual machines to test and learn commands in a controlled enviroment isolated from your computer. One could download Virtual Box, or the free version of VMware and set up an iso image of a linux distro, and then go ahead and learn commands with the terminal, and becoming familar with system processes, ssh, git and related programs and the package manager.

Theres good videos and webpages about this everywhere.

The key is to become proficient with the terminal and a text editor at first, then commands and understanding the more involved aspect of this comes alot easier. Or even better, is to find a cheap older laptop running windows, and just throw ubuntu or debian on it to test and daily drive it for awhile studying web pages, and free pdfs of good books for this topic.

My advice is to look around for good pdfs of books on Linux System Administration. As there is quite a few out there and many different recommendations depending on where you go and look.

Webpages, and some courses are out there as well, but don't make the mistake of buying expensive courses, this isn't in your best intersest for coding or learning to be a sys admin, as these topics take TIME to get good at. Last thing you want to do is throw a couple hundred dollars on a programming course in C++ or something, and your halfway through and you still don't know what the fuck you are doing,

This can make someone very discouraged, and thwart future attempts at reapproaching this all correctly. You are better off at first doing some self study and practice, then after you gain some experience, you will KNOW if this is for you.

For coding, there is alot of instructional videos all over youtube for many languages, theres so much good material.

One site comes to mind as helpful, called codewars. It's free from what i understand and helps with learning a variety of programming languages.

I intend to eventually make a guide on what books are good about programming, but i do not have enough knowledge as I'm only starting on this road, and intend to only do this when i have the proper knowledge of what to recommend and why.

For learning coding, you want to first decide what language you want to start with and why. Along with whether you want to code on a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.

Windows may be easiest for a beginner, as linux requires a bit of tinkering sometimes, but it is your choice.

Visual Studio Code is a good IDE for a beginner to use on Windows, and comes with alot of nice features, theres still other good choices though but this or Geany would be about the best. If you are on linux, you have some more choices. Geany, Vim, VScode or its open source alternative (Avoid Emacs if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis)

A good beginner language that is often recommended is Python, but theres many others availabke to learn, like Go, Javascript and Ruby.

I recommend staying away from languages that are too complicated like Common Lisp, or Haskell until you have decent experience coding.

This would be a good summary of all this to follow.

1. Study and practice from webpages, videos, and pdfs, on an operating system you are comfortable with.

2. Don't pay for courses or just jump into college for something like this unless you are sure first and have done your research and have some experience.

3. TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE PATIENT. This all can take quite a bit of time and be very complicated and hard. Taking steps as you are able to is the best approach.

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