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Nov 12, 2022
Greetings brothers and sisters, arm yourselves because today we are gonna face dangerous beings, Chimeras and creatures alike.

I'm not gonna talk about their myths or the hero that faced them. Just their symbolism, and why they are present in almost every part of our world.
But let's start from the beginning, what's a chimera? They are hybrids with multiple essences in one body.
As we all know our material form is linked to the astral one, and you sure are wondering what monstrousity hides in this hybrids' soul. You could be right, but there's a twist...animals.

Let me explain. Aeather is the universe's core, from the smallest subatomic-quatum dot, to the biggest star and beyond. From which we can see to which we cannot, for a reason or another. All of these are manifestations of aether, even living beings from us to animals. The topic is way more "complex", but this intro is enough to help you understand what's next.

Animals are pure souls, one of the reasons why they are protected and held in such prescious regards by our Gods and Godesses. By "pure" it means they perfectly embody nature herself, not only physically but spiritually. One example I could do is the transition from caterpillar to butterfly of said insect ( yes, in the animal world we do include insects ).
In spiritual language this transformation is strictly connected to "new cicles", freeing the soul, and last but not least... ascending. When a caterpillar becomes a butterfly it devlops two stunning colorful wings, which are the full manifestation of our chakra fully opened. Of course we are talking in symbolism, at the end of the day a butterfly will always be a butterfly. And it's just one of the countless examples I could do.

Understanding the above it's not so tough comprehend why our Deities have some specific animals as their symbol, or without going too above that's why some of us have a specific animal in our username. Me included.
Of course there are choices guided by taste, but you got the point.

How this reflects in mythology? Well, myths are the way human kind, through Gods and Godesses or viceversa, carved spiritual teachings/high life lessons in history for eternity.
Mythology is a tool to explain things we normally can't physically touch or comprehend in a low level dimensional understanding. So complex topics are shrinked into various stories, from sad to funny, from lovely to cruel, and so on.
These tales, contains more than one lesson. One simple man, without spiritual notions, could spend a good fraction of his life to try understanding a single chant.
But in this place we SS are different, our eyes can see the unseen and our ears can hear what others label as "absence of sound".

Animals can rappresent our inner primordial drives, such as emotions or desires. These are part of ourselves. Chimeras are multitude of wild animals, the classic one is a fire-breathing monster having a snake as tail, the body of a lion and a goat head rising on its back. But we have also things like the Ammit in ancient Egypt, head of a crocodile, the body of a lion, and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus. In Chinese myth we have the Qilin, a creature with the body of a deer, the tail of an ox, hooves of a horse, and sometimes scales or a mane of a lion. And so on, you name it, they are countless.

Sometimes they act as a foe, but many others as a guardian of sacred place and formidables companions of heroes. This duality perfectly describes our inner world. Happiness, Joy, Fear, Anger, Sorrow, Braveness, Envy and many others are the source of our life, the main core. Even people whom spiritual power is ground flat have emotions, they are primordial. They can be our shield and our sword. But sometimes also our guillotine.

When our drives are out of control, or they are in control of us, we transform in the monster chimera, we can harm others but mainly ourselves. When joy is off the rail, it can push you out of reality, making you forget what's under your feet. When you are too brave, you can turn into a majestic arrogant blinding yourself to what's around you. When Anger explodes, everything falls apart. In a spiritual realm, all your rituals, works, spells and dreams are compromised, ruined till a certain extent or completely if you let things go on their own. Negative energy is included.

On the contrary we can be powerful untamed guardian when these drives are listened, are directed to the right way and most importantly when we accept them. When I say "accepting" I mean understand what caused them, and act properly along the right notions. If you don't understand the root you will never solve the riddle. And this counts both for "good" or " bad" drives.
Anyways, when we sharp our emotions all our works, material and spiritual, blooms. We are stronger than ever when we let our eyes see and our ears hear within. The multitude of animals a chimera embodies, rappresents the mayhem or the harmony of our essence. All these energies combined in one body, we can let them communicated with eachothers or let them tear themselves apart from one another.

This is it, I want you leave with a tip. We human are fragile, it is part of our journey overcome obstacles, and overcome doesn't necessarily mean "to destroy" but sometimes it means "to learn" and "to listen". We are witches and wizards able to change our paths when we do not liked it, or when it start taking a bad route. But sometimes all we have to do is sit down and listen, and most importantly admit our faults. What we perceive and affects us, always starts from within.
If you listen, you can understand. If you understand, you can act. If you can act, you can move. And if you can move, you can live.

So next time you get caught in emotional storm, ask yourself do I want to be a monster or a guardian?
done read u're post and i making opinion did u talk about legionnaire from Gods Enlil, Orobas and Goddessess Astarte and Maat??
No, I didn't mention any legionnaire... the post is about how animals in a spiritual sense can also rappresent humans' drives. And how chimeras can rappresent the duality within us. Both on an emotional and energy levels.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan