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The new face of Joy of Satan

Aquarius said:
[HPS said:
Lydia" post_id=479139 time=1703399913 user_id=57]
Necroconsecrator666 said:
Couldn't say it any better than that. The jews are doing a soft white genocide. Just look at the news, they say we have white privilege, but it's Latinos, blacks, muslims and anyone who's not white that has privilege. What it is, is white persecution.
Also the "workplace diversity" agenda of America and Canada, Whites have a much harder time getting a job even if they are the most qualified. Same with housing, as there are homes for rent only for multicultural people.
I'd go on a tangent if I saw black people on JoS's front page. Like it's not enough to see them over rapresented all over White countries. It's ridiculous to see them all over Italian advertising and putting them in shows. I remember when I was little, italian models in italian tv shows, they always had brunette and blonde white women with blue eyes, was always a charm watching lol, but now it's all mixed negroes and girls with questionable etnicity, or in italian teenager tv shows they show teenager girls who fight for the negroe teenager. Fucking asshat world, and people even accept it.

Black people have no place as pictures in the JoS unless it's JoS Africa!!!!

It's unfortunately way worse in America. Everywhere you look currently.

I hope the United States survives, but the condition of things is not looking good at all. The conditions and sights on a daily basis seen here are straight abhorrent. In regards to not just the multiculturalism, but the destruction of the middle class.

It's very scary truthfully. We are truly blessed to have the Gods in these dark times.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan