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Joy of Satan NEW Guardians: Announcement

My congratulations to everyone, but my personal regards here to Blitz and Naked. It's always a pleasure to read what you both post.
HP. Hoodedcobra666 said:
Greetings to all of our Satanic Family,

With a lot of happiness and with bold plans for the future, I announce to the whole of the community that there have been new Guardians selected to serve the community, the Gods, the Joy of Satan.

All of them you already know more or less, and they have meaningful contributions and strong presence in the JoS. More Guardians will be appointed in the future, as those who envision of assumption of responsibility and spiritual growth take this holy pledge at heart.

As powerful individuals and rolemodels, they are also coming from all walks of life and all have their different duties and personalities.

Here, one can see the already updated page on the Clergy/JG Structure of the JoS:


In no way the sequence of this announcement reflects on the order or importance of all the Guardians, as they are all equally ennobled by this announcement.

I thank you all for your efforts; the community thanks you all for your effort.

I therefore ordain you with this position of honor, responsibility and grace in front of our Gods and the Community:

JG Blitzkreig: Everyone knows him, for his impeccable mindset, community cohesion efforts and kind spirit. He has been among the first to be ordained. We can all agree on his spirit of firmness, kindness, support and always being there to give high value to the community.

JG VoiceOfEnki: VoE is a spiritually and mentally advanced SS who has contributed in the growth of the Joy of Satan both publicly and privately. Longstanding, he has shown power of transformation over the years, and great progress. Always caring for the JoS, he provides high value help to both SS and the JoS as a whole.

JG ApolloAbove: Hardworking, resilient, intelligent, his technical expertise has been always applied for the betterment and improvement of the JoS. His technical expertise is behind many of the recent developments for the sites, and we work together to deliver you top tier sites. So many times, he rushed in to the benefit of the community during difficult times for infrastructure.

JG BlackOnyx: A man of high care and expertise in programming, he has been doing wonderful work behind the scenes for our community. Soon, everyone will see him unveiling one of the most important projects for JoS. Translators, those in the Library, will see soon this work unveiling in a formal announcement.

JG ThomasSs: The longterm leader and caretaker of our beloved Romanian community for many years, with many contributions to the JoS such as the Calendar which he organized as a project. Well recognized among the SS for all his excellent contributions.

JG NakedPluto: Very passionate about the JoS, upholding it, caring and always on the mission. A man of strong responses who lives it strongly and with a strong sense of responsibility, but also of spiritual knowledge and capacity.

JG Alchemist: Most hardworking and powerfully obligated to bring the message of the Gods to the world through the translations and outreach of our message. Everyone knows him, translators know of his superior managerial skills.

JG PowerOfJustice: Known for countless contributions to JoS, high perfectionism, a powerful Satanist with a resolve. His analytical skills and his high capacities are always helpful towards the JoS, Clergy, and the community. We stand because of people like him.

Of anything I have mentioned above; it is not all. There are things the community does not see. For these things too, I have to personally thank our noble Guardians.

May the path of moving closer to the Gods be open to you, and may all of you act as an inspiration of others to walk the path and reach higher levels of acclaim, power, realization and to become givers and bright as suns in all our works. I pray to the Gods this happens everyday.

Community & Family of Spiritual Satanists, may we all say a quick prayer and a blessing for our Guardians. A Guardian is a title of care, of protection, of progression, of advancement.

Beloved community of SS, as you walk to the Godhead, many of you do what you can; rest reassured, the Gods are watching over us all.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

I congratulate all the brothers on their promotion!
I am very happy for JG PowerOfJustice, I really like his comments, the wisdom that is set out in them and a tough position on some issues, which in my opinion is very correct and Aristocratic!
Thank you everyone for all the kind words :)

Congrats to everyone else being announced. May the Gods bless you and bless JoS as a whole through you!
BrightSpace666 said:
Congratulations, VoiceOfEnki! I am proud of you!

Thank you BrightSpace666!

And thank you to everyone for the warm messages and overwhelming response here to all the JG's!
Congratulations to you all. I look forward to meeting you all or some of you on here or in person. I’m new and learning so there will be questions
Blitzkreig [JG said:
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Congratulations everyone! A lot of this recognition was overdue, so it is good to see this finally occur.

Your kindness has what made everyone love you brother !!!.May you continue doing your contribution more

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan