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A.I Thread Post anything A.I related here.


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Jul 16, 2019
I've been playing around with A.I enough to have a general understanding of it and there are a lot of tutorials out there. Since it is advancing so Fast I want a thread to put the A.I i find useful, and a place for anyone to ask questions.

LLM (large language model, the chatbot types) Open Source A.I (A.I you run offline on your machine) is almost at the rate of LLM proprietary A.I (the ones that collect your data) most of the tools I use are open-source.

LMSTUDIO.AI is the place to start to get A.I running on your machine.

If anyone has any questions about A.I I'll answer them here, and you can post your usecase scenario for using A.I or ask anything regarding.

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