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News On Kundalini-Project - Website, Kundalini-Project Public License & More


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Oct 27, 2021
Greetings, Satanic Family.


1. Kundalini-Project Public License | Don't Be A Dick License
2. Kundalini-Crypt & Kundalini-Encode -> Encrypt & Encode Your Files
3. Kundalini-Pass -> Strong Password Generator
4. Kundalini-Guard -> Online Protection From Dangerous Websites
5. Kundalini-Router -> Securing Your Internet Traffic | RiseupVPN & OpenVPN
6. Kundalini-Notes -> Update | GPG Encryption Added
7. Kundalini-Tool -> Update On Debian
8. Kundalini-Torify -> Securing & Anonymizing Your Traffic
9. Closing Words

I have recently completed several projects and would like to share some of them with you. I would also like to announce the Kundalini-Project Public License. What is this post about? As Varg Vikernes would say - "Let's find out!"

So far there was no License in Kundalini-Project, but I have changed that. Kundalini-Project is currently using the "Dont Be A Dick" License temporarily and will get its own License in the near future.

The "Dont Be A Dick" [hereafter "DBAD"] License is the one that I can probably identify with the most at the moment. As I said, there will be its own Licence in the future, but for now it is the most obvious narrative.

The Kundalini-Project has also expanded with some new additions - for example, I have created a "Community Project" dedicated specifically to SS works. You can add anything [painting, drawing, music, website, etc.] to the Kundalini-Project that you find useful.

The "Kundalini Community Project" is about the Joy Of Satan Community and your works. If you would like to add something, please let me know by email [contact details at the bottom of the post], I will review what you would like to add and then it will be added to the Kundalini-Project.

However, there are certain conditions - Among others, it cannot be added to the Kundalini-Project:

1, Works that support Christianity/Judaism.

2, Contents against the Joy Of Satan

3, Content that is offensive to honour, personality and privacy.

Any work that contains any of the above [whether covert or overt] will not be part of the Kundalini-Project, this should go without saying. I will have nothing to do with your work, it belongs solely to the Kundalini-Project - you take responsibility for your work.

The Kundalini-Project has a website under construction where this content will appear [Not all of them, just few]. If, for example, you want to add crude, extreme pornography - where, for example, a woman or man is used as a sex doll - to the Kundalini-Project [this is just an exaggerated example], I will do nothing. The responsibility lies with those responsible.

The point has to be understood. The Kundalini-Project is divided into two parts - my part and the SS part. The SS part is the "Kundalini Community Project" and my part is the Kundalini-Project itself.

The License:



> Version 1.1, December 2016

> Copyright (C) 2024 BrightSpace666

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified
copies of this license document.


1. Do whatever you like with the original work, just don't be a dick.

Being a dick includes - but is not limited to - the following instances:

1a. Outright copyright infringement - Don't just copy this and change the name.
1b. Selling the unmodified original with no work done what-so-ever, that's REALLY being a dick.
1c. Modifying the original work to contain hidden harmful content. That would make you a PROPER dick.

2. If you become rich through modifications, related works/services, or supporting the original work,
share the love. Only a dick would make loads off this work and not buy the original work's
creator(s) a pint.

3. Code is provided with no warranty. Using somebody else's code and bitching when it goes wrong makes
you a DONKEY dick. Fix the problem yourself. A non-dick would submit the fix back.


The Kundalini-Project License [DBAD] is mostly for outsiders. I am the owner of my works, but the Author(s) are the owners of the SS works of the Kundalini Community Project. In light of this, the Kundalini Community Project is also subject to a License, which is as follows:

########START OF LICENSE########

#Kundalini Community Project License

> Version 1.0, April 2024

> Copyright (C) 2024 [Author]

The Kundalini Community Project is the part of the Kundalini-Project, which exists in the Joy Of Satan.

This means the following:

1, All work is the property of the specified Author(s).

2, All personal, private or group commerce of any kind is done with the permission of the stated Author(s).

3, If a piece of content is not created by SS [from a source other than SS], the rights belong to the original Author(s) of the work. Any abuse of this is prohibited.

The works of Kundalini-Project and Kundalini Community Project are always open, the programs are open source - contact me if you have any objections.

Unauthorized use of another's work for personal gain is disgusting, unethical and reprehensible. In the case of personal trade, you are obliged to seek permission from the original Author(s) and decide on the basis of their response.

If you want to make a work from the Kundalini Community Project available anywhere, you must give the name of the original Author(s). Do not list any work as if you created it. Read the Kundalini Project's License.

You, as an individual, can do what you want with the works in the Kundalini Community Project, but you are obliged to respect the above mentioned reasons.

In short - Just Don't Be A Dick.

########END OF LICENSE########

Kundalini-Crypt & Kundalini-Encode

Well, Kundalini-Crypt is a program written in C and Bash by me that allows you to encrypt/encode and decrypt/decode files. I don't plan to give too long a description of some of its functions, as they are self-explanatory and I couldn't go into too much detail about them.

You can also encode files and their contents -> This will completely change the contents of the files and will contain characters that are completely unreadable to others. Use it if you want to keep your files safe.

Kundalini-Crypt uses highly secure GPG encryption. I have also created a feature that allows you to "encode" and "decode" plain text. I included this because it might be useful in some cases.

For example, if you type "Hail Satan", it will be encoded -> "Lemp$Wexer%". Decoding "Lemp$Wexer%", you get "Hail Satan!". The Bash version doesn't include "Encode" and "Decode", only encryption with GPG, and I added a password generator to generate passwords for encrypted files.

For more information check out the program, I have explained how to use it.

Unlike Kundalini-Notes, all encryption/encoding is done in the folder. In Kundalini-Notes, all notes are stored in the </usr/share/Kundalini-Notes/Personal-Notes/> folder, and Kundalini-Crypt makes changes in this folder.

If you choose the "Encode" or "Encrypt" functions, it will create an "encoded" or "encrypted" file, but it will not delete the original file -> you have to do that yourself. The reason it doesn't delete is because if you want to add something else, you can.

As far as "Encode" is concerned, don't be alarmed if the contents of your file are turned into completely meaningless characters/symbols -> that's the whole point of "Encode". With "Decode" you will be able to restore the content of your files just the same, don't worry about it.

Kundalini Pass

With Kundalini-Pass you can generate strong, stronger and cryptographically strong passwords for yourself. A simple password generator. You can never be too careful with passwords. The ideal default password is 20-30 characters long and contains random letters, punctuation and numbers.

Also, be aware that if you log in to a phishing site, it doesn't help to use any strong password, because the operators will decrypt your data and get the password. I set several levels - strong password, stronger password and cryptographically strong password. An example of each:

Strong Password:

$ kundalini-pass -g


Stronger Password:

$ kundalini-pass -s


Cryptographically Strong Password:

$kundalini-pass -c


These are just examples. You can generate as many passwords as you want.


Well, Kundalini-Guard is specifically dedicated to online safety. I created it for Kundalini-Tool, but I thought it was worth a standalone program, just like Kundalini-Torify.

Kundalini-Guard contains many websites that are potential security risks or just tracking crap. Jewgle, Cockflare, Kikebook, Jewgram, Jewtok, Jewtube and many other sites are on the list.

Changes are made by modifying the </etc/hosts> configuration file. If you want to add sites, just look at the </etc/hosts> configuration file as modified by Kundalini-Guard and follow the style with the links.

Kundalini-Guard has a monumentally large list of security risk sites. These sites will not load in your browser. This is a very big security step. They cannot track you, they cannot "fingerprint" you, they cannot make requests to you.

Note that if you use Kundalini-Guard, Jewtube, Jewbook, Odysee, Cloudflare and the like will not work. In short -> You will not be able to use these sites when Kundalini-Guard is in use. If you want to change this, you will need to modify the file.

The Kundalini-Guard is a monumentally long file. Many, many security risk websites should be banned. Think about how many websites are trying to get your data and spy on you -> This is the sad reality.

This is far from the whole story, it is only the surface. Think of what the internet has become. Kundalini-Guard has 280,000 lines at the time of writing [yes, that's how many websites need to be blocked, but it will grow] and it will grow systematically with updates.

Kundalini-Guard will monumentally increase online security -> prevent monumental malicious websites from loading. It also prevents the loading of monumental Scripts, Cookies, Frames, Ads, Media, Trackers and Malware -> blocks them automatically.

You can also think of Kundalini-Guard as an Ad, Script, Cookie, Frame, Xhr & more blocker that prevents these negative things from loading from many websites.

However, if you want to support Kundalini-Guard with the sites you collect, that would be a big help. Simply make a list of domain addresses that you think are a security risk and send it to me. I will post the rest with updates.


Well, this is probably one of the biggest announcements in this post. With Kundalini-Router you can hide your IP address, secure your network with firewall rules, etc.

Kundalini-Router uses Riseup's servers for the following reasons -> Riseup's servers are highly encrypted, secure and don't collect data. This is one of the most important points.

Kundalini-Router routes your network traffic over OpenVPN, heavily encrypted, to a heavily encrypted server on the Riseup servers. So it uses RiseupVPN over OpenVPN. It changes your IP address, secures and encrypts the traffic, etc.

I chose Riseup because I consider them the most secure, and therefore Kundalini-Router uses Riseup servers -> for security and encryption.

I also added several security features. By default, when using Kundalini-Router, you get a secure DNS, so DNS queries are not made through the DNS generated by the ISP. It doesn't just include RiseupVPN, but much more.

The OpenVPN configuration file created by BarbossHack -> <https://github.com/BarbossHack/>

When you connect to Riseup using the Kundalini-Router, the connection is strongly encrypted, just like Riseup's servers. This is currently one of the most secure ways to use a VPN. You can make it even more secure, but more on that later.

You can use all the programs in Kundalini-Tool [Not Torify, because it serves a completely different purpose and conflicts completely with Kundalini-Router]. I also plan to write a feature that integrates with Obfs4 or Snowflake. Also, there are several <iptables> commands for your security.

Kundalini-Router is a cool program for Riseup and Tor. You can install RiseupVPN on Debian, or even some other Distros, but not all of them. Kundalini-Router offers the same [even higher] security for all Distros, and works purely from the command line.

Kundalini-Router redirects traffic to Riseup or Tor, whichever you prefer. [There is also an I2P configuration planned, but that will come later - I don't think anyone in SS uses I2P much].

The Kundalini-Project is fully supportive of the Riseup project, the GNU project, and anything that has human liberties in mind. If you want to support the Kundalini-Router, you may want to support RiseupVPN, since the Kundalini-Router connects to Riseup's servers.

Donate To Riseup -> https://riseup.net/en/donate

You can use Kundalini-Router with Tor. If you've used Kundalini-Tool before, you know how Torify works -> your network traffic connects to the Tor network, encrypted and anonymized, configured with Tor DNS to avoid leaks.

The Kundalini-Router is purely CLI, so it works via commands [don't worry, it's simple]. To start the VPN, you just need to do the following -> <sudo kundalini-router --start-vpn> and you're done. This command will do everything I mentioned above.

For Tor -> <sudo kundalini-router --start-tor> and you're done.

IP addresses and DNS servers can be in completely different locations. For example, when using Kundalini-Router, your IP address is in France, but your DNS address is in the Netherlands or America. No DNS leakage occurs when using Kundalini-Router.

< Make sure that WebRTC is disabled in your browser. You can do this by using the plugins [Disable WebRTC for Firefox or WebRTC Control for Ungoogled Chromium]. >

I will probably systematically update this project, regarding Riseup, not to mention certificates. I will report back when this is needed. There will be no need to re-download the Kundalini-Router. I have created a file called "certs.c" which will automatically update what is needed. Do not update yourself, just when I say.

Once you connect to Riseup, your DNS address will change and you can set firewall rules. This further increases security. The program has all the information you need to use it [not complicated].

Once you have started the VPN, you will notice that you need a Terminal window. This is OpenVPN, so it will run OpenVPN in a Terminal window and when you exit it, it will tell you that the connection has been lost.

Open a new Terminal window and type -> <sudo kundalini-router --start-wall>, this will add more security to your network [blocking, dropping, etc]. And you can move the other window where OpenVPN is running to another session so it doesn't bother you.

< Always run the <sudo kundalini-router --start-wall> command after starting the VPN [<sudo kundalini-router --start-vpn>]! This will configure several things for even more security. To turn off the VPN, in the OpenVPN terminal window, "CTRL + C" and then in another window run -> <sudo kundalini-router --stop-wall>.

Don't forget these! If you don't have a problem changing the firewall and Dns Address, you can skip this. But if you don't know what you're doing, ask! >

With Kundalini-Router and Kundalini-Guard you can monumentally guarantee your online security. If you want even more security, read one of my previous post:

In Kundalini-Router, Kundalini-Guard is integrated and starts automatically as soon as you start the VPN. If you want even more security, use Kundalini-Tool [With Timezone, Hostname & Mac-Changer] alongside it.

Kundalini-Notes Update

Previously, Kundalini-Notes did not have encryption. Kundalini-Notes was previously available in C, but I didn't publish it, but I accidentally left the folder in the installer. GPG encryption was added to guarantee the security of the files monumentally.

Kundalini-Notes remains the same as before, but I added GPG encryption. The usage is the same as before.

Kundalini-Tool Update

Kundalini-Tool was my very first programme. Since then I have improved a lot in programming, so I rewrote the whole Kundalini-Tool. I added Kundalini-Guard and reworked the files, added some things, etc.

Kundalini-Guard was first created for Kundalini-Tool and that was the inspiration for the update. I have no idea if I will make the update available while publishing this post or not, we'll see.

For now, I'm releasing the new update for Debian-based Distributions, Arch development is still ongoing. There are also plans to release a Slackware version of Kundalini-Tool, but I'll have to rewrite most of Torify there. Changing the hostname, timezone etc. works differently on Slackware.

If there is a need for a Slackware version of Kundalini-Tool, I will make one as soon as possible. It will be done anyway, since I use Slackware, I just don't know when yet. When it is ready, I will probably promote Kundalini-Tool in Slackware groups, including the whole Kundalini-Project.

I'm developing all of the Kundalini-Project programs in Slackware Linux [except Kundalini-Tool], so everything should work in Slackware, and should work in OpenBSD [except Kundalini-Tool]. If there are any of you who are OpenBSD and Kundalini-Project fans, you can contact me to develop Kundalini-Tool for OpenBSD together.


Kundalini-Torify is basically the "Torify" of Kundalini-Tool, only in itself. It can be useful if you want to quickly redirect all your network traffic to the Tor network. Kundalini-Tool is not included, just Torify by itself.

The method is very simple - "sudo kundalini-torify --start" and you're under the Tor network. To stop it - "sudo kundalini-torify --stop" and you're done. But I want to explain a few things here about what Torify is and how it works.

I assume you have some idea how the "Tor Browser" works. Once you connect, your traffic is encrypted and you are anonymous. Your IP address changes from one IP address to another, and your traffic is very difficult to decrypt - that's the whole point of Tor.

Torify does this without the "Tor Browser". On Linux Distro, your traffic is encrypted and anonymous, and your IP address changes the same way. You don't need the "Tor Browser" to be on the Tor Network - Torify provides that at the system level.

While using Torify, if you open, for example, Ungoogled Chromium, it will also be on the Tor network. If you simply run "sudo apt update", that will also be under the Tor network. You are anonymous and your traffic is encrypted.

When using Torify, your IP address changes several times, just like when using the "Tor Browser". Think of Torify as a "Tor VPN". I hope this gives you a little more insight into Kundalini-Torify itself.

If you connect to the "Tor Browser" while using Torify, you can enjoy even greater anonymity and security - you'll be connecting to Tor while Tor is running. Great, isn't it?

If you want even more anonymity, while using Kundalini-Tool [including Torify], start Whonix, and connect to the Tor Browser. You can never be too safe on the internet.

Closing Words

I forgot to mention that all the programs in the Kundalini-Project can be installed with "sudo make install" or "sudo make install-666". Just enter the folder and one of the three will work.



Enter the folder, then:

# make install


# make install-666

2 because there are programs where I used different keywords, so I don't know off the top of my head which program uses which install command. The Kundalini-Project License is more for those who are not members of Joy Of Satan.

The internet has become a jewish infection. You are not safe if you use the internet. Websites and website operators hate you 90% and are after your data. Check out the Kundalini-Guard resource and see how many sites you should block -> that's far from all.

More and more sites are blocking Tor, hindering your anonymity and security [Cockflare and Jewgle together are absolutely destroying the internet]. They don't respect you and your rights.

The Surface Web is slowly turning into a full-blown, monumental, phishing spyware [it already is, but it's about to get worse], and there's not much you can do about it. Cockflare dominates a fucking load of websites, and it will grow systematically due to human ignorance, stupidity and malice.

Teams like Tor, I2P, Riseup, Leap will exist as "solutions" and more people will realise what the internet has become. The Kundalini-Project is part of this -> it will keep your security in mind. Whatever software/programs are developed in the Kundalini-Project, will all focus on security.

Wake up from the dream world and realize that the things [Google, YouTube, Windows, etc.] you are used to are monsters and want you to lose. In the background they are collecting a lot of data on you and who knows who/which terrorist organizations they are passing it on to.

As the High Priest said earlier, "Middle finger to the Jews!" Middle finger to Cockflare! Middle finger to Jewgle! Middle finger to the fucked up modern world! The likes of Jewtube should be completely forgotten. There are alternatives -> Invidious, NewPipe, IncogTube, etc, search.

Extensions like uMatrix help monumentally with online security. With uMatrix you can see how many requests one website makes to another and block them. You'll also see what you're using, and you can think about whether it's worth browsing that website any further.

If you have to use sites where Tor is dangerous [e.g. school networks, etc.], look for alternatives. If you need to log in to something, like a company site or whatever, use something else for everything. For example, if you use Pale Moon for all Tor activity, use Ungoogled Chromium here - you get the idea.

Use firewall commands -> block many IP addresses, make your network more secure. There are lots of guides on the internet, you can easily find one. The key is be suspicious. Have a routine - for example use a specific browser for company sites and that's it. Change your User-Agent etc, use add-ons [uMatrix is inevitable!].

The Kundalini-Tool without Torify [i.e. with Dns-Changer] is already very secure, it's worth using for situations like this. The reason I wrote without Torify is because you probably don't want to log into a school/company network via Tor.

Be creative. The main thing is that your day-to-day activities [orders, even conferences, etc.] should not be related to SS in any way! Always use a secure, heavily encrypted VPN, use Tor, I2P etc - I've said this many times before.

Always change your Mac and DNS address! If you use ISP-generated DNS, every time you open a site [or just your traffic], you will be making requests through the ISP-generated DNS address, and your ISP will always know what you are doing.

As for VPNs, I can currently only recommend 2 VPNs for encryption, security and freedom - RiseupVPN and MullvadVPN [Bitmask and CalyxVPN on Android are also relevant recommendations]. These two are the ones that will definitely not give away your data and will not collect anything about you. Avoid VPNs like Nord, Surfshark, etc. by far.

As for email, I would recommend SS to avoid using ProtonMail. Disroot guarantees more freedom, security, encryption and there is a huge difference between the two. Disroot collects very little data, and what it collects stays exclusively with Disroot, heavily encrypted.

The data they collect is described as being deleted almost instantly, but until then it is highly encrypted and only Disroot has access to the data - no third parties.

ProtonMail has already leaked data about users to the authorities, and as Joy Of Satan grows [because it is growing, it is already striking], one has to wonder whether we are at risk. As an SS, you are far from an ordinary person, and others know it. Let's look after ourselves.

If you want to contact me with a personal question, do me the favour for your own safety of not writing to me via ProtonMail. I will not publish what you write to anyone, but Proton may decide otherwise.

You can use Disroot through Tor and not have to worry, and Disroot provides many other services [encrypted cloud hosting, search engine, etc]. Disroot is free. Disroot never share your data, never.

Disroot Onion -> http://j4dhkkxfcsvzvh3p5djkmuehhgd6t6l7wmzih6b4ss744hegwkiae7ad.onion/en

Disroot's servers are heavily encrypted, as are Riseup's servers. Make sure that minimal data is collected by everyone about their users in terms of Email. This could be usage data, statistical data, or data used for development purposes [e.g. what browser you use and better features for that browser].

The meaning - you are encrypted while using Disroot [even better if you use it via Tor], and your data is not in the hands of third parties.

If you want to use Tor for all your programs, install the "proxychains" program, configure it for Tor [listed in the Kundalini-Browse files], and just put "proxychains" in front of each program/software. For example, you want to update the system:

"$ proxychains sudo apt update -y". This will update Distro over the Tor Network. You can do this with any program, e.g. "$ proxychains <browser_name>", and you're done!

I have created a web service called Kundalini-Ask in PHP where you can ask me questions anonymously and write down the ones you want to write down, or if you want to write your problems private, you can do that. These questions are anonymous and encrypted [plus going to the database through encryption] in my database, and only accessible within Tor or I2P.

"Kundalini-Ask" is similar to "Ask Satan", but Kundalini-Ask is fully part of the Kundalini-Project. The reason why Kundalini-Ask is not included in this post along with Kundalini-Info [Kundalini-Info is my anonymity checker service] is that I have changed my plans for it. I want to make it a completely different service.

Remember - be strong, improve yourself and go beyond the average human level. We live in a fucked up world, and without Joy Of Satan it will get even more fucked up - that should be your motivation in the morning when you wake up - you are the strength that holds things together so they don't fuck up.

There will come a time when we will triumph over the dust of our enemies, but you have to get up and do your job every single day to do that. Let the opinion of ignorance roll off you as a tear rolls down your cheek, and let the Knowledge of the Gods and Satan enter your Soul.

Joy Of Satan is the place to wake up for, and with the Joy Of Satan the life is the place to live for. We are the light in the darkness!

Additional programmes, softwares and services are under development. I have many plans and many goals with the Kundalini-Project. There will be another phenomenon to come in addition to the Kundalini-Project, but it will require my long communication and guidance with the Gods and Satan.

I need to improve myself, I need to know more, I need to move forward and forward. One learns for life, all of life is a learning process and I have no intention of wasting it.

I also have a new book in the pipeline, which will serve as the basis for another project, if I don't change my mind by then. The website is also still under construction - it doesn't contain everything I wanted - I put it together quickly, at the last minute.

20 April is the day that shows humanity that there is still hope and that the winds of change are already blowing - be happy on this wonderful day, celebrate and know that we are already victorious.

Hail Satan! Sieg Heil!

Heil Himmler! Heil Hitler!

Kundalini-Project Homepage -> https://kundalini-project.neocities.org

Contact -> <[email protected]> || <[email protected]>

Link To Download: https://cloud.disroot.org/s/YRBm5R3CFwpBz2F

I cannot help myself but say I love you bro. This is a mayor help. Your website looks very cool and clean too.

Also if you don't mind, the biggest help you could do now to your comrades is to help the JoS, specifically JG ApolloAbove to find alternatives for cockflare and etc.
Almost all JoS sites currently connect to cockflare, and some to jquery, and unpkg too

I cannot help myself but say I love you bro. This is a mayor help. Your website looks very cool and clean too.

Also if you don't mind, the biggest help you could do now to your comrades is to help the JoS, specifically JG ApolloAbove to find alternatives for cockflare and etc.
Almost all JoS sites currently connect to cockflare, and some to jquery, and unpkg too

Thank you, brother. Although, Cockflare is still the worst possible thing that can happen to a website, I have to say that there is nothing that can be done about it at the moment unfortunately. Maybe it will change, maybe not.

The best we can do is to use the Forums via VirtualBox with Tor [if possible] or VPN. That way all information will be about the Virtual Machine, not the real machine.

I was too harsh on ApolloAbove before, but one of my biggest fears about Forums was exactly that - Cockflare. Against DDOS attacks this is a good thing, but unfortunately in the background all SS data is going to Cockflare, and from there with a high chance to the jews.

All we can do at the moment is try to stay safe, because the Forums are not safe at the moment.

As long as the Forums are behind Cockflare, I can't be completely at ease. I am doing all I can to protect my SS family, but Cockflare is holding me back on a monumental scale.

You can read about the "downsides" of Cockflare here, of which there are as many as the stars in the sky.

How can I root an android phone?
I cannot help myself but say I love you bro. This is a mayor help. Your website looks very cool and clean too.

Also if you don't mind, the biggest help you could do now to your comrades is to help the JoS, specifically JG ApolloAbove to find alternatives for cockflare and etc.
Almost all JoS sites currently connect to cockflare, and some to jquery, and unpkg too

Anyway, please, check your Disroot Email Address, I wrote to you a mail.
How can I root an android phone?

It is based on what is the phone you are using. The method is different for example in an Lg and a Samsung phone. However, I don't know to much about the rooting of an android phone, but I think you will find some useful advice on the internet.

Sieg Heil!
This would be great to be implemented as the security standards for a Satanic OS, should such a project be embarked on. Awesome stuff, fellow Techpreist ;)
How can I root an android phone?
If you've got a Pixel your best bet is GrapheneOS. This is the most secure OS for mobile devices from what I can tell.

The second-best option I think is CalyxOS. This is also very secure, plus it's also a free open-sourced project.

For the latter check out the link here: https://calyxos.org/

After selecting your device it will give you step-by-step instructions on how to install it. After this process you'll have a rooted and de-googled phone that is more secure. I would recommend never signing into anything that has your real name though. Stick to fake names and avoid logging into things like FB and whatnot.

As far as the social media stuff goes I'm not 100% sure what the do's and don't's are for that. From my understanding it's best to access that stuff on PC only using a secure OS that is separate to the one you keep JoS activity on. Also, never access JoS sites on your android device. Keeping files in a well-encrypted Rar/Zip file should be okay though, such as offline RTRs and such. Also it's best not to be connected to any networks when accessing these files. Flight-mode is your friend here... even removing the SIM temporarily is an option. That, I think, would be even more secure but it maybe (don't quote me) not absolutely necessary.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan