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Who Will Do It?

Don't interact with this guy, he's either a troll or a jew. Look at his messages and you'll see him asking how to have sex with Astarte, syaing that he is more powerful than the Sun, as well as that he can masturbate up to 21 times a day.
I want to know when you pick up on a person who is a troll or Jew, I hope they are banned from the forum, they shouldn’t be here!
Everyone should see this account and notice how it takes random shots at HPHC, which are now deleted. These trolls follow a rule book of eroding trust and pushing lies that undermine our leaders. Here it stokes the flames of excessive greed and demands, like a mob which demands more free money before destroying the town.

Furthermore, is there also a benefit to having more meditations? How many people would truly benefit by another advanced meditation, despite of them already struggling with the basics? Similarly, is our Clergy not allowed to give guidance on external matters, in which our magick manifests? This is a higher level of advice, as it helps us define how and when, or for what purpose, we would use our magic.

In the same breath, such an account will demand new money meditations, without realizing that some of the insights gained from that or other workings had already been provided here. Therefore, do not let these trolls' demands for "more" be seen as reasonable, as it just appeals to the impatient monkey mind.
Why are not these people thrown out of the forum? they shouldn’t be here
So true. Just look at all the people who can't even trance or communicate with the Gods. More advanced meditations isn't going to help them. All we need is already in the JoS to get to the level of communicating with the Gods and from them receiving instructions for the Magnum Opus.
For me, it's enough for now that some invisible force is pulling me to do what I'm doing. And even if some of it turns out to be wrong, it is my responsibility.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan