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The Osiris Myth


Sep 29, 2018
I believe that the Myth of Osiris, Set and Horus is understood too superficially, and sometimes not understood at all. Thanks to the help of our wise Gods teachers and for the benefit of the entire SS family, I am writing this article where I will try to understand some of the confusing elements of this myth. Distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

Of course, now we'll have all these idiotic "interpretations" of ancient Egyptian myths as if it were a cheap jewish soap opera on television. Do not be deceived, look to the root, and with the help of spiritual insight and the guidance of our Gods, they will reveal to you the true meaning of the ancient legends. As has been said many times in the ZhOS - all these are instructions for achieving MO and other important allegories. All the sacraments of the ancient world were written by Priests and highly initiated into the secrets of the Gods. Thus, it was always, in principle, laid down at least 3 layers of interpretation of any Myth or Ancient Knowledge.

The first layer concerned the literal or exoteric layer of knowledge. These were explanations for the uninitiated and a code behind which deeper meanings were hidden. Often, from the exoteric interpretation of the myth, they created something like public holidays for the crowd, explaining it with something external (for example, the Myth of the battle of Ra with Apep was explained as the change of day and night).
The second layer always related to the knowledge of the initiates. This was astrological, alchemical, medical, magical and yogic knowledge encrypted in the form of a metaphorical language. Each God or character of Myth was associated with some special properties/bodies and, through symbolic understanding, participated in a certain operation. It is known that Ra represents the power of Sunlight and our Solar Chakra, the meditations Chariot of RA and the 7 Arcana of the Tarot, as well as many other insights about the nature of light.
The third and highest level concerned instructions to the Masters. This was the highest priestly and initiatory knowledge, which was obtained and deciphered only through Gnosis, or the revelation of purified higher chakras. These were instructions on MO, secrets of government, astrological prophecies and much more. The gods in these allegories acted rather as indications of the required states and processes. Revealing these secrets was punishable by death in many ancient cultures.

In Greek and Neoplatonic teaching, we also know about three categories of people. In Post Vedic India it is known as the three stages of spiritual realization: Pashu, Virya and Divya. For the Greeks, this is Gilik - a physical man, Andrapoda. Psychic - aware of his soul. And Pneumatic are spiritual beings who have achieved full awareness of their soul and Spirit. The same myth was always used and made sense for all three categories! Magical writing in hieroglyphs provided a multi-layered interpretation. Each subsequent layer revealed deeper mysterious secrets.It is precisely because of the existence of a multi-layered narrative that this knowledge is reliably protected from jewish and profane forces who want to receive it. Comprehension of ancient legends is directly related to the activities of people here and now, because it serves as instructions preserved through the centuries, a legacy that we can use in our War and our Improvement.

This is why the legend of Osiris is so important; it is directly about achieving the highest transformation of a being into Divinity.

Let's refresh our memory with a brief summary of the Osiris Myth:
The Story of Osiris, Isis and Horus: The Egyptian Myth of Creation

From Geb, the earth god, and Nut, the sky goddess came four children: Osiris, Isis, Set and Nepthys.Osiris was the oldest and so became king of Egypt, and he married his sister Isis. Osiris was a goodking and commanded the respect of all who lived on the earth and the gods who dwelled in thenetherworld.However, Set was always jealous of Osiris, because he did not command the respect of those onearth or those in the netherworld. One day, Set transformed himself into a vicious monster andattacked Osiris, killing him. Set then cut Osiris into pieces and distributed them throughout thelength and breadth of Egypt.With Osiris dead, Set became king of Egypt, with his sister Nepthys as his wife. Nepthys, however,felt sorry for her sister Isis, who wept endlessly over her lost husband. Isis, who had great magicalpowers, decided to find her husband and bring him back to life long enough so that they could havea child. Together with Nepthys, Isis roamed the country, collecting the pieces of her husband’s bodyand reassembling them. Once she completed this task, she breathed the breath of life into his bodyand resurrected him. They were together again, and Isis became pregnant soon after. Osiris wasable to descend into the underworld, where he became the lord of that domain.The child born to Isis was named Horus, the hawk-god. When he became an adult, Horus decided tomake a case before the court of gods that he, not Set, was the rightful king of Egypt. A long periodof argument followed, and Set challenged Horus to a contest. The winner would become king.Set, however, did not play fair. After several matches in which Set cheated and was the victor, Horus’mother, Isis, decided to help her son and set a trap for Set. She snared him, but Set begged for hislife, and Isis let him go. When he found out that she had let his enemy live, Horus became angrywith his mother, and rages against her, earning him the contempt of the other gods. They decidedthat there would be one more match, and Set would get to choose what it would be.Set decided that the final round of the contest would be a boat race. However, in order to make thecontest a challenge, Set decided that he and Horus should race boats made of stone. Horus wastricky and built a boat made of wood, covered with limestone plaster, which looked like stone. As thegods assembled for the race, Set cut the top off of a mountain to serve as his boat and set it in thewater. His boat sank right away, and all the other gods laughed at him. Angry, Set transformedhimself into a hippopotamus and attacked Horus’ boat. Horus fought off Set, but the other godsstopped him before he could kill Set. The other gods decided that the match was a tie. Many of thegods were sympathetic to Horus, but remembered his anger toward his mother for being lenient toSet, and were unwilling to support him completely.The gods who formed the court decided to write a letter to Osiris and ask for his advice. Osirisresponded with a definite answer: his son is the rightful king, and should be placed upon the throne.No one, said Osiris, should take the throne of Egypt through an act of murder, as Set had done. Sethad killed Osiris, but Horus did not killed anyone, and was the better candidate. The sun and thestars, who were Osiris’ allies, descended into the underworld, leaving the world in darkness. Finally, the gods agreed that Horus should claim his birthright as king of Egypt.
In myth, Isis she is also the wife of Osiris, and therefore the main role in the resurrection and the work of finding parts falls on her.In the drawings, it is Isis who is shown as a regenerating and healing force. We also know this from other attributes and the symbol that correlates with the Goddess Astarte. In the Tarot, Isis is often associated with the Star(17), her role in the alchemical process serving as direction and cosmic substance/inspiration. This part will be more understandable in the context of the appearance of Horus as the child-Sun(19).

In different versions that have come down to us, the number of cut parts of Osiris differs. In order not to cause much confusion, let us take as a basis the text of Pyramids that states the division into 14 parts, and the parts of the eye of Wadget(Which is further stated to have been part of what Horus offered to his Father as a gift of foresight and protection) in this context are divided equally into 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and so on up to 1/64: this was the basis of the Egyptian mathematics (remember layer 2).

The Gods guide and assist Isis in restoring her husband through practice, embalming and knowledge. This allegorically points to the spiritual knowledge necessary to achieve immortality. In this form, the restored Osiris conceives the child Horus, that is, symbolically transfers his power to the heir. This is an indication of the conscious element of creation that is accessible to man, his intelligence and ability to achieve afterlife and even resurrection. This myth was later extrapolated to the practice of mummification and preparation for achieving posthumous rebirth of the nobility.

The myths speak ambiguously about the method of “conception” of Horus, which hints to us that we are talking specifically about a spiritual process. Isis in the form of a bird fills the lungs of Osiris with air (energy) and he comes to life; in other versions, Horus is conceived by a bright flash of lightning (hence the fact that this is the “Solar” child of the light power of RA). In any case, this is an indication of the energy of light and power necessary for the process of rebirth. Without her, nothing would have worked out.

Horus and Set represent a combination of the manifest and unmanifest sides of existence. Set represents Nav, the unmanifested. Horus represents Yav - reality, the manifested. This can also be read as Ida and Pingala, while Ptah represents the superconscious, but this is a separate topic. The High Priest explained these elements of existence in this beautiful article: The Dedication Ritual: Path To Initiation
In this sense, the “struggle for the throne” no longer seems like a crazy invention?) The Throne is a symbolic representation of the Crown, having achieved supremacy, Set and Horus unite under the rule of Ptah. The Heliopolis legend is focused on Ennead culture(in which Ptah is not represented; a separate temple in Memphis was dedicated to him) and therefore omits this part of the myth-instruction; I suspect that this knowledge was distributed on deeper layers and did not concern the external myth.

The acquisition of the power of the Horus is compared to the inclusion of Wadjet - with the help of the power of the awakened higher chakras (which are also represented as Ptah), the unconscious in us recedes and we can achieve eternal life and power.
Surviving ancient Egyptian texts have conveyed to us various versions of the myth of the Eye of Horus (Wadjet). According to one of them, Seth pierced Horus's eye with his finger, according to another, he stepped on it, according to the third, he swallowed it. One of the texts says that Hathor restored her eye by giving it gazelle milk. Another says that Anubis buried the eye on the side of a mountain, where it sprouted shoots in the form of a vine.

Horus used the regenerated eye to resurrect his father Osiris. After Osiris swallowed the eye of Horus, his dismembered body grew together in the same way as the eye itself.

In some versions of the Myth, the struggle between Set and Osiris (before his murder) is presented as a struggle between Order and Chaos. In the modern understanding, it is probably more correct to call this the struggle of entropy and anti-entropy. Without a conscious element and effort, the cosmos will be swallowed up by the forces of entropy which here symbolically appear under the guise of Set. The cosmic order of the “resurrected Osiris” is represented as the power of his Son Horus (our left hemisphere and the conscious element of nature), but already in the unification stage. It is interesting that in many parts of the myth Ra is considered the “father” of Horus, born with light and power. This is an instruction that we can achieve the restoration of our soul with the help of light and the restoration of our integrity.

Osiris appears as a renewed and united soul. This is the same meaning (12 arcana of the Tarot) as the symbol of Wotan hanging from the Yggdrasil tree. After completing the ritual (12 Arcana) and symbolic death (13), the stage of conception follows (14 Arcana of the Tarot), Set’s attempt to intervene and destroy Osiris or Horus himself (this is also allegorically reflected as the 15 Arcana - the enemy / forces of entropy), and then follows the birth of the power and glory of Horus, who is allegorically represented as the Child on the Tarot card Sun(19). This also explains the connection between Ra and Horus. Here the Solar symbolism of the restored Sun God appears as the transfer of power from death to the rightful heir. This was of great importance in explaining the power and succession of the Pharaohs, but we are of course more interested in the alchemical interpretation of the myth.

After a period of reintegration and connectedness, a confusing/labyrinthine reunification and saturation with the power of all the “parts of God”, which in Myth is expressed as Isis uniting the parts of Osiris cut into pieces. The fully restored and protected Soul regains power and strength, becoming "the rightful heir and king of all Egypt." The stage of competition and trial, when the fate of Horus’s power and his “battle” with Set could not be decided, is the 18th Arcana. Thus the complete Myth concerns those stages of high-level alchemical work that prepare the initiate for the passage of the “gates of death and the afterlife,” allegorically expressed in the fate of Osiris, rebirth, the conception of the Child, and the final acquisition of strength and power (Sun-19 arcana).
Of course, all this is of interest primarily to ready ears and eyes, to all of you. Dedicated to SS and those who devote enough time to their own improvement. The common people will pass by these diamonds of spiritual wisdom, but we will be able to see. I do not pretend to provide a complete explanation of this myth; each of its elements and details can lead to amazing conclusions and discoveries that you can make on your own. I just shared the results of my own research on this matter. The myth of Osiris is the central line of gaining and restoring the Power of the Soul, in the part where life and death replace each other, it is a myth about the struggle and victory over entropy.

I thank Seth, I thank Osiris and Father Satan who instructed me in this.


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Very well researched post. The point is as with everything in Spiritual Satanism and outside of it, through hard work we can overcome any obstacles. Through death we can be reborn again. Thank you, brother.
Interesting, the last 3 or 4 days Osiris came to mind out of know where and I'm trying to find out. I'm not sure the link I have yet either....
Thank you again.

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