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The cat often pees a little bit at a time


Nov 17, 2021
He is 2 years old, neutered, generally active, plays, eats and drinks well, does not resist when trying to touch his bladder and shows no signs of pain.

Took him to the vet, had an ultrasound done but nothing was found, was given remedies for spasms and told to put more sources of water.

He eats both dry and wet food, sometimes I treat him with something natural like chicken.

What could be the cause and what can I do about it?

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He could be having stones in his urethra, please take him to the vet. That's the most likely condition and it has to do with bad food. Get the kitty only food for neutered cats and wet food of proper quality.

If he stops peeing completely he might need surgery, so take him to another vet ASAP.

Make sure you are actually seeing the pee and you know it's happening, because if you don't see it you might have no clue if it's happening. Use also a very small amount of virgin oil and mix it with the food. This will help him glow overall. The amount must be tiny.
We have been to the vet and the ultrasound showed no kidney stones, after the prescribed pills he was walking normal portions for a couple days. Urine is definitely there and if you combine all the small frequent portions there will be a normal amount of it, anyway thank you if the situation does not improve we will go to the vet again.
The vet has diagnosed idiopathic cystitis, I have read a lot about it and it is caused by stress, but the cat has no stress apart from vacuuming.

Also we have had a hard frost this year, I think he may have caught a cold, I have created this thread to hear more opinions or advice and would welcome it.
I am also worried as he has a habit of hanging around my room when I am doing chakra cleansing or rituals, I close the door and don't let him in at this time but he is still around outside the door, I am worried if this could be the cause, I am not good at healing on anyone else but myself but I am trying to help him. Of course I am not betting on it, that this is the reason, or it could be a help, thank you for the advice with the oil, if the situation does not normalize in the next few days I will look for another veterinary clinic.
Fortunately, the situation is better, special thanks from the cat, he really liked the addition of a couple of drops of oil)

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