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Question #4221: Off-topic: Are digital electronic systems in use by our civilization a kosher trap for isolation and destruction?


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Dec 16, 2022
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This might sound weird but I hope people can understand.

This posting is done by my feelings of dread and despair from meditating recently. Sadly I've been having negative feelings rise up which I'm trying to overcome due to the cleansing of the soul.

I was recently just today as of the time of typing this post. Watching a video, which I don't often view much videos honestly, most of the time I'm doing something else.

I watched a video by a well-known personality known as Day9TV (The younger brother of Tasteless; a well known caster of Starcraft). In other words these two people are video game personalities and utilize their voice and personality to entertain people. Nothing wrong with that and I understand it's their profession and career in fact it can be said they were on the forefront of such things when they entered their respective field sometime in the early, nearing mid 2000s.

I was looking at this video in particular:

And Day9TV and I understand this person is an older person even Tasteless and Artosis are older people.

But is it just me or is everyone that seems involved with computers an utter wreck of a person. I had this dreadful feeling, I'm one to talk as I particularly have been playing video games not heavily hardcore but at least since the age of 2 using the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). And while often of a lower social-economic strata most of my life and not hardcore into every video game.

I notice that Day9, has such a rough look. I get your an older person probably hitting 40s. But is it just me or is everyone who gets involved with digital electronics and other aspects of internet and computing always aging at faster rates or collapsing or somehow being roughened up.

Sheer fact is I feel like these people aren't a good representation of Humanity. Lately I've been working on my soul and I've been having dreadful and despondent thoughts that Humanity is eventually gonna collapse.

I find the entire concept of raising a person such a horrible thing. Most people are treated like utter shit even if nicely. I've always been an independent person and always felt like my parents are more of my slaves or better yet thralls (i.e. multi-generational indentured slaves of the system).

While that might piss people off. I don't really give a shit about people's opinions. In fact just recently I got in a huge fight with my family and had to knock their asses down and take them down a peg and now they are all like, Godddamn WTF do we do about our child i.e. me. I literally made them despondent.

I think because I'm cleaning my soul and working on certain freeing the soul my reactions are changing. Plus it's Pluto in Aquarius till about October or is it November before it changes to Pluto in Capricorn then back to Pluto in Aquarius in February/March and also Neptune and Uranus as well going into fixed signs around that time.

TLDR: Are digital electronic systems i.e. computers, smartphones, and other products a scam by society, people, civilization, and companies. To isolate people into their own little microverses and isolate people into cliques to further manipulate and conquer the World?

Are digital electronic systems a kosher product or some sort of jewish confabulation to further dehumanize people into trash and shit?

I personally feel like while I use electronics responsibly and do study and educate myself on certain things. I've always had this independent streak of personally self-communicating and answering my own self and inventing my own ideas and confabulations. Perhaps to my detriment but I always had this intuitive knack of inventing my own data and information from my own personal feelings and being able to somehow bring them in-line with logic found on the internet upon getting curious and researching.

Often time upon researching my own feelings are validated or my logic is greatly improved.

For example this might sound weird but often times when seeing certain pregnant women I [CENSORED: Expressing Harmful Desires] While in other cases when I see other pregnant women I get happy they have a unborn child and wish them luck in my head.

I don't know if it's because I'm Pluto in Scorpio and Cancarian and posses a deep Plutonic chart. But I can somehow feel and sense even up to my conscious whom deserves to live and who deserves to die. As with the pregnancy example it's not just me it's other women and feelings of other people.

It's like I can sense that person or unborn child is bad or good or they are not of my tribe or the tribe or tribes are intermixed and it's a child born out of spite or hatred or some sort of melange of shit of getting fucked into existence which disgusts me deeply [CENSORED: Expressing Harmful Desires]

I wouldn't be surprised if there are women out there who sarcastically attack the pregnant women in this example and backhand slap virtually the person and talk shit to them in their face without the person knowing saying things to them based on how disgusted these women are from that unborn child.

In fact I've had thoughts and sensations of women and even some more intuitive men kinda psychically/intuitively attacking other people or directing hate to humans and entities to hate based on various reasons and in the case of pregnancy almost like some women deserve a child, congratulations. While other women are like your wretched cunt doesn't deserve a cock nor cum nor child. You deserve punishment for breeding the wrong child or thing in your life.

I personally have lately been feeling like electronics and smartphones and internet are all pointless things and people are being driven nuts. No idea if it's because I'm cancer and Pluto in Scorpio plus having deep sensitive aspects including being Metal Horse Cancer.

But lately especially after spending a while watching this game and looking at Day9. I'm like WTF how can a Human reach the age of 30 something or 40 and be collapsing into death.

I feel like Humanity is locked into death. Even I in my own microverse feel closer to death than ever before.

Are these the signs of looking at people at various ages and being intuitive and inundated with imagery and sensing races, subraces, people, and other properties of the human condition.

Or am I simply being complacent and realizing Humanity sucks? I can't help but realize humanity sucks it's a cucked up shit with the meek inheriting the Earth.

I'm one to talk as my body is poorly developed but at least I try and view Humanity from a higher position. I've always been even since elementary school disgusted at Humanities progress and how worthless and pathetic most of the people are around me. Particularly the spics that I had to be around with.

It seems like Humanity is collapsing into de-evolution.

Can Humanity, as xtianistically as this sounds. Be you know "saved/helped/improved"?
Why would you not use your user account to post this? There is nothing here that warrants the use of this service for this post.

Yes, we will raise higher eventually. Just because we are momentarily in a crevice does not mean we will be in there forever even though it might seem so from a limited perspective.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan