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Question #3661: Can I do both at the same time?: Freeing Venus in the 11th House & Venus Square for Beautification?


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Dec 16, 2022
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I have Venus in Virgo in the 11th House (15° Leo).

Can I do a 'Freeing the Soul' working and a Venus Square simultaneously or will the energies clash each other out, and/or dilute the power of both?

Also, what does a Venus Square specifically do beyond vague descriptions of "increased attractiveness"? And how will it affect my personality? I don't want it to make me overly feminine.


- Ideal months/hours for Venus workings?
- Will a Venus Square repair damages to the skin/hair by default or do I have to affirm this specifically?
- Will visualising many improvements weaken the speed/rate/amount of change?
- Will Venus Squares attract friends/relationships/allies in the context of the 11th House natal placement?
- What does 15° Leo mean. Is it just generalised bad luck in this specific area/house?

Many thanks.
-Yes, you can use both.

-The effect is direct with your affirmation to achieve your chosen goal.


-Venus. Good planetary hours are those of Venus, Sun or Jupiter, but it depends on the type of work.

-You need to program energy with affirmation.

- Yes, the more "complex" it is, the more energy is needed.

- The goal must be programmed.

-15° is a negative predisposition. No, it is not just about Venus and the house; it can also be "connected" to the rest of the birth chart. But through meditation this can be "dampened".
About the 15 degrees, I am inclined to think it simply means power that most people are unable to harness, thus it becomes negative. But by itself, power is not always bad, but rather how it molds you. Certainly, something to be aware of, but not necessarily something to be afraid of.
Planet squares do not just give you one thing. Venus square will not just make you better looking. These planet squares enormously increase the energy and influence of this planet within your soul. Depending on all interactions between your natal chart, transiting planets, your own personality or accumulated karma, and how these interact with the planet that you choose to do a square for. This is how you will be affected, as all of these interactions will become stronger by the increased power and influence of that planet within you.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by these effects because the squares are very powerful. And they are also pretty much permanent, so you have to know that it is really the right thing for you to do.

Increase of Venus energy should work to make you more attactive looking. But you should know that there are many more effects that can come with it, and make the decision if you want to do this.

If there is a lot of dross/negativity in this area, and I do a square, will it become amplified?

What should I look for in my natal chart and elsewhere to spot red flags? My main worry is I want to remain a stoic guy, and not turn into some oddball or sex maniac clean freak. There is a lot of Libra placements, but low emotional skill, yet a strong desire for diplomacy, which if I do Venus square I'm hoping it will not make me become cringe.

Is there somewhere I can read in-depth detailed descriptions of the nature of the signs and their effects via squares? Or can you give me a short list of potential bullet points of possible negative/positive side effects? Thanks a lot.


For me, it manifests in different ways. For example, the more I learn about Astrology, I realise that whenever I arrange a meeting with people, arrange a business deal, or try to initiate romance - it always just so happens to be at the WORST possible planetary hours for such things to be initiated. This happens by default.
b.) At one point, I started to state aloud the opposite of what I wanted to manifest, (e.g., "I bet team X is going to win") because I noticed I tend to always receive the opposite of what I want when I tell others about it. So I realised this energy can be "tricked" in a way into doing what you want BECAUSE of its negative power and not in spite of it. I got extreme "good luck" with this tactic. It's like you are a putting the red flag in front of a raging bull and tricking it into bulldozing a wall for you (let's pretend here you are a demoltion man/construction worker).

I also realised this situation creates an "obsessiveness" in regards to the affliction, for better or worse, and some superior people manage to transmute this suffering into something positive. But is still not fully adept at it. Like a paralympic who goes apeshit in the gym and becomes a beast - but is still a cripple, yet can still be said to be a superior athlete and physical specimen to most in terms of overall "impressiveness".
From what I can read, you need to focus on cleansing and freeing the soul.
I'd advise you to not perform planetary squares yet, as it seems you don't know enough about how the energy works.

Returning Curses Part 1 and 2
Words of Power - Freeing the Soul

These meditations are very effective.
Continue reading about attracting the desired result, on the forums and on the main site; when you are ready you can start performing the planetary square.
But the working that will really work wonders for you, is consistent effort in freeing your soul.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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