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Magical working for resistance to unwanted influences.


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Jan 4, 2020
Hi everybody. So I was inspired to make this affirmation by Lady Maxine in one of her pages of JoS on Hypnotism.


“We can program our minds to be resistant to all unwanted influences.”

So this gave me idea to do this.

And I found this affirmation is really essential in our lifes and helpful.

Sadly have no possibility to do it with runes it would be much more powerful, but I gonna put ideal working here if somebody would like to make this serious magical working.

Without runes just doing this working on addition into hatha yoga session after energies risen, still for me works very rewarding and effects was starting to kick in quite early already after first few days of this working…


As we always meditate and striving to make ourselves more conscious wherever we go and at all times,

This affirmation also perfectly synchronises with our way of living and in reaching power.

So it will manifest effortlessly and powerfully for everybody who are seriously on the path, as physical and spiritual actions and efforts needed for manifest this goal, are always present in such individuals.

Here is affirmation:

“My mind is always completely resistant to any and all unwanted influences for me in the best ways for me now and forever.”

You can make it 8 times, 9 or even 10 all these numbers is good here.

Here is more on numerology:


Now for somebody who can work with runes and are more advanced:

I gonna put it here in order when first one is most suitable in my opinion and every next one is less, so Ansuz, Wunjo, Sowilo, Thurisaz, Nauthiz, Isa, protection runes can be added in combination: Algiz, Tyr, Björk. (Had no time to look more into it, but here is ideal runes which I think would be good now.)

Now see if this working is not being started at VoC hours, which timings are in


And so

This is ideal working with runes:
  1. Ansuz + Sowilo + Tyr (x40 if affirmation is 8 times, x45 if affirmation is 9 times, and again x40 if affirmation is 10 times.)
  2. Then affirmation (while affirming visualise yourself in warm and dense white gold light.
  3. Visualisation (feel and know you achieved constant and continuous ultimate resistance to any and all unwanted influences above and below, you can smile and just be in tune with feeling on being powerful just focus on high energies remember Gods are with you and that you are on the right path and etc, keep this like for one minute.
40 days as usually ideal for ingraining it into soul permanently.

At 18th on June this month, would be good day to start this, in JoS calendar this day is good for will power workings and etc. (From calendar - UTC+1:00)

Have a nice magic.


Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan