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Is Zoroastrianism an enemy program?


Jul 28, 2022
So I was playing a video game, and this other empire’s state religion is Zoroastrianism. Which turns out is a real thing, so now I want to know wether or not it’s an enemy program because if it is I’m totally gonna have my empire lay waste to them. Lol
Yes they are, it's some kind of early christianity, have fun laying it to waste.
Aquarius said:
Yes they are, it's some kind of early christianity, have fun laying it to waste.

Thank you, brother of Satan! My mighty satanic empire will crush them beneath or righteous truth!
This is one of the first cults jews have created as a war tactic to destroy a civilization, and they used this program to destroy Persia. They used the practice and the lessons from this to later make christianity.
Zoroastrianism was created by the jews 7 or 8 centuries before xianity to subvert and corrupt the ancient Persian religion, I suspect that the jews took elements of Assyrian paganism and corrupted them, Ahura Mazda is a corruption of the Assyrian god Ashur which is how Azazel was known in ancient Assyria.
So this game is called Humankind, it’s a similar format to the Civilization games, but you start with a Neolithic tribe and guide them through history, moving from era to era and choosing from one of several cultures famous from that era, build your empire and whichever empire has the most fame at the end wins. It’s cool because you as a player get to design your whole empire, how it’s governed, it’s infrastructure, military, and even design your own religion. I of course model mine after our true faith in father Satan here.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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