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I Made a set of slides that anyone can use for the planetary hours and to e hours of the chakras to help out when doing workings


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Jan 11, 2024
I Hello my Brothers and Sisters of our Spiritual Satanist Family of the Gods and of Father Satan!
I have made a set of slides that you can use as a file that are for the Hours of the Planets and for the Chakras too. I made it in Honor of how old Layout of the Joy of Satan Ministries Website looked like. As well as to our Beloved AntiChrist and our Fuhrer: Adolf Hitler and to honor Father Satan, Lord Beelzebul, the Goddess Lady Astarte, and to Lord Azazel. I hope this created piece of work and bit of digital art helps anyone out for when they are doing specific working, and also any Planetary Squares too. That need to quickly see what Hour it is for which appropriate Chakra and or Planet they need to do the working correctly. It was made for many of us who are on the go quickly so you can pull up. To quickly use. I even suggest the back slide can be used as a point of focus if you have to do any rituals while having to use your Astral Temple you created. I do plan to made for of these types for us Spiritual Satanists who might not have the ability to do these working quacking or have the ability to have an alter to do workings with. These are to be used as a guide and as a tool too. Always remember the tools hold no power you as the mage are what holds the power and everything depends on how strong and active your own soul, Chakras, and Aura is. This is also a great tool for those of us who are students like myself. As a University student I know how busy life is with to homework and your courses. These slides are also great for you to use so you can still do your practices even in your phone too.


  • JOS chakra and planet hours copy copy.pdf
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