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I don’t know who this man is help

Iss Daniii

New member
May 15, 2013
My old house are bathroom window was very big you can see right threw when you walk pass. One night i seen this white man pressing his face against the window he was very pale with a big scary smile on his face with red purplish lips. Eyes where big as well looking dead into my eyes he was wearing all black. I ran to tell my mom she didn’t believe me couple weeks later i seen the same man it was night time he was sitting on top of a bank looking into the sky turn around look at me point at the sky. Just  last months i had a dream about this man his hand was red long fingers and grab my face then i woke up. Yesterday at work i heard a man whisper in my ear or was very low voice in deep i turn around no one was right their. Please help idk who this man is I’m thinking about doing ouija board so i can find out who he is. I feel like he watching me at night while i walk threw the house or when I’m alone.  
Maybe hp jake can answer that but anyway dont feed it your fear it lives for that stuff and keep your protections up so stuff like that wont happen.


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