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About sleep paralysis and lucid dream

Crystal Lake

Jan 3, 2021
I recently discovered that I was free to move around during "sleep paralysis." (A few years ago, I often experienced sleep paralysis, but each time I struggled to move my limbs and force myself to wake up, it worked for me almost every time.)

I've found that in "sleep paralysis," people don't feel their physical limbs, but a different set of limbs. Therefore, for ordinary people who are not trained, they cannot move their limbs in this state.

Not long ago, I found myself able to move my "hands" and "feet" in "sleep paralysis." Not only could I move my limbs freely, I could float up out of bed like a ghost.

The reason I discovered that the limbs in sleep paralysis are not physical limbs is that once, during sleep paralysis, when I moved my "hands" to cover my nostrils, I found that my breathing was not affected at all, as if my hands were in the spirit state. In addition, I can change my lying position in bed or even crawl under the bed during sleep paralysis, but when I wake up (I can wake myself up whenever I want), I find that my position in bed has not changed. So I discovered that my "hands" and "feet" moving in "sleep paralysis" were not physical hands and feet. I remember once, in "sleep paralysis", I put my "hand" through my head, which made my ears hear a buzz.

Afterwards, I often moved freely in "sleep paralysis". Lucid dreaming is usually accompanied by sleep paralysis. In my lucid dream, I came out of my body like an out-of-body experience.

(In ordinary dreams, I can see colors and shapes. But in lucid dreams, I usually have a hard time seeing and can only touch with my hands. I have a very acute sense of touch in lucid dreams. I don't know why.)

I met a man while wandering in my lucid dream. Since I was fully conscious in the lucid dream, I could clearly touch his arms, every detail of his body, just like in the real world, and I could even feel his breathing and warm lips. My consciousness was clear and I knew I was having a lucid dream. I was thinking about how real my dreams were.

In lucid dreams, I was never able to control my dreams, and I was unable to create new objects in my dreams. I have tried so hard in lucid dreams many times.

After waking up again, which is now, I want to share these experiences with you. I wonder what I'm going through. Was it a lucid dream? Or sleep paralysis? Or astral projection? I'm trying to figure out what happened to me. Anyway, it was an interesting experience.
I think what you discribe is simply sleeping paralysis or lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is closer to being awake and lucid dreaming is dreaming, but one can fall back into sleep from sleeping paralysis.

Were you asleep or did you astral projected? If you couldn't see yourself in bed, while moving, crawling out from bed, than you were asleep, and if you could see yourself sleeping in bed, than you might have astral projected but this is not a concrete proof.

Put a card up somewhere, that you don't know what card it is, and next time you have this, try to see what card it is, and if you remembered to check it, than check it in real life and if it's the same than you were astral projecting.

Also, you should be able to remember things completely when astral projecting.

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