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About Bitcoin Donations - Better To Donate Other Coins

gnome said:
What is the most suitable coin that can be purchased within trust wallet? Monero is not available to buy from within the app :-/

TRX is a very good coin to buy, and transfers instantly. Thank you for caring about this.

society of DT1 said:
I would like to donate but I can't because of the very low value of my country's currency. But three years later _when I study for a master's degree in Europe with a scholarship, and work there_ I can donate. I am currently working on translating the website content, I think I can send a part of it after the my exams

Do not worry, the situation is highly restraining for you. I wish you the best of luck when you grow up more and get the situation under control. All the best.

Shadowcat said:
I am trying one of the different coins at the moment and apparently, the transaction failed. I will have to rectify this with the bank. The vendor that I am using never used to do this so it is extremely annoying.

Strange, I believe TRX should be fairly easy to buy, or XRP. Banks constantly do these issues when it comes to Crypto, they hate the fact money goes out from them into another place where it can be stored. Thanks for all your efforts that you do Sister.

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