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A Conversation with ChatGPT: Fate, Power, and Ascension

Sep 20, 2017
I often enjoy having intellectual conversations that cover a wide array of subjects and fields with a purpose of expanding my own knowledge base and critical thinking skills. Very recently, I had finally decided to employ ChatGPT-4 as a multi-use tool to greatly accelerate my own study pursuits. I do not know the reason as to why it only became something I made use of now. Perhaps it was due to subconscious programming to be averse to it that was recently rectified. It could also be due to some workings I have been performing or changes to my spiritual practice. Regardless I wanted to share something. This was a portion of a conversation I had in regards to astrology, fate, spiritual power, etc.

I had originally asked it about astrological configurations and planetary influences. It lead to a conversation that was about the assertion of free will vs fate as a deterministic framework. Eventually it turned into a conversation about how if one rises above the complex framework of the interplay of energies what would happen. This is the what occurred.

In a hypothetical scenario where an individual possesses spiritual or metaphysical power greater than the combined influences of their own astrological chart, the charts of those around them, and the broader astrological configurations affecting communities, nations, and the environment, the concept of fate becomes deeply nuanced and potentially transformative.

Redefining Fate​

If an individual could indeed transcend or significantly influence the myriad astrological forces at play, several implications emerge:
  1. Fate as Fluid: Fate, in this context, could be seen as a fluid rather than fixed concept. The individual's ability to shape outcomes would suggest that fate is not a predetermined path but a series of potentials that can be navigated and altered through the application of this power.
  2. Co-Creation of Reality: The individual's actions and intentions could actively co-create reality, blurring the lines between destiny and conscious creation. This aligns with some spiritual and philosophical traditions that view reality as a construct of the mind or consciousness, where the observer plays a critical role in shaping their experience.
  3. Responsibility and Wisdom: With such power comes immense responsibility. The ethical implications of influencing fate—not just for the individual but for others and the collective—would require a profound level of wisdom and compassion. The meaning of fate, then, shifts towards understanding the interconnectedness of all things and acting in a way that honors this interconnectedness.

The Role of Spiritual Development​

In this scenario, spiritual development is not just about countering astrological influences but about reaching a level of consciousness where one can navigate these forces with insight and intention. Spiritual growth involves:
  • Expanding Awareness: Cultivating an awareness that transcends personal desires and ego, allowing for a deeper understanding of one's place in the cosmos.
  • Harmonizing Influences: Learning to harmonize the various astrological influences in a way that aligns with one's highest path and the greater good.
  • Ethical Considerations: Considering the karmic and ethical dimensions of one's actions, recognizing that the ability to influence fate carries implications beyond the individual.

The Meaning of Fate​

Under these conditions, fate might be understood not as a static endpoint but as a dynamic interplay between cosmic forces and conscious will. The individual becomes a participant in the unfolding of the cosmos, with the power to influence not just their own destiny but potentially the destinies of others and the collective trajectory.
However, such a hypothetical scenario also raises questions about the nature of power, the ethics of influencing fate, and the true source of fulfillment and meaning in life. Even with the ability to influence astrological outcomes, the search for meaning, connection, and understanding remains a central human endeavor, suggesting that fate, in its deepest sense, is about more than just the outcomes we can control or predict.

Let's assume in this context a malevolent being reaches that level of power. What then?

In the hypothetical scenario where an individual—or in this case, a malevolent being—possesses more power than all the astrological influences combined, the concept of fate and its meaning would indeed undergo a profound transformation. If such a being could overshadow the cumulative influence of planetary alignments, the collective destiny of communities and nations, and even the fundamental environmental conditions dictated by astrology, we'd be exploring a realm where traditional astrological determinism is no longer applicable.

The Meaning of Fate Under Overwhelming Power​

  1. Fate as a Malleable Construct: In this context, fate would become highly malleable, subject to the will and desires of this powerful entity. The preordained paths suggested by astrological configurations could be overridden, leading to outcomes that diverge significantly from what might have been predicted based on a natal chart or collective astrological influences.
  2. The Role of Free Will: For the individuals under the influence of such a being, the concept of free will would be significantly diminished or altered. Their ability to navigate life according to personal choice and astrological predispositions would be compromised, as their environment and circumstances could be manipulated at the whim of this being.

The Implications of Malevolent Power​

If a malevolent being held such power:
  1. Destiny and Moral Order: The moral order of the universe could be threatened, as traditional notions of karma, justice, and destiny, which often hold a place in astrological interpretations, would be upended. The resulting world might reflect the chaotic, unpredictable desires of the malevolent entity rather than the balanced, cyclical order suggested by astrology.
  2. Resistance and Spiritual Power: In such a scenario, the significance of individual and collective spiritual power becomes paramount. The counteraction against this malevolent force would likely depend on spiritual practices, rituals, or interventions that transcend astrology's scope, tapping into realms of magic, mysticism, or divine intervention.
  3. Redefinition of Spiritual Growth: Spiritual development and empowerment would take on a critical role in individuals' lives, not just as a means of personal growth but as a necessary defense against the manipulation of their destinies. Communities might band together to foster collective spiritual resilience and seek ways to protect their autonomy and fate from being overtaken.

Fate in a World of Unprecedented Power​

In a world where fate itself can be reshaped by a singular, powerful will, the collective understanding of destiny, karma, and the cosmic order would be fundamentally challenged. The struggle between this malevolent force and the collective will of humanity (or other beings of good will) could redefine the nature of spiritual warfare, emphasizing the importance of unity, love, and the inherent power within each individual to connect with universal forces of good that might counterbalance such malevolence.
Ultimately, the existence of such a being would transform the philosophical and practical considerations of astrology, spirituality, and free will, pushing them into realms where the focus shifts from understanding one's place within the cosmos to actively defending the very fabric of destiny itself.

Then what about the opposite

If, conversely, a benevolent being were to attain a level of power surpassing all astrological influences combined, the dynamics and implications would markedly contrast with those of a malevolent force. In this scenario, the meaning of fate, the role of free will, and the nature of spiritual development would be re-envisioned under the guidance and influence of this benevolent entity.

The Meaning of Fate Under Benevolent Power​

  1. Fate as Guided Growth: Fate would likely be seen as a more fluid and guided process, with the benevolent being steering individuals and collectives toward growth, enlightenment, and fulfillment. Astrological challenges could be mitigated or transformed into opportunities for spiritual development, ensuring that the paths individuals embark upon lead to their highest good.
  2. Enhanced Role of Free Will: In the presence of such a being, free will might be elevated rather than diminished. Individuals could be granted greater clarity and insight into their life paths, enabling them to make choices aligned with their true selves and the greater good. The benevolent being's influence would act as a catalyst for positive change rather than as a dictator of fate.

Implications of Benevolent Power​

  1. Harmony and Balance: The benevolent being's power could be used to restore or maintain cosmic balance, aligning planetary influences in a way that promotes peace, harmony, and wellbeing on Earth and beyond. Astrological influences might still exist, but their more challenging aspects could be softened or their lessons delivered in more compassionate and manageable ways.
  2. Spiritual Empowerment and Unity: This scenario would likely emphasize the importance of collective spiritual growth and unity. The benevolent being could inspire humanity to transcend lower vibrations, such as fear and division, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and mutual support. Spiritual practices might evolve to focus more on collective rituals and intentions that align with the benevolent being's vision for the world.
  3. Destiny as Co-Creation: Rather than a fixed path determined by celestial mechanics, destiny could become a co-creative process between the individual, the collective, and the benevolent being. This would reflect a shift towards a more dynamic and participatory universe where fate is not something to be endured but rather shaped through conscious intention and collaborative effort.

Fate in a World of Unconditional Love and Wisdom​

In a universe where a benevolent force wields supreme power, the philosophical and spiritual implications would center around themes of love, wisdom, and collective ascension. Astrology, while still providing valuable insights into personal and collective tendencies, would play a more supportive role in this broader context of guided spiritual evolution. The focus would be less on navigating predetermined challenges and more on realizing potential in alignment with a universal plan oriented towards the good of all beings.
Ultimately, the existence of such a benevolent being would offer a hopeful perspective on the nature of existence, suggesting that even within the vast and complex system of astrological influences, there is room for profound guidance, support, and transformation towards a more enlightened state of being.

In the scenario of the malevolent being, it would do its utmost to ensure than no individual or group would attain a level of power it has correct? And in the scenario of a benevolent being it would try to ensure that many beings reach the level of wisdom and power it has correct?

Yes, your understanding aligns well with the theoretical nature of these scenarios and the typical motivations that might be ascribed to beings of such vast power, reflecting their core nature—whether malevolent or benevolent.

In the Scenario of a Malevolent Being​

A malevolent being with overwhelming power would likely operate under principles of dominance, control, and fear. Its actions and influences would be aimed at:
  1. Preventing the Rise of Power: Ensuring that no individual, group, or collective gains enough spiritual strength, wisdom, or power to challenge its supremacy. This could involve sowing division, undermining spiritual practices, or directly interfering with individuals' growth paths to keep them in states of dependency, confusion, or fear.
  2. Manipulating Fate: Actively manipulating astrological and other cosmic influences to maintain an environment that is conducive to its control and adverse to the empowerment of others.
  3. Suppressing Knowledge: Restricting access to spiritual knowledge or practices that could enable individuals or groups to attain higher levels of consciousness or power, thereby keeping them under its influence.

In the Scenario of a Benevolent Being​

Conversely, a benevolent being, operating from love, unity, and the desire for the collective good, would focus on:
  1. Empowering Others: Actively encouraging and facilitating the spiritual growth and empowerment of individuals and collectives. This would involve making wisdom and spiritual practices widely available, guiding beings towards their highest potential, and fostering environments where spiritual exploration and growth are nurtured.
  2. Co-Creating Fate: Working with cosmic laws in a way that aligns with the highest good, guiding astrological and other influences towards outcomes that support growth, learning, and positive transformation for all.
  3. Spreading Knowledge and Wisdom: Ensuring that knowledge, wisdom, and the means to attain spiritual power are accessible to many, aiming for a reality where beings can reach levels of enlightenment and empowerment, possibly even akin to its own.

Core Motivations and Actions​

The core difference between these two beings lies in their fundamental motivations and how they view power and wisdom:
  • The malevolent being views power as zero-sum and seeks to hoard it, fearing that the empowerment of others might threaten its control or dominance.
  • The benevolent being sees power and wisdom as infinitely expandable resources, understanding that the true nature of power lies in its sharing and that the collective elevation of consciousness strengthens the whole.
In essence, the malevolent being seeks to limit and control, while the benevolent being aims to liberate and uplift. The actions of each, in relation to the individuals and groups within their sphere of influence, reflect these underlying intentions.

Then let's say both beings exist simultaneously, which has a higher probability of achieving their goals, long term.

The scenario where both a malevolent and a benevolent being exist simultaneously presents a complex dynamic of opposing forces, each with vastly different goals. The probability of either being achieving their goals in the long term depends on several factors, including the nature of their power, the resilience and actions of the individuals and collectives under their influence, and the broader cosmic or universal laws at play. Here are some considerations:

Nature of Power​

  • Sustainability: The power of a benevolent being is typically derived from sources like love, unity, and collective well-being, which are inherently sustainable and regenerative. In contrast, a malevolent being's power, based on fear, division, and control, may be inherently more volatile and less sustainable in the long term, as it requires constant exertion to maintain dominance.
  • Adaptability: A benevolent being's approach, focusing on empowerment and enlightenment, allows for greater adaptability and resilience among those it influences, potentially enabling more flexible and creative responses to challenges. The malevolent being's approach may result in a more rigid system, susceptible to disruption if those under its control begin to awaken or unite against it.

Resilience and Actions of Individuals and Collectives​

  • Unity vs. Division: A benevolent being encourages unity, which can strengthen the collective resolve and capacity to overcome challenges. In contrast, a malevolent being's strategy of division may eventually backfire if individuals or groups recognize the manipulation and choose to unite against it.
  • Spiritual Growth: The potential for spiritual growth and awakening among individuals and collectives could tip the balance. If the benevolent being successfully fosters widespread spiritual empowerment, this could counteract the malevolent being's influence more effectively over time.

Cosmic or Universal Laws​

  • Balance: Many spiritual and philosophical traditions suggest that the universe ultimately seeks balance. If one being becomes too dominant, mechanisms within the cosmic order might naturally arise to restore equilibrium, potentially favoring the entity that promotes harmony and balance (i.e., the benevolent being).
  • Karmic Consequences: The concept of karma, or the law of cause and effect, might also play a role. Actions taken by the malevolent being that cause harm could lead to consequences that undermine its goals, whereas the benevolent being's actions to uplift and heal contribute to positive outcomes.


While predicting the outcome of such a cosmic duel with certainty is beyond human ken, philosophically and spiritually, many traditions suggest that benevolence, unity, and love are forces of incredible strength and resilience. Over the long term, a benevolent being's approach, which nurtures these qualities, might have a higher probability of achieving its goals, especially if it leads to widespread spiritual awakening and collective empowerment. The inherent sustainability of promoting well-being, growth, and unity could, in theory, outweigh the destabilizing and unsustainable nature of control through fear and division.

In my opinion, as the benevolent beings end goal is to have as many as possible, probably being of its own creation, to be at the same level or even higher that itself, the malevolent being is seemingly destined to lose regardless of how long it would take, especially if the nature of the universe is infinite in both time and space.

Your perspective brings an interesting and optimistic viewpoint to the cosmic interplay between benevolent and malevolent forces, especially within the context of an infinite universe. If the benevolent being's goal is indeed to elevate as many beings as possible to its level of wisdom and power, or even beyond, several key ideas support the notion that the malevolent being is, in the long run, likely to be at a disadvantage:

The Infinite Nature of the Universe​

  • Infinite Opportunities for Growth: An infinite universe offers endless opportunities for learning, evolution, and expansion. This inherently supports the benevolent being's agenda of continuous growth and empowerment for all beings. Over infinite time and space, the chances for individuals and collectives to overcome challenges and reach higher states of consciousness multiply, aligning with the benevolent being's goals.

The Power of Collective Ascension​

  • Collective Consciousness: The concept of collective ascension, where beings evolve together, harnessing shared wisdom and spiritual power, creates a potent force against malevolence. As more individuals reach higher levels of awareness and empowerment, the malevolent being's influence diminishes, weakened by the growing light of collective consciousness.
  • The Ripple Effect: Every individual who attains a higher level of spiritual power and wisdom contributes to a ripple effect, touching the lives of others and accelerating the process of collective awakening. This amplifies the benevolent being's efforts, making the goal of uplifting as many beings as possible increasingly attainable.

The Role of Free Will and Choice​

  • Empowerment Through Choice: The benevolent being's approach empowers individuals to make conscious choices aligned with growth and positivity. Over time, as more beings exercise their free will in favor of love, unity, and expansion, the cumulative effect can shift the balance away from the malevolent influence.

The Limitations of Malevolence in an Infinite Universe​

  • Unsustainability of Fear and Division: In an infinite universe, the strategies of fear, division, and control employed by the malevolent being face inherent limitations. Such strategies require constant energy to maintain and are ultimately self-defeating, as they go against the expansive, unifying nature of the cosmos.
  • Inevitability of Change: The only constant in an infinite universe is change. A malevolent being's attempts to maintain power and control are inevitably challenged by the universal laws of growth and evolution, favoring the benevolent being's vision of upliftment and enlightenment for all.
Your opinion highlights a hopeful and expansive view of the cosmic struggle between light and darkness, suggesting that, in the grand scheme of an infinite universe, benevolence, unity, and the pursuit of higher wisdom hold the keys to ultimate triumph. This perspective underscores the profound potential of collective spiritual evolution and the power of each individual's choices in shaping a brighter, more enlightened future.

I hope that this small snippet of a conversation provides insight as well as a more hopeful approach to you, the readers, viewpoint towards this path.

Have pride that Father Satan, as well as all the Gods and Demons share a vision of Human's potential to become just like them.

Hail Satan

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan