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  • There is a personality type even more dangerous than the delusional Satanists: Material Dudes. I will show you what it is like in a very simple way.

    You: Hey, do you meditate regularly?

    Material Dude: Oh my man, you know, my life is hard like this... (explaining excuses) and you know, there's also this situation... (continuing to explain how he can't find 30 minutes).

    You: I feel bad for you, but you know not meditating is a big problem.

    Material Dude: Hey, don't ignore what I'm doing! I do a lot of material things and I serve Satan. I know it's stupid not to meditate, but it's much better to go on with this material stuff and then cry because I don't have time, instead of trying to get up and clean my aura. Hey, I think the Gods must think very highly of me, I'm sure I'll start meditating one day anyway. Somebody has to take care of the material stuff. Plus, this spiritual stuff doesn't suit me though, my man.

    From time to time there are similar conversations in the forum. It is interesting that some people live knowing that what is here is real, but they don't take the real step, which is spirituality. By the way, I am not judging anyone, I have fallen into this kind of trap myself. In fact, I can say that I fell into many traps that could have happened in the beginning and that I found the direction I really needed to go by agonising. Here I am mostly talking about my own regrets.

    Now, what is the real problem here? The problem here is to choose comfort over something that will bring enormous benefit in the medium and long term. This is actually an understandable reaction for human beings because our default state is materialistic, which I know was not the case before the enemy, and spirituality was something more normal for us. But now we are in a world where mechanisms like magic are seen as "superpowers" and some people may not meditate even if they really know that Satan is real. And not meditating is just a simple manifestation of it. In reality, not committing oneself to spirituality will put one in a very dangerous situation.

    If we imagine light as water and we are a bucket, then how much light we can receive depends only on the size of the bucket. If we consider that meditation expands this bucket and allows us to take in more water, that is, light, we can say that all these Material Dudes, although they keep the size of their buckets the same, they are pushing themselves for more water. So they will burst and overflow, which manifests itself in a strange mental state that is only seen in the Material Dudes. It's hard to explain, but think about them and you will see that they always have a strange and awkward vibe.
    Most of the problems we have in our relationship with the Gods and in Spiritual Satanism generally are directly related to cognitive dissonance. What is this?

    It is when we know what is right and yet choose the wrong.

    It is when we try to escape from the truth and cling to lies.

    It is when our wishes and desires are abundant and our actions are scarce.

    It is the mismatch between the subjective world in our minds and the objective world outside.

    In short, if you are having difficulty on this path and you feel stuck in your own mind, remember this. There is absolutely zero possibility that the path to Godhead and the mightiest cosmic beings of the universe can be wrong or mistaken. Accept this and change yourself.
    For walking we need our right and left leg, and so does for initiation. Satanism has both an internal and an external side. Initially the internal side takes a long time to reveal itself, because it is self-understanding, self-discovery and self-liberation. This requires both creation and destruction to be manifested within the right direction.

    The external side is that which comes from the Gods, and throughout our journey we see it and know it, but most importantly, we feel it. At first, this needs clear signs and miracles, then, as we get closer to them, it is enough to see the divine architecture itself.

    But where an advanced Satanist sees divine force, a new Satanist may see nothing at all. Therefore, it is important for newcomers to make good use of the embrace and attention they receive in the early days. Personally, I was unsuccessful in this process, and then, for months afterwards, I struggled with the negative and unpleasant effects of this.

    Because these things that you receive in the beginning motivate you to step into an unfamiliar world, to meditate, to believe in something that you cannot ‘yet’ see or perhaps feel. And if you continue to do this without breaking the discipline, this time the things that you receive just because you are ‘new’ become the things that you receive as the returns of spiritual instruments that are actively put into practice.

    So, even if the special condition of being new ceases to exist, since you have already advanced yourself to a certain spiritual level by using it to your advantage, you reach a height beyond the reach of many pitfalls that can lead one to mental insanity, such as unbelief, doubt, resentment and misinterpretation of the will of the Gods.

    You will not say why do I feel the Gods less and less, because you will feel them more and more every day. You will not say why they do not answer me, because you will have the mental maturity to comprehend that the answer can come in many different ways. Examples can be numerous, but I hope I have made my point here.

    In conclusion, please continue to walk your path without interruption. And always stay with Satan.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan