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Spotting an afflicted or debilitated venus


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Aug 31, 2019
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Special thanks to blackdragon666 for his collaboration!

Venus rules the women in our lives along with the moon, as well as luxuries, beauty, cosmetics, and of course the most well-known, our love life. Along with mars, it does rule sex, but romantic sex and with deep intense affection. Venus rules our sense of fun, and to a lesser extent than the sun, also money and finances. Anything having to do with beauty, femininity, sex appeal, especially feminine sex appeal, the skin, and the arts, such as drawing, painting, even woodworking, and the refined aspects of metalworking such as jewel crafting or making things of beauty and luxury out of metal. Poetry, acting and dancing, and singing also fall under the arts ruled by Venus. Home décor and bed linens, curtains, and furniture are all ruled by Venus, and someone who has a well-placed or even prominent Venus will have a very refined looking and decorated home, especially with Libra, Pisces, Taurus, or in general Venus and/or Neptune emphasis. Venus Rules Peace, diplomacy, and the heart chakra, and is the lesser benefic planet.

If someone's Saturn aspects Venus as your chart ruler, especially with the conjunction being the strongest, they will probably, turnout to at best walk out on a relationship from you, (friendship or otherwise for that matter), end up being an abusive lover, someone who cheats in a monogamous relationship or gives you a sexually transmitted disease, and quite possibly one that is permanently damaging. These things could be a significant wound that hurt your everyday life. This person may disturb an otherwise harmonious environment for you or become a financial leech and can materially even run you into the ground accidentally or intentionally. If this person works in cosmology and performs surgery on you or other cosmetic procedure they could do something for one reason or another that can cause something to go very wrong or at least cause minor annoyances which can have lasting damage to your beauty and appearance, weather to your skin, hair, or the symmetry of your features, if cosmetic surgery is involved (which is unnatural and what I would never recommend)

General signs of debilitation can include: problems with the love life, even constantly, especially if Venus is aspected by Saturn, Neptune, or Mars, or aspecting an unfortunate fixed star. Venus is exhaled and made stronger in the sign of Pisces, but if on the 7th to the 11th degree it will be opposite Zosma, a start that makes for health problems and victimization. As such, aspecting this star will also cause health issues related to Venus, especially if Venus is in those same degrees of Virgo, which is the fall of Venus. It is also debilitated in Scorpio and Aries, although more so in Aries given the impulsivity and selfishness it can manifest. Scorpio can love passionately and intensely, but its anger can be lasting and spiteful. If properly placed for such a condition, a Scorpio Venus can dwell too much on the sexual aspect of the relationship. Venus aspecting Pluto, as well as any Scorpio emphasis, can cause fatal attraction as well as obsessive love, and in extreme cases one that wants someone so much they would harm them to prevent them from wanting anyone else. If sublimated, this aspect as well as any Pluto energy, or Scorpio emphasis promotes extreme deep love and devotion to one's love. All negative manifestations mentioned here can also manifest by, or be amplified by a 12th house, Venus. Fire signs have a capacity for great passion and intensity as well, but also have the potential to display a selfish love that is all about their ego and how it makes them feel. Air signs with the exception of Libra are rather detached in the romance department in terms of emotion which can be disheartening and a turn-off for some, and can also be manipulative and players, especially if Venus is placed in Gemini, Leo, or Aries. The houses with Taurus and Libra on the cusp may have problems, within the corresponding house affairs.

Physical signs of affliction or debilitation:
STDs can be common, especially if the person is polygamous or promiscuous. They may have problems with their skin, such as acne, unwanted hair growth, psoriasis, skin tags, and other things, especially if in aspect to mars or if mars aspects the chart ruler. Capricorn emphasis or influence from Saturn can also cause skin trouble, And mars can also cause problems with teeth that can bring cosmetic discomfort and insecurity. Feminine sex appeal may be diminished in women because of these things, especially if overweight, which can come from an aspect to Jupiter, even a soft one, especially if the chart as a whole is earth or water dominant, as these are the “denser” and “heavier” of the elements. Venus in Taurus or any Taurus influence can give some form of weight gain, especially with an emphasis on a love of luxuries such as food and sweets. This of course can also affect men. The aspect between Venus and Jupiter, although amplifying Venus, is not always for the better, and can also worsen the nature of any unfortunate fixed star or conjunction that Venus is involved in with Saturn or Neptune, or Mars. Aspects from Uranus, especially a 6th house placement, can aggravate health issues related to Venus. Problems may suddenly come and go.

Problems with the tonsils, smallpox, measles or even strep throat may arise as chronic problems as a child especially. There may be kidney disease that can manifest or damage as a result of excessive indulgence in certain foods that are bad for the kidneys, namely salt. Blood-borne pathogens may be an issue as well as staphylococcus infections of the skin and blood. Toxic shock syndrome can be an issue for women who use tampons, which is a form of staph infection. These things do tie into mars' affliction, but affect the affairs of Venus all the same, and do often occur with mars aspecting this planet, as well as Saturn and Neptune once again. With Neptune specifically, there may be certain skin allergies that can be very hard on daily life that also end up in rashes that are unsightly.

As Venus rules plants and botany and the skin, a person with Venus/Neptune aspects may also come in contact with poisonous plants that can be dangerous or give other forms of skin allergy, such as poison ivy, sumac, or hemlock, and Neptune also rules poisons and allergies. Hay fever from plants and grass may also come, and people who are into gardening or botany which are also forms of art may be frequently exposed to these annoyances if their Venus aspects Neptune, especially if Neptune is otherwise prominent or with Pisces emphasis in the chart.

The cosmetic issues that result from the afflicted or debilitated placements and aspects of Venus may result in emotional or psychological hang-ups about one's beauty, self-image, or sex appeal that can hamper the sex drive and love life significantly.

Signs of debilitation or affliction in the environment or in behavior or the love life: It may be difficult to have diplomatic or peaceful relations with others, especially partners and family. Especially if a weakened Venus is crowded out even further by mars, or a lot of fire, one may be downright confrontational or constantly irate by nature. Venus on an unfortunate degree or fixed star can bring major disappointments in love, such as unfaithfulness, abuse, or abandonment, especially if Mars, Saturn, or Neptune are in the 7th house or conjunct the descendant. Capricorn on the descendant also brings this possibility, as people with this placement are often treated very meanly. If Venus is in a fire sign, especially Aries combined with a 7th house mars, this can create an attraction to “bad boys” or “bitches”, and not for the better usually. Conversely, people with these placements can display the aforementioned behaviors toward their partners instead. 15 or 25 degrees of Venus in Leo can bring a violent disposition in a partner as can a violent degree of Taurus or Venus on Algol. One can attract a partner with this disposition also if Taurus or Leo is on the descendant with Venus at those degrees especially conjunct the descendant. 15 degrees of Leo can also bring alcoholism as a problem into a relationship if Neptune is involved. Aries or Leo Venus, or the emphasis of these signs can make one more in love with the chase than actually focusing on a bond with someone and loving them as a person.

There may be issues with the home as far as looks and tidiness. Nasty bedsheets, no curtains, trashy ugly home. Venus in aspect to Jupiter can also amplify laziness, so someone with such a home has such because they don't even bother. There may be a lack of a sense of fashion with a rugged appearance, no care for putting effort into one's hair or hygiene or appearance in general. (funnily enough, a Virgo Venus is GREAT at just this despite Virgo being its fall sign, but they are not especially romantic, and on the other extreme can be VERY nasty and messy). There may be no sense of art or hobbies and one's sense of fun may be lacking, especially if Saturn is in the 5th house. Aspects from Uranus can cause people to be impulsive with their relationships, which may begin and end just as suddenly. They are maybe sporadic and inconsistent in expressing their love and emotions to someone especially if there is air emphasis in the chart or if Venus is in Gemini or Aquarius. This aspect as well as Gemini's emphasis can make someone indecisive and unsure in general about what they even want out of love. Romance may bore them and they may prefer to connect on an intellectual level which does not always suit those wanting romance, passion, and affection.

A Virgo Venus may have the same traits, but will be responsible and attentive, and especially to your health. If there are aspects from the Sun to Venus, especially with Leo emphasis, there could be tendencies to narcissism that end up hurting future lovers.
Aspects with Venus to Mars make someone extremely sexual, but this can also manifest as sexual impulsivity or infidelity in monogamy, or only caring about sex and the physical side of things.

Financial problems may result for someone who has an afflicted Venus, with it aspecting Saturn specifically. These aspects often cause poverty but also staying in a bad relationship out of duty. If someone's Saturn aspects your Venus, they could end up mooching off of you financially or restricting your luxury or material gains in some way. People with a weak or afflicted Venus often have fun and luxury in their life lacking. Being given less than great looks often doesn't help one's ability and desire to enjoy life, as this can hamper someone's ability to enjoy sex and love, as well as even attracting it in the first place.

A Venus square is very helpful in strengthening a weakened Venus, or for aggravated skin problems. The mantra of Venus is great for using to help with sex appeal and becoming in tune with the art of seduction and your creative side. Good for artists who think they have reached a block, or have a bad venus transit. Wunjo with rose quartz is great for healing a broken heart, as well as with depression that can hamper enjoyment of life. Freeing the soul can help with hangups regarding relationships, as well as invoking water if you have too much air that keeps you too detached romantically. A bit of fire can help here too, but don't overdo it. Gebo used with emerald combined with Ehwaz with green jasper are good runes to use for attracting a partner. If you have aspects from Jupiter or others that make it hard for you to lose weight from too much indulging or eating just to eat, try to eat at the same time every day in small portions, and cut out sugar and junk. Drink lots of water, and try invoking some air or even fire, or whichever element you would need the most to help you balance out your elemental makeup, as a lot of water/earth emphasis can make someone “thick”.

If you have issues with tact and diplomacy that significantly affect your relations with others, the Venus mantra can also help with this, as well as the Ehwaz rune.
That planetary series are very good and interesting. The descriptions are very accurate.
As an astrology beginner that has just found this series, I must admit, I understand 20% of it so far but I "get it" rationally and I'm bookmarking these for further reference! It's so complex, thanks for taking the time for this!

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