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Re-Read-It Series:Rabbis Admit Our Gods Are Physical Extra Terrestrials | Sanat Kumara, the God of Love


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Jul 16, 2019
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Rabbis Admit Our Gods Are Physical Extra Terrestrials

The text of Rabbi Yehuda from the ninth century, which repeats much older
Jewish texts, is still mentioned by high ranking Rabbis today. It states that the
"Fallen Angels" were actual physical flesh and blood beings with superhuman
spiritual abilities. And they created a Human race on earth. The Rabbis also
admit some of the advanced races to have been on this earth came from the
galaxy of ORION. Nephilim means "The Sons of Orion". These are the Nordic
race of Gods from Orion:


It’s well documented that the Jewish "Fallen Angels" are stolen and corrupted - in
layman terms, a Jewed historical account of the God Enki and the 50 other Gods
or Sages that came to earth from Orion. The Jews state Gentiles are from a
Satanic blood line which Satan is the physical leader of a race of physical extra
terrestrial Gods that fathered Gentiles.

“Fallen Angels” are corrupted from Sumerian Sages of Enki.

The ancient seven sages of Sumeria who were under the direction of Enki, the
Apkallus who taught mankind the knowledge of spirituality and civilization, were
the actual "Fallen Angels" who came down to earth from heaven in later Jewish

"Apkallus were said to have taught antediluvian sciences to humanity and so,
too, were the Watchers. As one scholar concludes, however: "The Jewish
authors often inverted the Mesopotamian intellectual traditions with the intention
of showing the superiority of their own cultural foundations. [thus]... the
antediluvian sages, the Mesopotamian Apkallus, were demonised as the "sons of
God" and appear as the Watchers...illegitimate teachers of humankind before the
flood." [1]

Enki was also called:

"The serpent Lord was Enki, but in parts of Chaldea he had been called
Shaitan..." [2]

So that is where the concept of Satan and the fallen angels is corrupted from.
Enki and the Apkallus. In Sumerian writings they are also called: "The fifty who
went with Enki from heaven to earth." And "The fifty Annunaki of Eridu." Which is
Enki's city in ancient Sumeria. Note the 50 is symbolic of the fifty petals of the
chakras of which the ancient Sanskrit alphabet relates to. This is also the serpent
energy and the chakras. From Heaven to earth from the crown chakra to the root
chakra, the city is the Purusha, or the cosmic man. It’s symbol of the entire being,
both the energy bodies and the physical body.

The early tales of Genesis are stolen and corrupted from the Sumerians. Enki
created Adamu with the red clay of the Apsu and breathes the breath of life into
him. Later the Jews stated Yahweh creates Adam with the red dust of the earth
and breathes the breath of life into him. They then place Enki in the role as the
Devil instead so they can butt in with their own evil agenda. The original sin they
inserted in the Garden of Edin (a Sumerian term for the abode of the Gods) is
that of Daath in Hebrew, which means the sexual union of the male and female
chakras (Adamu and Eva), which is done by the serpent energy which Enki
symbolizes. This is the Magnum Opus.

The Tree in the Sumerian Garden of Edin is the Mish, or Gish Gana tree of life,
the symbol of Enki of which the waters of the Apsu flowed through the serpent
life force.

The Seven sages of Enki also symbolize the seven chakras, and the Apsu of
Enki is the body and soul, the energy bodies the nadis the energy pathways that
flow with the cosmic waters of the life force. The seven sages wear the symbolic
fish imagery to show this. The fish is another way of showing the energy of the
life force. Enki taught Mankind the Magnum Opus so they could ascend and
become perfected and immortal like the Gods. This is what the enemy considers
the original sin. They want spiritually helpless slave Goyim to serve them as God.
The Yezidhis were part of the ancient Sumerian civilization and they still worship
Enki as his ancient name of Satan. They also state they came from ancient India,
and there are words in their language which only appear elsewhere in the
Sanskrit Vedas, the original Vedic Sanskrit. And they have stated their God is
known as Murrugan in India who also has the serpent and peacock:

"Enki is the Middle Eastern counterpart of Murrugan, whose symbol of the
Makara, a creature that is half fish and half antelope, is an eastern version of
Enki's goat-fish, the Kerabu. The Makara and Kerabu are both symbols of the
first sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn, so Enki-Murrugan, the primal life force that
began the universe, eternally begins the astrological year." [3]

Murrugan is an ancient title of Shiva and the Hindus state that Shiva created
Adimu and Eva in the Garden of Paradise in ancient Sri Lanka before the flood
when it was still a larger continent. They state Shiva and the Gods had a physical
presence on the earth at this time in Kumara Kandam. They were in this place in
the first Sagha and taught mankind the knowledge of the serpent power yoga
and how to ascend. The ancient Ayrans stated they came from this place
originally but moved outwards after most of the original land sunk. They migrated
to North India, and outwards. The Yezidhis are called the blonde bloodline.

The ancient American records have the same account as the Sumerians of
identical looking sages led by the White God Viracocha arriving and teaching
them civilization. The image of Virachocha is a White Man with a beard dressed
in the same way you would see in Sumeria. These are also called the Votans in
other places of ancient America. Votan is the ancient name of Shiva in the east.
In Sri Lanka, Buddha is called Wotan and this is originally a title of Shiva. [4]

[1] Magicians of the Gods, Graham Hancock

[2] Genesis of the Grail Kings, Laurence Gardner

[3] Guardians of the Holy Grail, Mark Pinkham

[4] Sons of God, Acharya S

October 22, 2018

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Sanat Kumara, the God of Love

The new age writings on Sanat Kumara refer to Him as "the God of love," but
then confuse the meaning of such and further confuse the meaning and history of
Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is the God of love as He is Sukra in the East, the
Sanskrit name of Venus.

In the ancient texts, love [Venus] is "the union of opposites." Sanat Kumara, in
Hindu spiritual tradition on the allegorical level, is generated by the union of
Shiva and Shakti. What this means is that the flowing of the moon and sun nadis
into the central nadi generates the spark of love, and this is the etheric charge
that is manifested from the union of the lunar and solar energies that opens the
center channel and allows the serpent to rise into the crown; thus Shakti the
serpent merges with Her consort Shiva at the crown chakra. This generates what
the religions of the East call the "Kumara body" or light body. The serpent uniting
the male and female chakras and merging with the crown chakra takes one to
the Para Shiva which is the level of super consciousness that manifests as what
is called Satcitananda. Satcitananda is the state of spiritual blissfulness and
ecstatic joy that comes with fully realized consciousness. This is a positive state
of being. This is Sanat Kumara on the esoteric level.

Sanat Kumara means “The Eternal Light Body.” The light body is generated by
the union of the male and female chakras and nadis becoming united.

The interference that is made by new age authors on this is that Jesus is
"Sananda" Kumara and Sanat Kumara is Satan Lucifer. This includes the strange
belief that Sanat Kumara is the human psyche in the state of the fallen Kundalini
that creates a destructive and negative level of consciousness based on illusion
and lower ego, and that Jesus is the state of consciousness of the serpent fully
risen that brings "Christ consciousness.”

Within the Bible, it's true that Satan is Sanat Kumara. The Bible openly in the
book of Revelation calls Zeus "Satan." Zeus is Dionysus who is documented by
Western scholars of Hindu to be Sanat Kumara, and the ancient Greeks also
mention the same thing themselves. One new age author and researcher does
openly state in his book that Sanat Kumara is indeed the "Satan" in the Jewish
books, and they took Sanat Kumara and turned Him into an evil being as an
attack on spirituality.

There is no record in the Eastern traditions of Sanat Kumara being a fallen angel.
Sanat Kumara cannot represent the state of consciousness of the fallen
Kundalini because the very meaning of the title Sanat Kumara is the title of the
state of being and consciousness of the risen Kundalini in the original traditions
in the East.

These lies are all within the Biblical context which is built on the lie of the Jews
where they make themselves into "god" and curse Gentiles to be their slaves.
This context however does not even support the claims of new age authors on
the "Sananda Jesus" claim. The garden of Eden text is stolen from the Sumerian
Eridu texts. In Babylon and Sumeria, the God Enki ruled Eridu. Enki is called
Oannes which is Ioannes to the Greeks, a title of Dionysus and thus Sanat

Enki was shown allegorically as the serpent wrapped around the tree of life 13
times. Sanat Kumara was shown as the risen serpent to the Sumerians, and the
positive state of consciousness that comes with this including eternal life.
The Jewish race at some point stole this and wrote their own agenda into this
text by corrupting it. Originally, Adamu and Eve do eat the fruits of the tree of life.
The fruits represent the activation of the chakras on the tree. Mithra the Vedic
deity eats the seven sacred fruits of the tree of life, and then realizes his
nakedness and puts on a cloak of leaves.

Adamu and Eve, after eating the sacred fruit, realize their nakedness and put on
garments of leaves and obtain the state of enlightenment. The garment of leaves
is the symbol of the light body being activated with the raising of the serpent. The
leaves represent the aura body, the outer halo of life of the physical tree of life
which is the spine. The serpent wrapped around the tree is the risen kundalini
energy. It's a symbolic map of the human energy body and soul.

In the Christian religion, the established theology has always been from the start
that every time "god" in the Bible talks or physically appears, it's Jesus. Jesus
confirms this himself in the New Testament. In the text of the Garden of Eden, it’s
Jesus who appears and confesses that the serpent did not lie to Adamu and Eve,
and that if they finish the work that the serpent is instructing them in then they will
become "Shining Ones" and Jesus the "god" of the Jews will not be able to keep
mankind as his Goyim [animal or cattle] slaves.

It was Jesus who drove the serpent down the tree and cursed it to dwell within
the earth of the root chakra in the Garden of Eden, bound by Jewish curses at
the bottom of the spine.

Sanat Kumara or Satan is the state of the ascended serpent and light body; it's
right in the book of Genesis.

The new aged authors have actually inverted the truth in order to promote the
destructive lie of Christ. These are the effects of the enemy spell book of the
Bible on the minds of Gentiles.


The Shining Ones, Philip Gardiner

Conversations with the Goddess, Mark Pinkham

Merging with Siva, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswam

Shiva and Dionysus: The Religion of Nature and Eros, Alain Daniélou

April 26, 2020

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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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