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Question #4738: About Cleansing


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Dec 16, 2022
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I would like to know how much i need to clean myself spiritually. I was born in an islamic country but i never believed pisslam, my parents either. But i live in a city full of zealot muslims. Besides, im spiritual satanist for years but not dedicated yet. I'm saying these because i wanna know how much dirty my soul is and how much cleaning it needs so that so i can make a future plan for myself according that. Can someone at least roughly tell how many months or years should i focus on only cleaning and protecting my aura and to do other basic stuff? Thanks in advance.
I just admire every member in here trying so hard for themselves, for everybody and for our Gods. Since its anonymous i guess theres no need to hold back my true emotions :D I love you all, so much. HPS Lydia, HPHC, JoS Guardians and caring, helpful members. All of you are so adorable and i mean it, after all you have the potential to be a god heheh
i wish we can meet in real life safely as soon as possible so i can hug all of you with all my heart♥️
We can't "look" at your soul and tell you how much you need to clean. Aura cleaning and protection are lifelong endeavors, you don't just do them for a few years and move on to something else. If you stop cleaning your aura, negativity will start building up on you again. Don't worry about how long it takes, it will take as long as it needs. You are the deciding factor, as time isn't a measure of work done, magick and meditation are dependent on how serious you are and how much effort you actually put in them, not just time.
Cleansing the Soul is a process that can take years, many years. Even it can take a good part of your life, even longer, all depending on your level and starting point.

It is extremely important to rid yourself of all negative dross. But it is a process that requires some attention and should not be forced, you have to follow your own path at your own pace without thinking of speeding up. So have a lot of patience with yourself. When you dedicate yourself, your Guardian Demon will always guide you.

To get started, I recommend Yoga combined with regular aura cleansing. Then gradually augment with focused magical work, using Runes and Mantras (first, however, you should be Dedicated).

In time you will realize what your Soul really needs.

Good progress on this Spiritual journey.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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