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Question #4218: Sign of Fall Workings


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Dec 16, 2022
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I'm going to start doing freeing workings, but the planet is in its sign of fall. And eventually, I want to do a square, but I first wanted to know whether or not it's okay to proceed with a square after I've already "freed" the planet of its karma, or if I'm supposed to leave it alone entirely and focus on empowering other peripheral planets to offset/negate the influence of the one in its fall.

Also, based on the natal placements and my circumstances, could you reccomend me appropriate affirmations or other useful links.

- Venus in Virgo 11th House, which is at 15° Leo.
- Saturn in Taurus 8th House, which is at 15° Taurus
- Sun in Libra 1st House

Also, a question about Libra being in the 1st House... Does this amplify its negative tendencies, or negate them because 1st House is supposed to be a good placement but also have significant emphasis if it's aspected by the Moon.
After freeing from the negative energy, you would want to empower the planet. For square affirmations, check this out.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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