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Question #2215: Spiritual Surgery?


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Dec 16, 2022
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As with surgery in real life, the act of removing or modifying something.

Is this possible?

Specific Meditations - On Joy of Satan Principle Site

Like a computer, we can program our auras/souls for specific things and the programs will be lasting once we get them going and manifesting results. [bold]The program will stay in the aura until we remove it, if we ever choose to.[/bold] From time to time it may need to be reinforced by meditations and affirmations, but will remain in the soul, even through future lifetimes.

Can I surgically through a word of power or some meditation remove an existing "program" for example a 40/90/Other day working or Square or some other embedded property?

I believe someone asked about this before on the Newcomers thread. Unfortunately people never really answered back or if they did I don't recall any response that showed they understood it.

To be honest this is the reason I never bothered with joining the forums especially the delicate nature of explaining this stuff. Nor did I want to pull out a Reddit(throwaway account). I've had my fair share of difficulty not asking questions in fact I should take advantage of the Anon service to ask much more. But I'm content with my level and I believe I've done better using critical thinking and my own contemplation and limited research.

But I'd like to ask, unfortunately text communication isn't something that emphasizes much discourse and often confuses people. So I hope what I posted isn't balked at or deemed a crazy thing. If Maxine stated above and others throughout the years have done meditations to add stuff. Surely the opposite is possible, no?

Can this be done?

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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