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Poems by AFODO


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Oct 2, 2022

Greetings everyone,​

I want to become a poet once, as I have karma for this. I have attempted to write poems, as I like the making of them, I wrote them in Hungarian and these are the translations.
They aren't that good, please do not have any expectations if you are willing to read them.

Nagyúr Aszmódeusz​

I wrote this poem yesterday, as I was inspired by Asmodeus. He has been my wallpaper for like a year which I wasn't aware of until yesterday.
Somewhat yesterday was special, I felt love for Father Satan, than later for Lord Asmodeus. I choosed him as my wallpaper because his skin color looked similar to mine. On the following picture he is brown which I am, on JoS it says he has olive skin which I guess is the other name for "brown".

I really like his physique, long brownish black hair, and how young he looks. These are all things that I can relate to him.

So here is the poem:

He who have seen everything, who became a warrior from us, a perfect God.

He whose weakest point is a thousand fold obsidian,
Whose hair shines bright like a thousand Suns, whose beard are the longest,
Yet is young. He whom I would milk the starts for, struggle for meat on the fields,
Whom I would bring the Moon for my Sun for.

Asmodeus he is, my Lord, Glorious knight,

Reveal your greatest secrets for me, show your path in front of thy.
Hear my words, of what my noblest prayer tells you,
Answer, so I shall drink your tasty words.

The greatest from us, master of masters;
Help me now greatest lord, so that I become,
Glorious, great as knight, as you are.

Dearest for me, whose skin the same as mine,
Whose blood so glorious, golden apple compared to thy.

His existence has no end, ever lasting he is: Lord Asmodeus!


I have other poems too, I need to translate them first. I'll post them eventually.
As the Light is dull,
Knowledge is lie.
Regain your soul,
Or doom your life.

The silent sea, which
You could always hear:
Whispers in your ears,
Now you can see.
Hey Afodo! These poems are goooood and I love the first one's dedication to Asmodeus. Thank you for sharing!

If you feel comfortable, share more. I'm planning on writing another on as well :)

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan