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New member
Mar 7, 2024
Have any Chinese evil , that mean like our God sadness , make Chinese know the sadness like what it so glory
From my understanding, you are stating that the ancient Chinese had a "God of sadness". If true, then he probably represents being solemn, thoughtful, and controlling your actions, and not being sad and depressed. He could also represent the difficulties in life that help improve us and get closer to Godhead, so no, it doesn't mean he or Chinese culture is "evil" in any way.
Nah man, China or the Chinese people are NOT evil in any way, if you want to know where that thought came from then look no further than into the CCP and its long list of shit that parasitic agenda made the spirit of China do way before they were throwing Ughyr minorities who just didn't believe in their political agenda into correction camps.

I hope the CCP gets dissolved from its current economic problems with the least damaging political fallout to the innocent people from it. If you're Chinese, then please tell me there's a sign the CCP could get into so much trouble out of this.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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