Question #474: 88 everywhere

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Question #474: 88 everywhere

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I'm seeing a lot of 88's everywhere, I have an idea in my mind that it could be a sign of my guardian demon, because I pay more attention to the number 88, but I don't know either, maybe it could be my paranoia and such, could you tell me say whether it could be or not?
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Re: Question #474: 88 everywhere

Post by Wotanwarrior »

8 is the number of Astarte, I myself have seen this number a lot when I have received her help or guidance in some important matter.
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Re: Question #474: 88 everywhere

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8 is the number of Astarte.

You may receive her help and tips and that is one of the ways she communicates with you spiritually.

Also, 88 is the number of Hitler, the Antichrist so, you may have some connections with the White race that are very intense in you.

Keep on going on your road as bothered very good omens.
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