Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

For those who wish to establish a relationship with Satan.

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Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

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In this guide I will explain the basics of Spiritual Satanism and how to get started. I'll also offer tips and advice for common problems/issues.

  • Is Satanism for you?
  • Which parts of JoS to read first
  • What to do and not do first.
  • The Dedication Ritual
  • Advice about meditation
  • Magickal spells and workings
  • Spiritual Satanism, ethics and everyday life.

Is Satanism for you?

Satanism is not for everyone. Some people do join for the wrong reasons and get disappointed or worse.

Satanism might not be for you if:
  • You're looking to sell your soul for money, fame or material possessions
Don't get me wrong, Satan wants everyone to be happy and rich. Satanism isn't a self-denying religion. But being rich is not what Satanism is all about. There are some things more important than riches, such as your soul advancement and loyalty to Satan. There is nothing wrong with wanting a better life, but if you seek a better life to the point that you will betray Satan if his enemies offer you money (which has happened before with a traitor High Priest) you might look somewhere else.

Another point is while you can improve your life in Satanism you can do so only with hard work, and not instantly. Satan doesn't like lazy people very much. And Satan doesn't buy or sell souls, this is just usual slander coming from his enemies. Your soul is very important in Satanism and you empower it and perfect it using the knowledge and spiritual techniques coming from Satan.
  • You think you are "super evil" and you want to harm and torture people for fun or sacrifice animals and babies to Satan
Mate, stop reading this now and go consult a therapist immediately. What you are thinking of is not called Satanism but Mental Illness. Satan hates all these lies told about him by his enemies and those dumb or psychopathic enough to follow them get punished by him. Animals and children and nature are especially sacred to Satan and his wife Lilith.
  • You are a weak and very politically correct person who doesn't want to "hate" and you love and tolerate everyone (except of course those who are intolerant)
A New Age group might be more suitable for you. Satanists are strong and powerful warriors and we don't turn the other cheek nor do we conform to Cultural Marxism and other types of Slave Morality.
  • You believe you are a powerful vampire lord or mighty wizard or an incarnated Demon/God on earth
Role-playing games are good, but they are not Satanism. Also, drugs are bad.
  • You are joining just for fun or kicks and you don't care about being serious. Or you want to mix Satanism with Wicca or other non-Satanic religions and their gods or spiritual methods
Satanism is a very serious thing and not being serious or mixing it with other things can cause very disastrous results and negative experiences.

If you don't believe any of these things and you are being serious about Satan and Satanism and you are willing to study and practice then you are most welcome here and you will be accepted.

Which parts of the JoS site to read first

If you are a new person, it's most important to read the Joy of Satan website.

Unfortunately the JoS website is very large and you may not know where to start. Worry not, I'll list all the important articles you'll need to read to get started and to understand what the members here are talking about when they say "Chakras", "Runes" and other advanced terminology.

Important pages to read first

The Welcome Page
For New People
Satanic Information for Atheists and Other Skeptics
Why Dabbling Is Bad

If you are coming from Christianity read the whole Exposing Christianity website.

General information about Spiritual Satanism

Spiritual Satanism
The Origins of Satanism
Death, the Afterlife and Hell

The truth about Satan and the Demons

About Demons


Read all the information under Important Information on Power Meditation and About The Mind and everything in the Beginning section under Power Meditations in this page as well as these pages:

Basic Meditation Program
The Chakras
Preparing the Mind for Meditation


Powers of the Mind and Soul
The Three Steps of Witchcraft
Most Workings Are Not Just An One-Shot Deal
The Runes

Also read everything in the Information section of this page


Satanic Rituals
Making A Commitment to Satan

All the above are enough to cover all of the basics. Keep reading the rest as you advance. If you need some inspiration read this part and the Sermons section.

What to do and not to do first

Let's start with what not to do:

  • Summon a Demon
I get it, summoning a Demon sounds very cool. Can you imagine having a Demon appear to do and do what you ask of him? But expectations and reality are different things. If you are new and you have no previous spiritual experience and you have not done the Dedication ritual, summoning a Demon can go anywhere from disappointing to frightening. If you are not a natural clairvoyant or have not developed your astral senses you will not see or feel anything at all. If you have not Dedicated yourself you might even get attacked by some enemy being trying to prevent you from contacting any of our Gods. The worst thing is some people, particularly those who have Christian ties have these scary experiences and think that a Demon did these to them and turn back to Jeezus and the Christian hoax. I'm not saying that this will surely happen, but there is a small possibility. Also for summoning a Demon you need to have a good reason. Just being lonely and wanting some spiritual being to talk to, or trying to see if it works aren't good reasons and the Demon will ignore you.
  • Tell everyone you know about Spiritual Satanism
Which newbie hasn't been excited about Spiritual Satanism? "Wow, what a great thing I've discovered! I've finally learned the truth and know that everything told about Satan and Satanism is lies! A true religion for me unlike the other fake ones! This is so great! I'm going to tell my friends and my parents about it!" Eh, stop in your tracks. You are very open minded and you found the truth about something misunderstood and slandered. Unfortunately, most people are not like you. Most people are sheep. So, what will happen if you try to tell a friend, or worse, your parents about it? If you are extremely lucky you'll find someone open minded who will be willing to hear about it. But that's not what usually happens. In the best case your friend or parent will tell you that this is all delusional bullshit. In the worst, they will avoid talking to you and your parents will drag you to churches, harm you physically and control your every move and try forcefully to "de-convert you". There have been many literal horror stories by clueless teens whose parents learned that they are a Satanist, either by accident or because they told them. I know how hard it is, but try to keep it to yourself.
  • Find your Guardian Demon
Another thing popular among new people which is unnecessary and disappointing. I mean, you used an Ouija Board or another method and got a name. So what? Your Guardian Demon will not contact you if you are not past some point in your advancement and cannot contact you if you haven't opened your astral senses. Your Guardian Demon can help you even if you don't know his or her name. You may also get a false name as your Guardian Demon if you aren't trained in meditation, because of the expectations of your subconscious.
  • Do the dedication ritual immediately when you aren't completely sure that you want to follow Spiritual Satanism for the rest of your life
This is not a bad thing, it is just disappointing for you. Some beginners do the dedication ritual believing Satan will contact them immediately. Like the other things whether you feel or see Satan is an astral sense thing. There are experiences of people who do report Satan contacting them but these are astrally open. The Dedication ritual is a permanent thing, it's your life-time commitment and initiation to Satan so you should not do it if you are not sure and serious.

What to do:
  • Study the JoS site
  • Begin a power meditation program
Power meditation is the most important practice in Spiritual Satanism. You'll keep doing power meditations for the rest of your life. Just like the food you eat to nourish your body, meditation is food for your soul and if you don't do them you will be spiritually dead like most people.
  • Do rituals to Satan
If you are a more devotional personality these will help you to connect with Satan. You can also focus on his sigil and mentally talk to Satan as a prayer, if you don't have much time or privacy to do full rituals.

The Dedication Ritual

The Dedication Ritual is your official initiation to Spiritual Satanism. You will be officially a Spiritual Satanist and you'll be assigned a Guardian Demon and have some basic protection. You will be under Satan's protection and guidance.

There are some misconceptions you may or may not have about the Dedication Ritual:
  • It is not a blood sacrifice or blood magick
Blood in the DR is used as your personal signature because it is your DNA and your life-force in the same way there is fingerprint recognition technology. A fingerprint is not a sacrifice.

It is also a test of your strength, as Satanism is for strong people. Be glad that you only need to prick your finger with a small pin and not swim in a pool full of crocodiles as they made you do in Ancient Egypt for your initiation.
  • It is not selling your soul
You don't lose the ownership of your soul after you do the ritual, and you will not gain material fame and power after you do it.
  • You only need to write your name in blood, not the entire prayer
I don't know how people somehow think this when the description on the JoS site is very clear.
  • Just because you didn't feel anything when doing it doesn't mean it didn't work or Satan didn't accept you
If you did the dedication ritual, congratulations! You are now part of Satan's family. Forget about the Dedication and start empowering yourself with power meditations.
  • You don't need to do it on a specific date
Some people choose to do it on Samhain, Beltane or some other Satanic holiday, but it really doesn't matter. The dedication ritual is not a magickal working so the planetary timing doesn't matter. If you are ready to dedicate yourself I would advise you to do it as soon as possible. Do not plan to do it on a date that is a month or later because you might get attacked by enemy beings trying to stop you from doing the ritual (it is very rare but it can happen).

Advice about meditation

If you are completely new and have no idea about meditation, read the pages on meditation I linked above and start with the basic meditation program (also linked above). If you prefer something more organized, start with HP HoodedCobra's 40 day training program.

You might wonder about some things or problems you are facing with meditation such as:
  • You don't know if you are doing it correctly
It is likely that you have some "set result" in your mind and you are comparing your experience to that set result of how it is supposed to feel. Forget all comparisons and results and trying to get anywhere. In meditation you should be focused on the present moment and how it feels right now. Meditation is a right-brained activity. When you try to compare it or judge it in any way you are invoking your left-brain and this prevents you from feeling the chakras or whatever else you are meditating on. Just focus and enjoy it. Meditation is supposed to be relaxing. If you are trying to compare and judge things, does this relax you or strain you more?
  • You don't know how to visualize
If you are wondering this it's likely you think visualization is something other than what it actually is. Everybody can visualize. Maybe except people who have aphantasia. Visualization is nothing different than imagining or remembering something. If you can remember how your best friend looks like or imagine a pink unicorn then you can visualize perfectly. You don't see something visually during visualization. Seeing things visually is called clairvoyance or psychic sight and it is a "supernatural" ability, it takes time to develop for people who haven't been born with it. Some clairvoyant people sometimes describe visualization as a visual experience, but they are really talking about clairvoyance and not actual visualization.
  • You can't get rid of random thoughts or a song stuck in your mind
This is a normal thing, almost everyone has this problem. Even some advanced meditators. Just keep bringing your mind back and don't worry about it.

Magickal spells and workings

When you are new to Satanism, it's best to avoid black magick as you need more experience to practice it safely. If you read the above articles about magick they explain most basic things.

When you do a working, you need to do it more than once. Every day, don't stop until you get the results you want. If you do it only once it will not work, unless you are very advanced.

An important thing to remember when doing a working is you need to visualize and feel as if what you are trying to materialize has already happened. If you are doing a money working, feel that you are rich and visualize yourself spending the money in things you wish. It's important to get rid of the feelings of lack or not having enough money, these make it harder for the working to manifest results. And the same goes for other workings.

The workings also work better when you start them in an appropriate phase of the moon and astrological alignment, which has been explained in one of the links above.

Spiritual Satanism, ethics and everyday life

You may wonder what are the ethics of Satanism? Will Satan get angry if you do something bad? How you should behave with non-Satanists? Should you have non-Satanist friends? I will explain these things in this section.

First of all, Satanism is non-dogmatic. It doesn't have specific rules to follow. If you are coming from Christianity you will either be relieved or find it weird, depending on your personality. Satan isn't some cosmic Big Brother who watches every move in your personal life and gets angry if you do something he doesn't approve. He's too busy to watch everything you do. Your personal life doesn't interest him at all.

Satan will not get angry in anything you do unless your intention is to offend him. If you are forced to attend a Christian church he understands that you are still faithful to him. He is a highly advanced and telepathic being and looks at your thoughts, rather than your actions.

You might hear people saying drugs are bad, or smoke is bad, or any other things. And this is true. But Satan doesn't get angry if you do those things. He may be disappointed if you do things that harm yourself and stop your spiritual growth. Many things are harmful to you and bad for your spiritual growth. To be honest, if you need some being to punish you if you do certain bad things and can't judge for yourself what to do and what to avoid doing for your own spiritual health then you are not mentally mature enough to become a Satanist. Addictions are serious things though, and if you are addicted to something you can overcome it using magick.

In Satanism you are supposed to think and decide the best course of action for yourself, than have some "religion" to dictate your morality. Satan assumes you are a thinking and judging being and not a a sheep who follows the herd.

You may have people who you associate with who are not Satanists. Do you need to avoid them? Of course not. Not many people are Satanists and, depending on the country in which you live, if you are looking for a Satanist friend only you will be alone your entire life. But you should not mention the fact that you're a Satanist unless you are completely sure that they will react positively.

Having a non-Satanist husband or wife is a different matter. Sex is an exchange of energies. There is nothing wrong having sex with a non-religious person. But if it is someone who follows an enemy religion, you are absorbing their dross energy which can cause you problems in your spiritual life. Again, this has nothing to do with Satan and Satan will not punish you. It has to do with your spiritual health.

Now that you know the basic things, you are welcome to ask any questions about things you don't understand. I wish you a happy and pleasant journey on your Satanic path to Godhood!
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

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Rational Satanist wrote:
Thu May 13, 2021 1:51 pm
This is very good, thank you.

This could be expanded to a larger FAQ, like in the future. Just seeing everything written out like this gives me this idea.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

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Blitzkreig wrote:
Fri May 14, 2021 1:10 am
This is very good, thank you.

This could be expanded to a larger FAQ, like in the future. Just seeing everything written out like this gives me this idea.
I originally thought of adding a FAQ and a glossary (to explain terms like Xian, RTR or Magnum Opus that are used here and are unfamiliar to newbies) at the end of the original post but
it would make it too large. I might do it in future posts.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

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When I first discovered the site, everything seemed so complicated and I didn't understand what other people talking were saying. This sharing looks pretty good and nice for people who have just joined. I wish I had encountered something like this when I first joined. :D :D
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

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Great post for beginners this should be moved to announcements! Well done.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

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mercury_wisdom wrote:
Fri May 14, 2021 3:47 pm
Great post for beginners this should be moved to announcements! Well done.
It is.

However this should instead be posted in the topic for newbies with many other resources for reference. That way announcements can stay as announcements. I did bookmark this, and I'm sure others have taken notice about the usefulness of this topic.
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Re: Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Satanism

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Ótimo post, tirou uma dúvida que tenho faz tempo.
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