Dreams of a Demon?

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Dreams of a Demon?

Post by MissMeow »

This is very personal and confusing..

I have had many dreams of a particular Demon for several years now, of a sexual/romantic nature. These dreams do not happen often maybe about 3-7 times a year.

I specifically remember having a dream of Them months before I even dedicated or knew of the JOS..

In this dream I found Them in a building that was dimly lit, grey seemed like a place of evil or at least without happiness. They were alone in a room and they were bound by the wrist with handcuffs that were chained to the floor.. I set them free and They began radiating with light, incredibly bright like the sun. They spoke to me words I can not specifically recall as we hugged each other for a while.
It was very surreal, pleasant and when I awoke I pondered upon this dream; for some reason I knew that who ever this person was They were my soulmate and that I should try to find this person. I don't know why I concluded this but I thought this was an important detail.

Anyway years have passed and after the last couple years I figured out who these dreams have been about but I still feel confused and undeserving of this or I think sometimes that maybe these are just in my head/or the enemy is leading me astray since I have had this very tall shadow being try to fuck with me before (I ignored it and I have not seen it again, the story behind it is a bad trip to say the least; it was connected to someone I once knew) but this causes much doubt in me.

So I am wondering if anyone could spare their thoughts on this; do you think this is a Lover trying to connect with me? Or something else?
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Re: Dreams of a Demon?

Post by absolute13 »

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A lover that randomly appears through the years?
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Re: Dreams of a Demon?

Post by Ananda »

What a beautiful story. The dream world/astral is a beautiful place full of old friends and lovers. Enki is great about bringing lovers together. Especially us lucky fellows who have made it this far. The gifts Father Satan brings are innumerable and mysterious.
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Re: Dreams of a Demon?

Post by Ghost in the Machine »

Perhaps if it is in-fact a demon or even a lover from a past life trying to get your attention, you could try getting in touch with them again. Visualize them, focus on them, their face, their features, saying their name if you know it, something that could help you call out to them, try to bring them to you.

Do this as many times as it takes, however many days for you to get some kind of response, be it a touch, another dream, coincidental signs, etc. If your psychic centres are open then you shouldn't have much trouble sensing them, otherwise they may need to use other methods to get your attention and communicate. Be cautious though and build a strong aura of protection before doing this as communication though the astral realm can attract many things if you're not advanced enough, some of which may not be friendly.

Be wary of this individual and do not assume immediately that they are 100% trustworthy. Figure out who they are first.
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