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Why some houses are empty?

The simple answer to this question is that we are all different and live individual and very different lives.

If we delve a little deeper into the topic, then your map reflects exactly what path/experience your soul will go through in this incarnation. None of this is accidental. Your natal chart, in the most global sense, explains what happened to you and what “starting coordinates” you have in your life.

Empty houses in this equation are those areas of life in which you have little or no experience. This may be due to past incarnations, when planets fell into those houses that are currently empty.

It is also important to understand that despite the fact that houses may not have planets within them, they still have their rulers. That is, for example, if there is nothing in your 8th house, but its cusp falls in Aries, the ruler of the 8th house will be Mars. And you need to look at the position of Mars in the sign/house in order to understand how the themes of the 8th house will play out for you.
There's not enough planets to fit all the houses, there's always going to be empty houses in a chart simply due to that. But every planet has a natural house ruler, which means you can still derive information for a house even if it's "empty."
In addition to what has already been said, you need to consider the orbital velocity of the planets, as it is different for each one, depending on their distance from the Sun, which exerts gravitational force on them. This results in the planets having to move faster to maintain the orbit. Because of this, we have for example Mercury with an average speed of 29.8 mi/s and Pluto with 2.95 mi/s.

For this reason Mercury will never be more than about 28 degrees away from the Sun, just as Venus will never be more than about 47 degrees away. This implies that very often Mercury and Venus will be in the same or adjacent house to the Sun.

So it would be extremely rare for a person to be born with each planet located on different astrological houses (even if we had 12 planets), because of their orbital velocity.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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