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Something about Purification


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Sep 2, 2022
I wanted to share some quick thoughts and advice with you.

Purification of chakras and soul is something magnificent, it slowly changes life, makes me better, opens me to new sensations and consequently makes existence less monotonous.

Essentially it is a deep cleansing, comparable to a pest control, it is easy and does not take that long and the results are excellent.

Looking at the SS calendar, I find the best dates and start a 28-day purification on a particular chakra, while in case there are no best dates I can do 7 days of purification.

For those who have less time they can also do the two-day general purification, starting on Friday, it is not as powerful as a 28-day purification, but it will still give results.

The reference post is this one:

The calendar can be found here:

The process is as simple as it gets, you vibrate in your chosen chakra the Raum mantra 10, 36, 74, 111, 216 times (depending on your level of energy management and your time), then affirm 9 times something like this:

"My (chosen chakra) is completely purified in every way, in the healthiest and most positive way for me, now and forever.".

With purification you may notice that the chakra after a while gets dirty again, this may indicate that there is a need to heal an injury or that you need to increase the aura of protection, but mainly it is about healing.

Here the Valefor ritual can work wonders.


An additional piece of advice is to keep notes where possible on your progress and work.

With this post I mainly want to incite people to the practice of purification and I want to point out a way to make life less monotonous while building the foundation for future advancements.

The whole thing can be guided by a God or one's Guardian Demon so that one can take advantage of the situation to improve one's bonding.

Good luck!
Yes! Indeed keeping notes is super important, in april I was complaining about how hard was to clean and visualize, in may I could see the light better and today I had to put in my diary how wonderful my cleaning session was!!!
Finally seen golden light, and I could visualize my chakras getting cleansed a lot better than before.
An important thing to mention is that at least in my experience, following advices of brothers and sisters, For cleansing the astral body, aura, soul, Its better to cleanse until the feeling of purity is felt, I have checked and it takes me 10-15 minutes, for Chakras I use 8 Vissudhi, and 4 Raum each.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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