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Question #4909: How come????


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Dec 16, 2022
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How come Lucifer and the gods don’t ever help me out with my finances. I go to a video poker and lose. Would it be too much fucking trouble to tweak the machine?? Money spells apparently don’t fucking work for me ! I am not joking , it says that Lucifer can bless people with money. I have not seen that
Satan and other Gods are not your personal genies. Put some effort in improving yourself through spiritual efforts, grow as a human being, and do something for the Gods instead. As a result you might see actual results from your magick.
Would it be too much trouble for you not to be a lowlife degenerate gambler?

The Gods want us to be smart. If you are dumb enough to repeatedly throw your money away, then you don't deserve any money and anybody would be stupid to give you any money. Because you are irresponsible and ignorant and you throw it away.

Gambling with a machine is just retarded. It is even worse than gambling with a dealer. Do you realize the machine is controlled by a computer program which is programmed to not ever let you win and not ever give you any large amount of money? Winning any meaningful amount of money is not even possible. Look at all of the news stories of the machine saying the person won a very large amount of money, then the casino refuses to pay it out because they say it is a malfunction or a glitch.

The richest and most expensive buildings in the world are casinos. And the money to build these did not come from the owners or investors. It all is paid for by the retarded people who go and throw all their money away and are left with nothing.
Maybe you wouldn't need help with your finances if you didn't blow it on gambling.

The Gods are with humanity for a more important purpose than unrigging the claw machine so you can expand your funko pop collection.
The Gods will be happy to guide to financial security and freedom, if you deserve this, and they definitely won't guide you in lowlife gambling that takes all your money.
If you are the person I think you are (the one who posted out of topic posts under HP Cobra's sermons complaining about money and how you lost in gambling) then you have the wrong mentality. RTR's and fighting our enemies are not to be done for Satan to give you money, they are done because you want to fight the enemies. You seem to see everything as a mean to cause Satan to give you money. Stop doing that. Your desperation and neediness is also turning money away.

Satan wants us to use our own powers to improve our lives. A money spell isn't an one time deal. It's done for days or even months until you reach your goal.

To know that you're doing the money spell correctly, you should check how you feel after it. If you still feel neediness and looking to the future to get money, then it means your wrong mentality is obstructing the spell. The correct feeling is one of having as much money as you want so that you don't need it any more. Play-pretend if you have to so that you visualize and feel you have all the money you need.

It's very likely that have heavy past karma in your soul (like poverty vows or long held beliefs about the virtue of poverty) and bad planets in your birth chart that is keeping you poor. If this is true, you need to do extra munka workings to remove your karma

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan