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Nature Of The Chakras

Hp. Hoodedcobra666

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Apr 30, 2012
Keep it up, that's great. We will also be updating the Library, which will really make it look beautiful and orderly, so all the works of people will be put there and not be lost, like a mini Library of Alexandria where spiritual people can fill and help others as they have been helped.
Woden said:
This is a PDF, "Nature Of The Chakras" I made concerning the metaphysical nature of the 7 main chakras. There are short descriptions of the planetary influence, elemental nature, color frequency, mantras (Sanskrit/Runes) and yoga asanas concerning each, and more.

We at JoS are learning more everyday and recovering in-depth spiritual knowledge that has been lost. Consequently, this is a work-in-progress.

I hope this addresses some of the frequently asked questions on chakras and their mantras. Please download.

The Nature Of The Chakras PDF:


Hey Woden, i tried to download but it says: "The file you are trying to download is no longer available"
Oh no, what happened?
Henu the Great said:
Carvik said:
Oh no, what happened?
The uploader, when he left, also deleted all uploaded materials. I think this person was not honest about their intentions.

Oh, I see, I hadn't seen the post times. That's back in 22. Maybe someone downloaded it already, I wouldn't read it though.

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