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My Comprehensive Plan for Contributions to JoS

Maxis Orientis

New member
May 9, 2023
Greetings SS community. I am new to the forums, but I have been reading JoS material for well-over a year, and matching up my JoS knowledge with that of research on pre-Buddhist Traditional Chinese and other pre-cuck religions of the Orient. Man I can't wait to help out the Oriental community!

For the majority of my posts, they will be in the Oriental sub-forum, and I have lots of exciting content ready, waiting to be unleashed in the forum for an explosive "lotus blossom" of life to the Asian SS community.

See, after the things I read about the Fake Chinese food, "Fake culture" in Modern China from DoC, I couldn't help but well....help out my Chinese brethren.

Firstly...the origins of my username...Glory of the Three Sovereigns
The word "Guang" (光) is Chinese for "glorious". The "Xia" (夏) name is from the Xia dynasty, which a lost and nearly-forgotten era in Chinese history.

It is descended from another and preceding lost era of Chinese history known as the era of the "Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors" - when China was literally ruled by our Gods and Magnum Opus fathers.

Take a good guess who the "Three Sovereigns" are? None other than Satan, Beelzebub and Azazel, since Chinese mythology literally records these "Three Sovereigns" were advanced beings who guided Mankind through their progress and advancement. I seriously can't think of anyone else that can refer to!

Like other ancient civilizations, the Era of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors also dealt with a "Great Flood" and the creation and birthing of mankind by "celestial emperors".

I'll make a post on furthering that lost and glorious era of Chinese history, as this is just an intro post, remember to come check our the Oriental sub-forums.

Monetary donations is not limited to any phase, and I may do it any time.

Phase 1: House-Warming, Meet n Greet - Exposing Jewish Agendas in the Orient
This is the phase I am going to start with. Firstly, I'm not Chinese, or Japanese, but I am Asian, the reason why I dedicate an account for our Chinese brethren is, other than my childhood cultural fetish for Chinese culture - China's people are extremely and ultra-enslaved. Not sure why the Overseas Chinese haven't done much about it (they are much more blessed with wealth and freedom than the Mainland). My home country also had ancient relations with the Chinese (as well as the Indians).

I explained some of this to HP Cobra in a private email, my particular Asiatic nation (as well as the Overseas population), has been blessed with material wealth, democracy and freedom and due to economic ties with the Overseas working in the U.S. and Europe, my country of origin is developing. As to what Asian sub-group I belong to, will be revealed at a later time, I am an Overseas Asian living in the United States though.

So this early phase, includes this post (the intro) as well as posting educative content (or in kosher terms "conspiracy theories") exposing the Jewish agendas in Asia, throughout history and through today. Lots of things to be discovered, I have discovered and have yet to discover.

Posting rituals and Chinese-style Satanic meditations as a new member with no more than 10 posts would be very ill-fated. Trust must be build with the rest of the SS community.

Phase 2: Educational Content on Asian Satanic religions and historical Empires
This could merge with Phase 1, and depends, but In this phase, is where I'm going to begin uploading articles explaining Satanism as it had been practiced in East Asia, Southeast Asia, as well as the Native American world (Native Americans are Asiatic for those not aware). I'm sure many SS know about the Bon religion, but the pre-Buddhist Chinese and Mongolic-Turkic peoples also had their own Pagan pantheons. While that of the Mongolic-Turkic was known as the Tengrism, literally the Chinese had no name for their religion, it was just like the Vedic religion of India, it didn't end with any "-ism" and its followers simply associated with a particular God/Demon.

I'll also be educating SS on historical Asian empires that were Satanic, this question has been asked before, and I do have a post ready to go to answer that, although many Empires throughout history (both Asian and non-Asian), in spite of displaying a surface Christian, Muslim or Buddhist image were ruled by crypto-Satanic emperors.

Phase 3: The FUN PART (meditations rituals) + Asian Satanic artwork
This part won't be coming anytime "soon" per say, I'm not even going to give a numerical prediction as to how long it'll be before I can even have the honor to get to this given to how many years the HPs had to break their backs with research putting forward rituals that work. This includes the usage of symbols and sigils that the Asiatic peoples used for our Demons, Satanic Feng-Shui, and a lot of Traditional Chinese, and even other Satanic rituals through an Asiatic lens. Other than Chinese, I also have Mongolian, Philippine, and Southeast Asian-style rituals planned since these are the particular culture of the Orient that draw me, but it's not limited.

In this phase I plan on releasing Asian Satanic artwork as well, I'm not sure whether i'tll be free though, and I will required credit.

Phase 4: Destruction of Asian Communism
This part won't come in a huge while, but it can be achieved if the Asians are active in doing RTRs and FRTRs, but this phase will include rituals for the Asiatic people to take back their nations from the clutches of communism, Buddhism, Catholicms or xyz enemy program. So we're talking about Asian awakening, Asian liberation rituals.

China is absolutely enslaved, especially with the shit of dumping and making rivers turn red, making green gas cities appear in the skies, and other ghastly horror-movie type shit that goes in China and East/Southeast Asia, prior to the communist utopia, China WAS the Great Empire of the East!

Anyways as always, I will conclude here, be sure to check out the Oriental sub-forums for new content, Hail Shangdi/Satan and the Celestial Emperors of Orion!
wow! :shock:
Im glad you have joined!
We need people like you, good luck on your journey here!
STanBlank said:
Thank you! There are very few Chinese SS here, Asian culture needs revival. :roll:
Additional: I remember the forum said that Beelzebub is Mongolian Tengger, which represents the king of the sky "Tian",His Chinese name seems to be Haotian God(昊天上帝) :?:

Yes indeed, it is this very reason that I dedicated an account for the Chinese brethren, in addition to my own Asian country - I'm adopting more of a pan-Asian stance. I just keep feeling this pulsating urge to finally go for it! I guess upon seeing that JoS now had a Japanese website just further ignited the "Flame Emperor" within me to start getting to work! I believe I did see a Mongolian member in here somewhere, not sure where he went.

As for Beelzebub, indeed Tian is one of his Chinese names (the much more popular one as a matter of fact), akin to the Mongolian Tengri, in Turkic known is Tianri.

Tian and Lieshen are both names of Beelzebub, with Tian being emphasized as the Lord of Heaven and Lieshen as the Lord of Thunder.

Not sure why Chinese mythology puts Lieshen and Huangdi (Azazel) as two faces of one and personified by the Eagle, I guess it may be a misinterpretation or an allegorical misinterpretation, but these two are different Gods/Demons though both as part of the glorious Four Crowned Princes of Hell, since Huangdi according to Chinese mythology is associated with power and light (Azazel) and Lieshen with thunder and punishment against Heaven's enemies (Beelzebub).

Hail Shangdi/Satan!

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan