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New member
Aug 11, 2019
Just wanted to write this experience.
I fell in trance for over 12 houres.(this happens often even as a child it happened, I don't know the reason.)
In that trance I met a wolf, a lynx and a raven.
But the most beautiful encounter was with a dragon, black and green.
She talked to me and said her name.
While I was in trance some friends of mine, that I guide through spirituality,had dreams with me, in those dreams I had a green and blue aura.
Green at the core and external blue, it was like a flame.
What do you think ?
Irmin999 said:
What do you think ?
I think you need to read the JoS website and start learning the truth.

Well I have already read, just wanted to know what do you think abiut the things I have seen
Dude, stop eating those mushrooms

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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