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Empire Of the Sun


Mar 14, 2023
You cannot go the distance with Spiritual Satanism without unconditional love for the Gods. There was a time when I asked myself if it was all worth it? I say truly that the moment I opened up my heart and said to Father Satan that I love Him and the Gods something special happened. I got the most amazing energized feeling, not just in my heart, but all through my being. All the self doubts and worries just dissolved. It was very profound and undeniable.

We are more then just a 'genetic creation' of Satan. We are a direct spiritual connection to Him and all the Gods. This is the purpose why They came down here in the first place. When we dedicate to Satan we profess that feeling, and also turn it into reality with meditation on the path to the Godhead.

The Gods have a direct spiritual connection far above anything we have here or understand. They function together on a intuitive level of understanding and love not known here on Earth.

This is experienced with the rising of the serpent and the mutable transformation that takes place in the solar chakra 666. What must be noted here is that the number 666 is a number that directly references the Sun (number of the beast/man). The thing we should focus on here is the use of decimal parity in the magic square of the Sun.

Whether it is realised or not, we are part of the Gods and the 'Empire of the Sun'.
This was really meant to be a testimonial, but I elaborated to emphasize our connection with the Gods on a soul level. They truly are part of us.
right 👏
Yes, the Japanese Empire realized this and thus, it's how we became the "Empire of the Rising Sun".

Like Hitler in Europe, the Japanese were up against Jewish interests in Asia, and attempting to recover Asia's Satanic past, unite the Asiatic races against the Jews. A large bulk of the militaries and paramilitaries under Japan's support weren't Japanese, but composed of other Asians, namely Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Malays, Javanese - what-have-you. It is a known fact that during the Korean War, many of the Koreans who remained wealthy and able were those who sided with Japan, likely because they implemented Japanese principles into their spirituality.

This is why the allies nuked Japan, and turned it into a "turn the other cheek" nation, while definitely WAY MORE blessed than China, has its own BS in the modern in regards to encouraging Japanese citizens to become the warriors they were meant to be.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan