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Thank you Gods


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Jan 20, 2020
Today, I’m so grateful. I’m in awe and thankful for the gods contributions to our evolution as a species.

I’m amazed and grateful for what my body has gone through to bring life into the planet. And it’s all because of the gods GREAT engineering that we can achieve this feat.

Two of my most best friends just had their babies.
One at the hospital and through a lockdown, no visitors and isolation. Really tough. She’s so strong.

The other one at home and in her beautiful house with her family around, all natural. She is so strong and tough.

Whatever is best for anyone and whatever position moms are in right now - we really are stupidly strong.

Whatever way anyone does it and whatever current financial status is - don’t beat yourself up. Feel blessed and strong.

I’m sitting around snuggled up from essentially hormone related things today

Humanity or maybe the word that rhymes with juice has very happily neglected to integrate the allowance into society so we can take care of ourselves while we pull the weight of our families and meanwhile pushing women unreadily into the work force into without leaving us time and space to do so by hijacking the womens rights movements. It’s my pleasure as always to rebel against this and on the juices dollar.

I told my mom I was struggling today and sent me songs to close my eyes too.

Do you wanna know what I received the most backlash from certain individuals from? Reconciling my relationship with her.

Smfh. Our families are under siege. And I will barracade mine by any means necessary. She has never done anything to wrong anyone. There were some disgusting attacks against her. And she always shines like the brightest lunar beam.

In the same breathe as I’m writing this I’m still viciously and vehemently angry and crying at the ugly things that have happened at the hands of cowards and enemies. But I’m also crying because I’m relieved.

I hope every rebel that stands against the tides of time has their moment to fight once or twice. To say their word, in whatever way.

As moms, we don’t tell you or let you in to our world. Mine I fight to make as beautiful and seamless looking as possible.

You don’t know how much your moms don’t want to let you down. Or let you go. The lengths women go to to be impressive and beautiful, and the ferocity we carry.

I think everyone that becomes a mom hates what stands in the way and awakens to a different level by default. Many. I think the ones that seemingly fail are under cared for.

You don’t see many moms condoning insanity in society, essentially ever. The ones that are shit are not a rule. And the media is filled with endless b/s to convince anyone otherwise.

Moms are attacked for a reason. If the original facets of motherhood were respected and society was built to support healthy motherhood, families and would flourish.

I poured everything I had to the early years of my kids lives. In total somehow we had the assets, and I’m more exhausted by the day

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan