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Question #4205: asking questions from the gods


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Dec 16, 2022
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do the gods choose not to answer the question if you add something "contradictory" to it?

for example, i asked my guardian demon if this person was "the right one for me", yet i added that, "don't tell me the answer yet, though, because i want to see it for myself."

and they probably thought, "sure, why not? i'll let you see it for yourself since the person you're into is not a major red flag."
What you should have asked for is him/her to show you if this person is compatible with you or not.
You basically told your guardian demon "tell me" then "actually... don't tell me". And he/she didn't tell you. Any rational person would do the same.

Be more sure of what you want, and when you're talking to a God, or anyone in general, express yourself freely, and say what you mean from the start. This way you don't waste anyone's energy and time, neither theirs or yours, as this is counterproductive.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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