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Question #368: Unwanted Surgery Failing, Help.?


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Dec 16, 2022
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When I was very young , too young to really think and make decisions for myself. Not knowing much, Or to even undestand what was even going on. I apparently was diagnosed with GERD. I had a Nissan fundiplication surgery done. the one under control of all this was my very unstable and delusional mother. (Very sad but true.) I was told nothing about anything; I had no choice whatsoever. About 10-12 years later this of what seems to be a pretty major surgery is “failing”. Perhaps after an incident where I took several huge blows to the stomach, proceeded with lots of throwing up after a kickboxing sparring session. I have been going through very uncomfortable issues within my body, and stress and anxiety. Troubles sleeping, digesting food, living normally.

It is almost impossible to get an appointment with a GI doctor, (the unknown pains and problems have been going on for months) I also do not want to have the same surgery re done.(if I have to so be it…) I don’t want any surgery at all. I’ve had countless surgeries that I have had no control under. I don’t know what to do I am just asking for any type of help or guidance. I don’t want my body to be ruined. I want to be normal. Life is getting very very hard to live with the pains and effects of something wrong inside of my body, Though I can’t find help. Been to the ER 5 times they’ve all told me nothing can be done unless emergency.

I’ve been seeing naturopath doctor, have got supplements, acupuncture. Thank you. Whether anything can be done or not to help. I appreciate everyone out through JoS. A truly amazing community of people. again thanks.
Ask Satan or the gods who are "in charge" of these matters, such as Valefor, and be guided by them to deal with the situation in the best way possible.
Hello, please note I just read about the issue online and have never experienced it myself.

So the first thing I would do is realise that GERD isn't life threatening by itself, that doesn't mean you should resign yourself to a life of pain, but at least you know what the issue is. Once you know all that it is time to deal with your stress. Apparently stress triggers and makes symptoms of GERD worse. You have to realise that this is a vicious cycle that you need to break, because you think to yourself "oh no I'm in pain again", you get stressed, symptoms get worse, and this repeats.

As for treatment, I have no idea if acupuncture helps this really, but if you haven't seen results from a treatment in 6 months it's usually a good idea to explore other options.

A big one online seemed a change in diet. You can also do healing workings, but unless you completely master your stress control and dwell on the working constantly, chances are it will not succeed.
Also you didn't mention any medication, read up on Proton Pump Inhibitors, this helps control acid release. If you work with a doctor or dietician they can plan out with you a diet and medication intake plan to help your esophageal tissue heal. Apparently it doesn't take that long about 3 months worst case scenario to heal the esophageal tissue. Though this doesn't mean your GERD has gone away, just the pain is much less as the tissue isn't constantly irritated.

Please please see a professional DO NOT SELF MEDICATE ANY SUCH ISSUES. I'm talking from personal experience, trust professionals.

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