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It Takes Actual Effort

Oct 8, 2021
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To change yourself for the better, it takes actual, genuine effort. You will barely make progress if you half-ass your advancement, and you will make no progress if you are lazy and inconsistent. If you want change yourself for the better, you must actually take it seriously. That means finding the time, NO MATTER WHAT, to complete your workings and empower yourself. You need to make your advancement your new number 1 goal if you want to change. The Gods require us to accomplish their goals and become powerful, and that requires effort on your part. Do you have an annoying or weird problem, and you are sick of it? Are you tired of not being the person you aspire to be? It's in your hands to fix this. You were given gifts by the Gods, you are here in a forum with other like-minded people, a huge amount of knowledge that was fought and died for, and you have access to magic that can alter reality. So... what's stopping you exactly?

When performing warfare, cleaning yourself, removing negative karma, sometimes unpleasant things might occur. You could be blindsided by something deeply personal, and struggle with deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy. The enemy can attack you, and set you back if you aren't careful. Advancing requires you to pay attention and actually put in consistent effort. Days will go by, and suddenly you are another year older, and the same problems still plague you. Some problems really do take years to fully fix, I know this from experience. There is nobody else that can fix these personal problems for you, and things won't just fall into place for you either. Masturbating to become a millionaire also won't happen, and it requires extraordinary personal effort. Everyone quits once it gets hard, but not you, because you are here on this forum.

Before dedicating there was a time where I would save up thousands in cash, and it would be wiped out by one or two sudden events. I didn't understand it, and hated it. After dedicating, I understood I had negative wealth karma, enemy curses, and poor past life behaviors. This is a thing of the past now, and this never happens anymore. Do you know why? It's because I put in constant effort to reverse this. I had problems with never getting enough respect, so I worked to become someone worthy of respect. I had family issues, so I worked to positively and peacefully resolve them. Some problems will require you to be present and active while doing the working, not hiding in your room. How can you smooth over problems with your father, if you never actually make an effort to speak with him? How can you become a millionaire if you are not actively out in your community trying to make money? Do you see what I mean?

If you are stuck with a problem, think about the root cause. What would it be like if that problem were fixed? Can you imagine yourself on the other side? Think about how happy you will be once it is all over with. Work backwards a bit, and consider each step, no matter how small, it would take to reach this goal. Then you craft a working with a proper, positive affirmation to reach this goal. When the working starts to take effect, be sure to maintain and build yourself up into a better position during the working.
Very true, I believe alot are still under the old mentality and consistent influence of the world that it gets hard to remember to keep pushing through it.
I made a music video based off this article. Hope you all like it, after finishing it i noticed some errors with the subtitles, I'll go in and fix it, but I wanted to share it with everyone first because I like this one.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan