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Grandmother have pancreating cancer

Kurat said:
How can I help her spiritually and energetically?

The best solutions involve getting her to take proper care of herself because it is not practical to continue sustaining her indefinitely. You may offset this and buy her some time, for example, but if she continues her life the same way, eventually the conditions will recreate themselves, perhaps in another few years.

If you really wanted to, you could dedicate the energy of a Sun Square to heal her. You can do one when it enters Sagittarius this Nov. 21, or Aries this March. Plenty of opportunity with Mars Squares as well.

If you can convince her to see a TCM doctor, this would heighten her chances of survival greatly, especially if she implements the lifestyle changes they advise (in addition to the treatments they provide). She can do this simultaneously with any other treatment plans as well.

Pancreatic cancer simply means her digestion is bogged down by what TCM views as (dampness). TCM views the pancreas as part of the spleen system. Dampness is a yin-based pathogen removed by yang energy. Therefore, doing anything to boost her yang, and solar chakra will help a lot.

If you can convince her to do moderate exercise, this will help tremendously towards clearing out excess dampness and restoring her yang energy. This is similar to the advice that was posted of using oxygen therapy.

It may make sense to do magic on her to implement these changes on her own, as opposed to doing magic that is trying to override anything she may be doing that has led to cancer. Not like it is her fault, by the way, she is likely just doing whatever everyone else in clownworld does.

Good luck!
Kurat said:
Can cancer be connected with vaccines?

Yes, and other ailments as well, however as humans in this Jewish age, we are dealing with many, many different toxins and pollutants. In addition: poor sleep, imbalanced diet, junk food, drugs/alcohol, etc. So while it is true that something like a vaccine can be the final weight to break someone's back, they were always weighed down by many other factors as well.

So while this sounds bad, it also means that one thing alone (such as a vaccine or chemical) would not 100% give you an illness, just that it would make you more susceptible. Also, if you know what illness you are prone to developing, you can easily counter this with spiritual or physical means.

That is why modern cancer treatment is such a retarded joke. I would elaborate, but I don't feel like writing many more paragraphs. The short answer is basically clearing the pathogenic substances from the area through yang energy.
Kurat said:
How can I help her spiritually and energetically?

While the information here is helpful, I think her happiness and comfort is going to be most important, and your mental preparation depending on how close you guys are. Just make sure that you guys take it days at a time and don’t build false expectations based on anything spiritual. It’s difficult to say these things and I know how hard it is, but there is a lot of magic in letting life be what it is and not getting hung up on trying too hard to change it, other people, and reality in general.

Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

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