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Fiery Pluto
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  • If i answer questions in the forum referring to other members' answers and posts, the reason is that i want to create a sense of unity or i don't have enough time for further elaboration (for this last reason i probably will not write a lot in the forums in the future). If i didn't answer to something, the reason is that it wasn't very useful answering.

    I know i have made errors caused by lack of attention in the definition of concepts, grammar errors (these are few) in some posts in the past/recent due to lack of elaboration or because i answered very quickly (also under the influence of my personal circumstances).

    I will edit/delete (if a moderator gives me the permission) some posts i think are uncorrect or there is a lack of sources. Everyone could suggest any editing.
    Some role models who can guide you in your life goals:

    -Politics-Adolf Hitler. pragmatic, passionate, a skilled orator, moved by great love for his people and nation. Remember to take it in the context of a reality other than the modern one.

    -Science-Nikolas Tesla. intuitive, inspired and guided by the Gods.

    -Philosophy-Friederich Nietzsche. prophetic, aphorismatic, intuitive, allegorical, fearless destroyer of Jewish lies, connected to reality, true to the earth and to life.

    -Music-Beethoven. creativity combined with emotion, celebrator of human strength in the fight against negative Karma
    I really like your signature.
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    Fiery Pluto
    Fiery Pluto
    Thank you. The idea came to me when I was walking down the street. During walks, deep philosophical thoughts sometimes occur to me. However, processing these thoughts requires understanding the concepts on which the laws of Nature are based. I understood them by reading and studying Nietzche's texts, meditating,
    reading jos and HPHC sermons. I also studied the development of human culture, history, literature and art.

    Studying all this, one cannot fail to see the mental patterns that have developed in man due to the establishment of abrahamic religions and pure materialism (a consequence of the latter).
    In Nature there are two paths a living being can take: that of decay and that of advancement. There are those who are on one side, those who are on the other, and those who are poised between the two.

    Nieztche describes these concepts in a more 'superficial' way (in the sense that it does not go straight to spiritual reality) than ancient pagan philosophy (whose texts, besides being intended for very advanced philosophers, are poorly translated and can therefore require a lot of effort to understand).
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan