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Cherry Lemonade
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  • Most days I am just mediating and working on advancing my soul. People don't realize what a privilege it is to be a Satanist. Can't find empowerment anywhere else, Satan's way is the only way.

    Read the Joy of Satan website if you want to grow to your full potential. My personal experience is that this is the only true way to succeed in life. Secret knowledge has been kept away from the masses on purpose, because the enemy wants to destroy Satan's creation. Messages on the forum from HPHoodedCobra and other advanced members will also help you if you have questions.

    Fuck mediocrity and the modern decay of the world. You can only find true peace and enlightenment through the guidance of the Gods. HPHoodedCobra's post are also very motivating and encouraging if you need some positivity. I personally am following long on the schedule for the rituals and spiritual warfare.

    Can't miss even one day of meditations, we all have a responsibility to do our part for the Gods. Be the answer, not the problem and do your part for National Socialism. Silenced gentiles are now rising from the ashes like a phoenix to take back our birthright in the name of Satan!
    Joy of joys, my heart is filled with gladness upon learning the truth about Satan and the Gods! Of all the information on the internet this site was the most helpful to me! Satan has revealed his truth here!

    Is there any comparison for the wealth of knowledge on this platform? The answer is a resounding no! Same cannot be said for other sites professing to be Satanic.

    As a dedicated Satanist I am pleased to say you will only find the truth here. Christianity is a lie and a hoax meant to deceive the masses and enslave them. Looking to Satan and the Gods you will be set free and empowered. To meditate is the answer that will free your soul.

    A true mage/witch learns to advance spiritually through power meditation. Higher vibrations will equal better outcomes in your life. Power meditation has been kept away from us because the enemy wants to control our minds.

    Isn't my opinion either, it's merely a fact. What you can do if you don't believe me is to research for yourself. Satan will guide your steps and show you the way to enlightenment. Wants and needs in your life will also start to be fulfilled once you have more spiritual power.

    This is the only way to have a satisfying and wholesome life. Isn't one person alive that can debunk the facts and the truth given by the Gods. About 1% of the world knows the truth, and all of those people are on this forum, they are the chosen ones of Satan. Empowering means studying and growing as a person.

    Yourself will only advance if you do this with the help and guidance of the Gods. It's about time that you wake up from the lies of the enemies of our Gods. A real spiritual satanist knows! Nazi nations are the future of the world. Thing is, this is the only way we can win Satan's spiritual war.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan