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    The principle of working with removing blocking is difficult to depict in a “general form”, since everyone studying this topic will encounter significant differences between their own blocking and the situation in a general form. The examples above are just an indication of where your attention may need to be directed and where you need to look. The main motive for having blockages is doubts and excuses from deciding to engage in one activity or another. The main motive is to see obstacles, not opportunities. Negative mental programming can be so significant that you also act as an apologist for the bucket of crabs theory - getting in the way and otherwise putting a spoke in other people's wheels. It is “easier to live” in the dirt, but this is a poverty mentality instilled from outside. This also includes all sorts of motives for idealizing the image of poverty, the “valor” of those without silver, the virtues of “fighters against the system” contained in their rejection of modern civilization. Don’t be naive, behind every sustainable destructive model (which is good for entire segments of the population) there are entire groups of beneficiaries. If someone voluntarily gives up their resources and their energies, someone will definitely appropriate them.

    The next important creation of blockages is the vicious desire to do something ineffective for the sake of maintaining the status quo. This can take various forms, reluctance to leave your home, tradition, fear of change. It can also be a more sophisticated desire to “finish” or “prove” - with your inefficiency and poverty you usually only prove your own myopia and lack of an adequate strategy. This book is also a tool for overcoming these problems. Stagnation is too slow growth, which only allows you to linger relative to the flow of the arrow of time. In fact, if your status, earnings and comfort do not grow for years, you are doing something fundamentally wrong. The modern economic model is based on the gradual rise in price of all goods and services, regardless of the desires of specific people. You either understand and take this into account, or you fight the constant entropy of savings, which is often deliberately fueled by crises.

    Your blockages are your specific framework; it is beyond their boundaries that the well-being goals you strive for are often located. If the state of affairs obliges you to overcome your own limitations by breaking through blocks with force, this often leads to terrible stress and subsequent regression. Let's say forced debts taken out due to a critical situation are unlikely to force you to work harder in the future in the same way as during the process of repaying the debt. And what is more likely is that they will create a negative feedback between the concepts “a lot of money - a lot of work/problems.” Negative reinforcement naturally strengthens destructive attitudes, which can even become character traits and be passed on as family delusions. Don't go this route. Be proactive.

    Specific visualization techniques and techniques will be presented in the next section.
    I am inserting the full article “About Hypnosis” from the site:

    We all have a right side and a left side brain. The left side of the brain is our conscious mind that we use every day to make conscious decisions and use logic. This is the active masculine side of the brain. The passive side is the right side of the brain. This is the receptive feminine side. The right side of the brain is highly suggestible and the side we access in both meditation and hypnosis.

    In order to access the passive right side, the active left side must be subdued. This is analogous to turning off the electricity in a home or building in order to access the wiring. If the electricity is not turned off, a shock will prevent accessing any wires. The mind works the same way.

    The more subdued the active left side is, the deeper the trance, the deeper the trance, the more receptive the passive right side is.

    In order to effectively hypnotize yourself, you must be deep in a trance. To hypnotize another person, you must put that person deep into a trance- the deeper, the better.

    In order to hypnotize someone, the operator must establish some sort of rapport. People who are highly suggestible, impressionable, and gullible make the best subjects. Those who are nervous, cynical, and uncomfortable with being hypnotized are difficult to work with. The CIA and other unethical professionals use barbiturates to put resistant subjects under. They use just enough so the mind will still be receptive to suggestions. If too much is used, the session will prove futile.

    The success of the session depends upon how set the mind is regarding the suggestions. Chronic and longstanding problems, deep seeded hang-ups, and mental blocks require many sessions to overcome. The suggestions and affirmations must be repeated and repeated to break down walls in the mind.

    With hypnosis, the operator is in control. The extent of this control with a professional is equal to the subject turning his/her entire life over to the operator who can command him/her to do anything. There have been numerous reports of psychiatrists putting their patients under and having sex with them. The patient was told during the session she would not remember the incident upon awakening. This is a common example. When you allow another person to hypnotize you, you are literally putting your entire life in their hands and with each session, you become more and more under that person’s control.

    In order to prevent any other person from hypnotizing you, you have to program your mind that you will never be hypnotized by another person. This creates a block. Hypnotists have been known to place their own blocks in the minds of their subjects. Some have placed several. The most common is the subject experiencing total amnesia concerning the session. Other blocks used by unethical hypnotists include the subject only being able to be hypnotized by the operator and no one else. These involved court cases where the operator used the amnesic subject to commit crimes. The human mind can be programmed to experience amnesia given any situation.

    * * *​

    The main part of this work may seem difficult, especially if you are not used to working with trance (do not know how to get into it), and in general have not done much power meditation. Going beyond the scope of this book and its topic, I can say that this is also a subtype of blocks, only this time relating to spiritual experience and the abilities that you will succeed in or not. You can't know until you try. But by programming yourself for failure, you will receive it. This is why articles often talk about an “open mind”; this means, first of all, being outside the concepts of yourself and the experience that should happen to you in certain situations. Suggesting experience to yourself is the other side of this process. Visualization is the construction of energy in accordance with your intention. By visualizing a problem - for example, a blockage regarding money, in the form of some form/event - you also have the power to correct this event if you concentrate on what resists/destroys/surpasses. The old attitude collapses under the force of the new positive one.

    Your hypnosis is your own dialogue with your own mind and its attitudes. You don't have to have any "general forms" of how this should happen. Progress will be where it works. If some attitude is not destroyed by simple visualization, direct the energy of meditation to eliminate the belief. Runic energy and the waning moon are best suited for deliverance. The selection of runic energies for such purposes will be given in next chapter. Ideally, you should direct your own soul powers to transform the entire sphere and all associated settings - replacing yourself with a better, updated version. There is no need to destroy what works well, choose only what is definitely harmful. Then, as the process improves, address smaller problems and eliminate them. Self-improvement is the same habit as exercising in the morning. Those settings that will come from your natal chart are usually the most persistent because they represent the main lines of your character and destiny, formed by the stars. Astrology is not about the stars judging you. Any, even the most difficult aspect, can be brought to a high degree of elaboration and begin to receive great benefit from areas that were previously great pain. Do not look at your chart, especially if it contains heavy indicators in the areas of money, as “bad karma” or something like that. If something bad is present, it is an indicator that you have previously significantly ignored this issue.

    22) Lack of money is a deficiency in your area of money, and this book seeks to fill the gap in understanding. For those who are accustomed to living in a downshifting style, it is probably normal to get by with the bare necessities. In other cases, striving for wealth is the normal state of affairs.
    23) It would be more correct to say that free money is ALSO present in high-risk areas. In addition, in such areas there are many mechanisms for “hunting” for suckers hungry for quick enrichment. In the words of the classic: “Build not on sand, but on stone.” If you want to become rich in risky areas, use a systematic approach. Develop your own attitudes about risk, learn risk management, master the theory of probability in the end. Only a fool goes into the snares prepared for him, knowing that they are there. It is worth mentioning separately about the word “ONLY”, as with the phrase “there is no other way” from paragraph 10 - this is a trigger. If you have strict beliefs in the form of “ONLY WITH THE HELP OF THIS I CAN GET RICH”, “ONLY IN BUSINESS” or “ONLY WITH THE HELP OF INVESTMENTS” - these are check boxes, change these attitudes, or at least follow them sincerely. By setting restrictions on yourself, you block exactly the pool of opportunities that is outside the boundaries of your blocking. Do you think that you can’t do something, and ONLY something is available to you that you have convinced yourself of? This means that your actions will be built in this form. It is not expectations that are realized, but beliefs.
    24) Here it’s almost the same as in the previous paragraph. ONLY means it's an error. Who told you that? Or rather, who inspired this in you? Have you seen enough movies? Have you listened to the “smart adults”? Most of those reading this book themselves have long been very adults, stop listening to the fables of narrow-minded people, build your own game and your own path.
    25) Most of the super-rich are Jews. It is a fact. Looking at them, we absorb the behavior patterns of “billionaires” and their lifestyle. And we feel sick, that's normal. There are not many positive examples of super-rich pagans, and they pale in comparison to the general “noise”. Don't absorb negativity.

    * * *​
    Next, what to do when you find some kind of blockage? Simply recognizing the problem is not enough (although already 50% of the solution), it is important to eliminate the blockage, but more importantly, IMPLEMENT A NEW one IN ITS PLACE. This is something that most business coaches don't understand. Consciousness does not like emptiness, if you decide to cut off pieces of yourself, no matter how harmful they are, try to fill the voids with new and positive things, because then the process will be as effective as possible. I showed examples of refutations above. But 25 is not even an approximate number of all existing installations, there are hundreds, maybe thousands. And often they can be quite unique, influenced by your own situation. They can be composite, that is, they affect your personal experience in a sophisticated form and present a problem that operates on several levels at once. This may be a gestalt inherited from your parents, for example, a father failed to start a business, he inspires his son that he must “finish” his business, and the son, under the influence of his father’s negative attitudes (he didn’t succeed), steps on the same rake, strengthening gestalt and becoming a regular at the “bad business” club. The easiest way to identify such things is by simple search. In the astrology chapter there will be a list of topics related to various planets, signs and houses and their relationship with the monetary sphere. You may not even realize that you have a strength in something you wouldn't normally look at, simply because you have an attitude in that area.

    Having identified a problem, it must be examined in the same way as a scientist examines the internal organs of a butchered frog. Look at the problem from different angles. Difficulties arise in the emotional coloring of situations and blocks. It’s difficult for people to think about their problems without self-pity or false self-confidence in the insignificance of the problem (they already know everything), because otherwise the question arises, if you recognize the problem, why don’t you work on it? Leave the excuses to the uninitiated. Knowledge obliges action. If this is not so, then it is not genuine knowledge. Having identified one (or several problems) - write them down on paper in the form of a tree. What other problems in your life (not money related) are they connected to? How long ago did they appear? Do you know how to get rid of these blockages?

    Regarding the last question, we need to look at it in a little more detail. Probably many of those reading this book also read the “hypnosis” section on the site. But was it used? This section is like the magic button (the same one) that you need. This button is mental in nature, there is no physical representation of receiving benefits from others simply by hypnotizing them. You hypnotize (reconfigure) yourself in order to receive a different assessment of situations that are already familiar to you. Beliefs create the paths you follow.
    11) Again, if your efforts lead nowhere (you are convinced of this), then so be it. If your efforts bring you experience, resources, understanding, if you have already read up to this point, you have every chance to use the tools and break the loop of “futility” with the clear results of your activities.
    12) Regarding skills, there is no problem learning anything from scratch. It is worth removing blockages of this kind, and they are often also associated with blockages specifically for your profession/field of activity where you “can’t make money” - and you will immediately begin to have a different attitude towards what you see. Any profession is both a business opportunity and an opportunity for commerce (profile), outsourcing, consulting, auditing. Blogs after all. Regarding opportunities and their creation, read Chapter 3.
    13) Quite a subtle problem associated with moral choice and awareness of the gangster essence of capitalism. Often such beliefs come from the post-Soviet mentality of the 90s, when “all businessmen are bandits,” and in general, what to do in business - there are only sharks there. Those times are over. Nowadays they pay a lot for manipulating attention (media/social networks) and creating a unique product. Both can be done with a + sign
    14) Most people fail on this path precisely because they run into their own barriers of awareness - an unsuccessful attitude fails at the most important moment - it is not expectations that are realized, but beliefs.
    15) Restrictions relate primarily to energy resources, not age. Those who do not have energy will not get out of their own range, because often the amount of energy does not increase over time (if you do not take into account the practitioner). However, this belief is more of a common worldly belief that initiates should not occupy themselves with.
    16) A very sore subject for many. Since the awareness of worthy/unworthy lies in the area of a person’s natal Sun, on which self-esteem and will also depend, this leads to the fact that this problem and this belief is a kind of trigger. A weak natal Sun is not a death sentence; you are able to develop your own Solar chakra and program it to achieve wealth. Moreover, a strong/weak Sun in a chart is also not a reason to deny yourself wealth and the desire to acquire it. The classic case in such situations is lack of ambition. However, the good news is that ambition is very “contagious” in a good way. Just surround yourself with ambitious people and you will quickly learn to dream and think big. You can even make it a kind of mental exercise, which will be discussed later.
    17) No one comes to the gym immediately lifting a 250 kg barbell. Money energy is DEVELOPING. Just like opportunities to earn money open up as you search for them and move in this direction. The road appears under the feet of the walker. Just sitting and thinking that “I won’t succeed” means programming yourself in advance for failure. You can't know in advance without trying. But such an installation is very likely to be implemented. This is the case when expectations and beliefs will confirm each other. No need to give up early.
    18) What I already wrote about in the part about the comfort zone. People are often aware of this, and do not want to sweat a lot (they think that this is the only way) in order to get higher. The labor costs for developing monetary energy seem too high to them relative to their own position in the moment and time. “Realism” is also often mentioned here. People are “realists” “soberly assess their chances” and, of course, not in their favor. This is a haven for permanent losers.
    19) The possibility of saving and running in the wheel of constant earnings and spending is of course tiring. The economy is not structured so that people working at work can at some point save up for a life outside of work. This would be too simple for the Jewish slave system, in which the place of the Gentiles is, at best, groin cattle. However, we act contrary, creating situations and opportunities for ourselves to truly grow outside of this framework. Accumulation is an important stage in getting out of the cabal of debts and insurance against stress. If you are unable to save money, work through and implement positive attitudes regarding saving.
    20) Not everyone who is born into rich families retains their fortune. And not everyone who becomes rich passes it on to their children; wealth often leaves with the person. If your beliefs regarding wealth are based on coming from a rich/poor family, then I recommend that you very carefully examine your family for counter-examples, your acquaintances, relatives, friends - and you will find dozens if not hundreds of different cases that refute this. A rich pagan family will certainly be a very good help for personal enrichment. Knowing this, you have the right to strive to give your children and descendants such a family, even if this process begins with you. 

    21) A very common model of attitude, coming straight from the poorest, and sometimes even deeper into the centuries as contempt for the caste of yours (merchants). Someone believes that money is “not the main thing,” which means that those for whom “it is the main thing” are in fact inferior to them in spirit, and generally “not like that.” I'm not forcing you to put money first, this book is not about that at all. It is not money that spoils a person, but a system built on extracting profits from living things. Seeing the suffering that actions cause (for example, the environment, or workers in enterprises), the soul of such would-be capitalists hardens, cynicism becomes a form of defense.

    Now let's move on directly to working with beliefs. First, you need to take a serious inventory of what is going on in your soul when you think about money. What are the first images that come from the topic of money? How do you REALLY feel about yourself as the owner of large sums of money? Do you see yourself as a rich person not in the “mental movie” where everything is fine and you live in a house with a swimming pool, but also in the routine of this, in the awareness of the daily existence of rich people?

    Comfort zone is a very important term that describes such a situation. In fact, for most people, the level of monetary energy that they have is their comfortable level, even if this includes working in a job they don’t like, debts, etc. Even if, thanks to a happy coincidence, the income of such people triples, their spending usually also grows exponentially. This means that the comfort of life does not increase, more expensive hobbies appear, spending on cravings, etc. In financial terms, assets are not growing. If increasing the amount of cash does not lead to an improvement in your condition, comfort and joy of life, what is this game for?

    Let’s go through the questionnaire above, assume that you have each of the described blockages (in fact, there are many times more of them, and the ones I listed are only those that I could name right away). What might the elaboration of each item look like?

    1) Big money is earned mainly by intelligence and smart investment of your time/resources, as well as connections with other people with resources.
    2) If what you are doing requires demand for a specialty/flow of clients, then increasing them is a direct work on money magic, and will be discussed in next chapter .
    3) Only for those who do not know how to manage their comfort with money, or are too greedy to figure out how to invest/manage their funds. The biggest trouble for those who do not have enough money is to think about how to find the funds they need. The rich are spared this problem.
    4) Conviction from the sphere of Jewish tales about the overpopulation of the planet, the lack of drinking water, the melting of glaciers, and so on. The general “backdrop” of prevailing sentiment at the moment is being formed in the media. If the news doesn't talk about global warming, the problem will resolve itself. If you accept the game of “everyone,” then the beliefs of your age/social/ethnic group begin to work for you. Where the crowd drinks, all the springs are poisoned. 

    5) If your family is against your enrichment, then here we come to a very interesting topic. Typically, such attitudes are acquired by children from parents who often program children even before they gain consciousness by repeatedly repeating their own mistakes and mistakes. If you have been instilled with a feeling of guilt about money, then you should immediately look for a lot of interconnected harmful attitudes coming from here. Literally sit down and meditate (until you understand) how your parents, close and distant relatives instilled in you attitudes about money. It may be painful.
    6) Quite the contrary, greed arises from acquisitiveness and constant fear of living in poverty. The desire to prosper is normal, as is the desire to remain young forever. Do not accept victim patterns, these are remnants of Christianized thinking that need to be completely eradicated from your head. 

    7) Reality is cruel and cynical (for now), but you have access to the powers of your own soul, which is precisely given to you in order to make sure that reality is not cruel and cynical towards you and those who are dear to you .
    8) It is important to be able to appreciate your own experience. What did the past situation teach you in a positive way? If the lesson was only to never repeat it (after all, it is painful and unpleasant to lose) - throw away this lesson and find an experience in the situation that will lead you along a different path, where you will not repeat the obvious mistakes made earlier. Prepare better and work through the entire set of attitudes associated with failure. In modern psychology there is the concept of gestalt therapy; experience with failures in business can become a gestalt (unsolved problem) for you, which will draw in the energy of awareness and block a whole layer of related areas of life.
    9) You are, at first, your own wishes. No one comes to Satanism immediately as an omnipresent sage, the embodiment of wisdom. Basically, people need tools to improve their own lives, while also helping their fellow humans and working for the common good. Desires and their achievement become a pleasant bonus for your own development, which confirms the correctness of the chosen path. Ascetics and renunciants of their own desires look stupid because they block very important planetary spheres and, accordingly, the normal flow of energies in the soul of the chakras associated with them.
    10) Luck is an important attribute of sudden wealth, but it is about 5% of real success. The remaining 95 are working on beliefs, money magic, creating flows (developments) for your own enrichment and repeating forms that have already worked. The attitude that “there is no other way” is generally an important trigger, if you have similar forms of attitudes in any other configurations, for example, “you can only make money in the XXXXX sphere - there is no other way,” or “if you couldn’t get rich before 30, then there’s no way. ”MUST" - this is a clear indicator of harmful patterns, and you need to get rid of them. If “there is no other way,” then what do you expect from yourself, driving you into such a narrow framework, and expecting that the course of LIFE will adapt to you?
    Working through is a process of conscious deprogramming and awareness of problems that prevent you from getting the financial level you need (or increasing it). This is a long process, and it is impossible to go through in 1 week all the subconscious programs that you have accumulated throughout your past life (and some even deeper from past lives). Therefore, take a break, return to this topic every time you begin to realize that circumstances are being imposed on you from outside, and you do not control the flow of money into your own life. It is also important to go through this at least at the level of understanding the presence/absence of blockages.

    The following questionnaire is made in the form of a test, mark each point that you can definitely accept as 1 point. You will read the breakdown of the number of points later.

    1) To earn big money you need to work hard without days off and personal life.

    2) I am not in demand.
    3) A lot of money - a lot of trouble.
    4) There is not enough money for everyone.
    5) If I have a lot of money I will move away from my friends/family and people will hate me.
    6) The desire to have a lot of money is greed.
    7) Reality is very cruel and cynical, I cannot find easy ways to get rich in it.

    8) It didn’t work before, and it won’t work now.
    9) My wishes (desires) have nothing to do with reality. 

    10) To become rich I need to be lucky, there is no other way. 

    11) My efforts to get rich are leading nowhere.
    12) I don’t have the skills/opportunities to get rich.
    13) To get rich, I have to harm people/deceive.
    14) I won’t be able to get rich because it is very difficult and most people fail on this path.
    15) It’s too late for me to start being rich.
    16) I don't deserve big money.
    17) I am not able to earn more.
    18) We didn’t live richly, there’s nothing to start with.
    19) No matter how much I work, the money does not accumulate.
    20) In order to become rich, you must be born into a rich family.
    21) Money spoils a person.
    22) Lack of money is normal.
    23) Free money is only present in high risk areas.
    24) It is impossible to earn money working “for someone else”/honestly/in my country/city/profession.
    25) All rich people are scoundrels.

    1-3 Excellent result. Most likely you have a very well-developed money channel and a good income. 

    4-7 The average is typical for most people. There is something to work on. 

    8-13 Serious difficulties and blockages, you must read this section very carefully and work on them. 

    14+ You have collected almost all possible (there are many more) prejudices regarding money, you have probably never worked at all or don’t even know where to start.

    Of course, the test format was made more in a comic form in order to show the idea firsthand. In reality, everything is a little more complicated. Some blockages cause others, and are drawn from the natal chart. Others are acquired and we inherit them from a negative environment. The third is the lack of work on the soul in the material sphere, negative transits (sometimes we tend to be more wasteful, or vice versa, more businesslike) and the consequence of ignorance/misunderstanding of obvious things. To be clear, I do not believe in the existence of universal laws of money. They simply don't exist. What works for some will not work for others. There are very superstitious people who perform hundreds of “rituals for attracting wealth,” such as having banknotes in their wallet, a certain color of clothing, and so on. But this is nothing compared to having real power and understanding the mechanisms of wealth. Any rich person (we are not considering Jews in this book by definition) observes his own “rituals” that work for him, and does this automatically, occasionally thinking about it. For such people it is normal not to spend the last, do not treat money as a cult, not get involved in particularly risky adventures, and so on. Again, within the limits of their own natal charts and personal experiences. Having a profession (and positions in the chart + a strong soul) that contribute to enrichment in high-risk areas will make, for example, a professional poker player or a risky broker. At the same time, it is true that a person who will have earthly/Saturnian aspects in the areas of money will be very careful about them, and in this case money will heat up. It is important to understand that each case is individual.
    This section is devoted to theoretical information on developing your own abilities and opportunities to earn money. Despite the fact that the principles of money magic generally correspond to the basic steps of witchcraft (raising/programming/direction), there are still some specifics that prevent money magic from being reduced to “magic in general,” since there are many intermediate options. For example, a person who is not a magician is a pagan millionaire, or vice versa, a person with a strong soul and even who knows how to use some spiritual means cannot earn enough money for his needs. It is the presence of various intermediate options that makes this area worthy of attention. Every living person (except for madmen) is normally aware of the value of material resources and the benefits that can be achieved with their help.

    It just so happened that in our part of the planets, for more than 70 years, a gang of red Talmudic murderers, calling themselves Communist Bolsheviks, reigned supreme. Together with all its main crimes, among which the most serious is negative genetic selection of the population (they killed those who resisted and those who did not want to be cattle), communism introduced into the heads of the majority of the population of its former countries dangerous viruses-misconceptions about money at the level of mind programming . This mainly concerns the generation born and raised in the USSR, your parents and grandparents. But since upbringing consists of passing on many generic attitudes through copying, the habits and moral foundations of the social structure have not changed even after thirty years. Many people simply stupidly copy the models of their parents and cannot adapt normally to the reality in which they live. At a subtle level, these problems look like barriers through which the soul cannot receive enough benefits for its own existence, and is forced to work for wear and tear. The small cross-section of the blocked channel does not allow all possible flow. Later, a person gets used to a certain resource level, and even if by some luck he gets a large amount of money at his disposal, he spends it, since the soul strives to get rid of the “unnecessary” burden, the amount of money that is unusual for it.

    I brought the problem of blocking into the very first section, since I believe that it is precisely the attitudes of the soul, its deprogramming (see the sermon above) from attitudes towards poverty that are necessary as a precondition before starting the practice of money magic. Even calling for money using magic methods, you will not be “ready” and will not “really want” to be rich; inside you will be the conviction that “you are not worthy,” you “can’t succeed because your parents didn’t succeed/ friends”, that “you can’t earn money honestly”, “everything can’t be that simple” and so on. In the basic manual “Money Spells” from the Ministry, it was written about it in the following form: “To attract money and wealth, you must be open. You must be 100% sure that you deserve wealth and wealth. Any past negative attitudes regarding wealth [ and they can be rooted in past lives] must be completely destroyed, and you must reprogram your soul and mind to attract money and that you deserve this money. Fake religions teach that poverty is a virtue. So is wealth and power. remain in the hands of a select few while the masses remain slaves."

    Of course, you can find most of these problems in your own natal chart. In the section devoted to astrological indicators of wealth, I will discuss this point in more detail. The rest of the problems are acquired by the experience of your life, pure observation, experience and put there by other people and mass culture. Those who are accustomed to identifying themselves too much with representatives of some groups may also receive harmful instructions regarding this. Don't let this happen. Just like you should eliminate thoughts of the following kind: “You can’t get rich in my country/city/region”, “My profession/career can’t make me rich”, “No one in my family has ever been rich”, “There are no rich pagans” /satanists/whites."

    Using the wrong direction of activity, which was initially not typical for you. Unable to satisfy your requests. It is certainly possible to achieve success in any field with effort, but the amount of effort will vary from “insanely difficult” to “goes like clockwork” depending on your personal inclinations. Don’t play on not your own field, spend time understanding what your strengths are and which of them can be successfully monetized. It is stupid to think that since you have already started a career in some area where you are not doing very well, then you need to continue to stick to this path at all costs (instead of thinking and finding what actually suits you). Persistence is a useful quality in those areas where its use gives a certain result, for example in business. If you, while studying at the university, understand that your future profession is 1/4 of the realization of your potential (if you have an understanding of where it will be integral) - do not waste time to make sure of this for sure. One of the stupidest models of the USSR firmware is the value of higher education (crust) in itself. Modern economics thinks differently. If there are specialized courses in your specialty that you can complete in 1-2 years and get a quality education and diploma, you should not go to the same direction at a university for the sake of obtaining a dubious state diploma and spend 3 times more time. If you are absolutely sure that a university will give you advantages that you cannot get in any other way (through self-education/courses/experience), then visiting it is justified.

    A collection of guidelines and methods for the material enrichment of Spiritual Satanists


    I dedicate this work to Satan and all the forces of Hell

    One of the most important goals that a person can achieve on the path of his spiritual and material improvement is obtaining complete financial independence. This collection has been planned for a long time. It was intended as a collection of methods of practical magic, by practicing which dedicated spiritual Satanists will be able to achieve this goal. However, the more I thought about the format of this work, the more details it acquired. Money magic is not limited to the most basic operation of invoking material wealth. It also does not come down to understanding some special “laws of money”, the esotericism of entrepreneurship, or increasing your luck through special formulas and meditations. But it definitely includes all of the above. This topic is so vast that I do not set out to cover all the blank spots in it with this work alone. The book presented will contain enough methods and theoretical material for independent practice and conclusions that can be drawn based on it. In the section on astrology, I especially touched upon the difference in attitude towards money and its sources depending on the positions of the natal chart. Understanding this difference leads to the fact that you stop looking for universal recipes for wealth, focusing on what will work and will be useful specifically for you. You should never shift responsibility for your financial situation to someone outside. In the deprogramming section, I have collected an impressive amount of material to eliminate the main mental misconceptions regarding wealth. Even just the practice of these methods with the help of hypnosis or self-hypnosis can change your financial situation.

    A Satanist is one who moves towards Divinity. Your path is your own destiny. The paths of people close to you, your friends and associates, your loved ones and your family members form a single flow of ascending energies of existence. Wealth is an integral part of human fulfillment. We are not one of those who accept the axioms of the right hand paths about the “blessed beggars” and other nonsense. Strong souls are capable of strong actions, including in the material world. In order to implement big plans and big changes, resources are needed. Your own resource achieved in the flow of spiritual Satanism, including through group rituals and individual practice, becomes the Gods’ reward to you. The power of your soul is your own work in wielding that power. Money magic is a manifestation of the power of your soul in the sphere of social interaction with other people, what you are able to master and give to society, and how it rewards you in return. Unfortunately, what principles modernity stands on in terms of justice in relation to honest work, and how many resources of the pagans are taken by the enemy under various pretexts, and sometimes simply by robbery, is known to everyone. Restoring justice for the entire society, healing the world on Satanic principles, including in the sphere of material wealth, is the ultimate goal for the liberation of each and everyone. Until this is achieved, magic becomes a tool and a gift of the Gods for their devoted followers, so that they are not touched by the tread of need. The choice is yours. You either resign yourself to your fate of being only very financially dependent on the power of the enemy, or you begin to work to gain your own freedom on all levels. This book is dedicated to this work at the level of acquiring material wealth. May the reader be enlightened!
    Integrate yourself into yourself. Every part of you, accept yourself, it is necessary to achieve the integrity of the low and the highest, the fast and the slow, what was with what will be in HERE, the present. After all, great power is stored here.
    "In Spiritual Satanism it is a virtue to be honest. Being honest might not always be easy and requires a lot of inner work.
    The more honest one is with themselves and the Gods, the faster will be one’s progress."

    III Azazel Virtue
    The main honesty with ourselves that we accept as a challenge at the very beginning is the honesty to admit that our existence in the face of eternity is simply an attempt to delay our time before inevitable death. Everything in the world tends towards this state of entropy. The main challenge and honesty of answering the question “can I try to cope with this?” The Gods give the answer - “Yes, you can.” Having this, practicing honestly and selflessly, we get the conformity of this virtue in our lives.

    "Of all the virtues listed here, the most important virtue of all the 36 ones, is Bravery.
    Without Bravery, one will reach nowhere in any of the other Virtues."

    III Beelzebub Virtue
    Our original brave was to turn away from everything that was “drilled into us” from childhood as the “foundations” of “religion”, “history”, “politics”. We showed the Bravery of our souls when we heard the Call of Truth, rejected everything that was alien and thereby set out on this path. Many people want to know the truth and find answers, but are too cowardly to do so. Their fear of being "outside" is so strong that they prefer slavery. I am happy that there are so many truly brave people here, brave in the highest sense.
    When you communicate with others, you learn from them. With smart people you become smarter, with stupid people you become like them.

    Alone with yourself, you are in the company of the Gods, on the path to perfection.
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Al Jilwah: Chapter IV

"It is my desire that all my followers unite in a bond of unity, lest those who are without prevail against them." - Satan