Exposing The Jewish God 2, YHVH And How Its Used

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Exposing The Jewish God 2, YHVH And How Its Used

Postby HP Mageson666 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:24 am

Exposing The Jewish God 2, YHVH And How Its Used

The Jew himself is god in Judaism if one studies the true core and meaning of Judaism which is Kabala the Rabbi's state the Torah is just the exoteric Kabala and the covering of the Kabala and that Kabala is the true meaning of Judaism. In Judaism god is shown as the tree of life. This three is the male and female sides of the body the outer two pillar's and the middle pillar the spine. The male and female nadi's on the male and female sides of the body connect at the center. They are also the sun and moon channels the Ida and pingala and the sushumna the middle.

The ten worlds, seven of them relate to the planet squares which are the chakra's. The other three planets relate to the pineal gland and the left and right hemisphere's of the brain and their energy centers. How to connect the chakra' systems in the head.

The name YHVH the Jewish god. In Kabala its shown how this is used and what it means. Thus proving what this "god" really is:

The Yah letter is Kether and Hokhma

The Heh is Binah

The Vav is Gevurah, Tiferet, Chesed, Netzsach, Hod, Yesod.

The second Heh is Malkhut

Note Vav is also given to Daath which is a world and is counted.

What this means is the letters mentioned are simply vibrated into the associated energy centers in the head and spine in a pattern to activate them and connect them. They can also have extra and different vowels added to them as well as part of this.

In Kabala the name Kether is also shown to be code within for Ain Sopf. The letter Ain in Hebrew means "eye" and is a stolen Hindu mantra of Aim the bija mantra for the "all seeing eye" this is because the crown connects to the pineal gland. Ain Sopf is the highest "god" of Kabala which is just called " a force" and nothing else. Ain Sopf is just a name of the crown chakra.

The "god" of the Bible is nothing more then the individual Jew and the alien soul they possess. The name of "god" YHVH and the symbol of "god" the World Tree is just the map of the Jewish soul and how they empower it. Nothing else. YHVH is the name of the individual Jew.

The Universal Meaning Of The Kabbalah, Leo Schaya

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