satanism from the far east

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satanism from the far east

Postby gloryofsatan666 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:57 pm

Hello fellow ss

i didnt understand when hps maxine said satanism was from the far east.
i was thinking satanism is paganism.
does this mean paganism comes from the far east.

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Re: satanism from the far east

Postby Sinistra » Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:47 pm

From what I know :

The Aryans come from the east in Asia which is where Satan and the Gods civilized us. The Gods where present among us reigning and teaching all sorts of things including everything spiritual we know. There was an advanced Aryan civilization around modern day Sri Lanka - Atlantis, but it was destroyed by the enemy and partially sunken. The Aryans spread from the indian peninsula into Mesopotamia and from there into Europe.
The vedas talk about the Earth being attacked from space and the Aryan golden civilization (Atlantis) was nuked.

Spiritual knowledge was partially conserved in the culture and mythologies from one civilization to the other but since Earth got attacked by the enemy it has been going downhill and this accelerated even more once because of the jews who are alien agents invading us under the order of reptilians, especially in the last 1700-1750 years or so which is when they created xtianity to destroy the Roman Empire.
By the way the "barbarian tribes" who invaded the Roman Empire and sacked Rome itself were xtians themselves.

The reason why xtianity wasn't murdering and destroying civilization before that time was that it didn't exist yet. When jews invented xtianity they created a false timeline and history and a made up story going back two centuries to the time they invented xtianity. And they created a fictious rabbi character and pretended he would have lived 2 centuries before.

In the 4th century CE (even our calendar is based on a fictious jewish fable's timeline) xtianity was made into the official and sole religion authorised in the Roman Empire, and jews started working on an unprecedented scale to destroy every elements still linking us to our Gods. Before that they could only act locally. But once they took over the Roman Empire by infiltration, deceit and bribing they could start working on global scale..

Since the gentile soul is pagan and xtianity is an unnatural and deadly illness the gentile soul struggles, tries to heal itself and get rid of xtianity to return to paganism. This is why despite centuries of extreme persecution pagan elements remained. During the middle ages Europe was a proto-URSS. Most the population were serfs which were in practice slaves with no rights (they were not even allowed to move where they want). Paganism only persisted secretly within nobility and at the fringes of society (herbalists / witches)

This is a decent early timeline video of xtianity :

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