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HP Mageson666
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Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:36 pm



People who don't actually sit down and study the works of Crowley believe his society was somehow "Satanic" the entire esoteric society Crowley created was based on the Christian Kabala. That includes an extra letter into the fourfold name of YHVH that of Shin to spell Jesus's name in the original Hebrew. The fact Crowley called himself the "Beast 666" was because that is what his Puritan mother called him when he was being a brat when he was a child. Crowley spent most of his life trying to shock people for attention and most of his strange behaviour was due to being on all kinds of drugs. Crowley praised the RHP and condemned the LHP. He believed in his "holy guardian Angel".

Crowley didn't say anything as a mantra to live by except the standard liberal mantra of the times. And the "Demon Aiwass" was actually nothing more then a Sufi friend he had who he referred to in supernatural terms more then once. Crowley liked to mix bullshit in with truth as a way to troll people. The truth about Aiwass is well known in Crowley's circles.

Crowley's talk about sacrifice was nothing more then him talking about jacking off till climax onto the altar. The offering of one's semen. That is Crowley he liked to troll people to shock them and piss them off. He was a bullshiter. He was obsessed with sex magic.

The way some of these claimed "Truthers" go on and on about Crowley they prescribe to him as status and influence he never had. Crowley died in a homeless shelter addicted to drugs and in and out of courts for violation of obscenity laws. He had no political or social power. He was a drugged out troll who spent his life Trying to rebel against his overbearing mother.

Anyone presenting Crowley as a Satanist or some deep occult master or leader is simply showing their own lack of knowledge and stupidity, seriously its that obvious.

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Re: Crowley

Postby alreadygoneshopping » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:52 pm

Crowley probably never had any real power. I read his book of the law (if Im remembering the right one as it was some seven or more years ago) and it was total nonstop trash. I am grateful I borrowed the book from a "friend" and didnt buy it myself. All that thelema shit is total trash. Just look at the later recordings of anton la vey. He said it himself didnt he? He tried. He tried the nine foot circles and all that crap and then ( pause for dramatic effect!) Nothing

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Re: Crowley

Postby _Viktor_ » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:54 pm

Read a book from IsraelRegardie about him. Pretty interesting but the whole crew of Crowley, Regardie, Wilson and others seemed somewhat off - besides Hyatt who explicitly stated he is not interested in the supernatural.
Crowley's own books were Chinese to me... read a few pages and threw them away as I disn't know if it's bullshit or I'm too stupid to get it.
This thread hardens my suspicion that he was a prankster.

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Re: Crowley

Postby TobyD.Loki » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:42 am

Didn't think my first post would be inspired by Crowley, but fuck it: let's go!

Crowley, by all means, is an "interesting" figure in occult history. Everything you point out about him and his life are, in fact, true. He's not really worth looking into and best if skipped. His life was shit and as Pythagoras said, people deal their own misfortune. We could ascribe his shit-filled life to his own occult dealings with semetic beings, and a warning against why it is stupid to even mess with them.
But Crowley does have something to offer us, a lesson we can learn and adapt. I do not wish to come off as pretentious or sympathetic to Crowley and the entities he worked with. I am ever loyal and indebted to the true gods of man. That being said, i once was absorbed into Crowley and i figure i might share what i learned from reading his works; however much dramatic shit they may be.
First thing to point out, his magick system was indeed, kabbalistic, semetic in nature and hence why, in my opinion, never has results. Most of the theatrical ceremonies are just that; purely theatrical. A massive troll to all who read them. As you point out, he was a shock artist, he gained his fame being that way. Even when he supposedly worked with the Egyptian Gods, you still find his work stained with semetic filth, thus having no reasults (and, again, done purely for shock). His books are trash, and i feel one does not understand him at such a surface level.
I know I'm droning on, but please, bear with me, i do have a decent point to make. While Crowley's works are trash, his philosophies are worth a look; and it is here we find the true secrets of his magick, and how he aquired power, wealth and influence, albeit he does lose it all. So i do believe Crowley was talented in the occult and had some power. But those things he worked with ultimately led to his historic black mark.
Thelema: which translates into Will in the sense of volition, is that which everyone can and should learn. "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. Love Is The Law, Love Under Will." I recently got into an argument with a homeless christian who could understand this phrase at all. He translated it almost as similar as LeVay's satanism did; "do what you like, when you feel like. Nothing is more powerful than love." I facepalm myself to this day at this notion; no, what Crowley was saying is "What you Will shall become, self-love is the key." The key to occult magick, which Crowley himself defines as "the art and science of creating change in reality,", is volition itself. Self-love as defined by Austin Osman Spare (not related Crowley other than that I use his own word to describe Crowley's law), is the mental state, mood or condition caused by the emotion of laughter becoming the principle that allows the Ego appreciation or universal association in permitting inclusion before conception. Just wishing for change and not believing in yourself does nothing, even if you do perform rituals. You must have the Will, the drive, you must be pure, dure, sure that not only will things change, you change them, and you are open to them.
Outside of this concept, Crowley is not worth a look. He has nothing to offer the people who gather here. Take it from someone once interested: Crowley is best buried and forgotten. Also, beware his poetry.

HP Mageson666
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Re: Crowley

Postby HP Mageson666 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:46 am

Crowley was never in contact with Egyptian Gods. Aiwass was a occult friend of his who also ran in other circles. Crowley was a troll.

High Priest Jake Carlson
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Re: Crowley

Postby High Priest Jake Carlson » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:28 pm

To add to this, Crowley was also a Bible-believing Christian, and as you noted, he only at times presented himself as "anti-Christian" just for shock value. He may not have been a traditional fundamentalist, but his belief in Christ and those filthy Jewish angels canceled out any legitimate occultism that he may have ever dabbled in. Perhaps he was a victim of the time in which he lived -- a time where there wasn't nearly as great of an abundance of knowledge and information that prove that Christ never existed, but like High Priest Don has stated, Crowley was a troll and a fraud.

The only "anti-Semitism" that Crowley displayed was the fake version...viewing the Jews as "Christ-killers" instead of the Christ-inventors that they are. A lot of people cite a passage in the Book of the Law where Crowley's fake channeled entity claims that it pecks at the eyes of Christ hanging from the cross as proof that Crowley was "anti-Christian," but looking at Crowley in context, he glorified Jesus as the son of a "Roman soldier," but still the son of a Jewish mother.

Whatever "anti-Semitism" Crowley exhibited never stopped him from being sodomized by the Jew, Victor Neuberg.

Crowley also openly admitted that Thelema is not meant to "replace" Christianity, but to restore authentic, solar-phallic Christianity to its original form. What a nightmare. Crowley was simply a psychotic, drug-addicted, sex-crazed Christian who dabbled in various occult disciplines, never even taking them seriously.

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Re: Crowley

Postby NeroTheAntiChrist88 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 12:24 pm

This asshole buffon in the pays of the kikes was just a disrespectful buffon to our Gods that he promoted that nefarious filthy jewish book called The Lesser Keys of Solomon in which the Sigils of our Gods are surounded by two circles and are full of those depicable hebrew letters!!! What a shame. Shame on him. Moreover this chubby aided jewish Churchill by teaching him magick and to use that "V" in order to decrease Hitler and Himmler's Knights' rituals made to win WW2. In addition to that, nowadays the moronic scumbags who belong to the nazbol gang practice his dirty rituals especially those at the top being kosher Dugin and his henchmen over the planet, jewish David Duke(USA), jews Salbuchi and Soaje Pinto (Argentina), AfD(Germany) to name a few. So much so, the worse president that ever happened to have Argentina Peron who had a chip on the shoulder against the majesty of the former European Argentina (today my country doesnt resemble one bit to what it was up to the late 30's when it was still known as the "American Paris") so he did everything possible to destroy the glory we used to have. According to jewish Dugin, Peron is someone to look up to for all that he managed to do against american liberalism. Furthermore, inside Peronism a so called chaos magick practitioner was Peron sidekick Jose Lopez "El Brujo" (the sorcerer) Rega. He wrote a book in the 60's about astrology in which he demonstrates and explains how to practice some sorr of magick spells and to those who are adept or have knowledge as regards the occult we can notice on the spot that his teachings come from the rubbish Crowley wrote.
Finally, as far as I am concerned he passed away and suffered one of the most disgusting deaths ever possible . Also I was acquainted with the fact that the Gods took care of his dreadful soul. Gret job that piece of scumbag deserve it.


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