Bilderbergers Of Zion Want Global Christian Church

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Bilderbergers Of Zion Want Global Christian Church

Postby HP Mageson666 » Fri May 18, 2018 6:17 am

Bilderbergers Of Zion Want Global Christian Church

"We shall have world government whether or not you like it-"
James Warburg, son of Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950 Testimony to the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee....The "We" Warburg states here is the Jews.

Here we have an Elder of Zion a Warburg telling us all Goys how its going to be. The revealing thing in all of this is the Warburg's, Rothschild's and Rockefeller's are the force behind the Bilderbergers which is the well known organization were the different castes of the Jewish power structure meet to discussion policy. The Banker Dynasty, Multinational corporations, media industry, military, political class elites, academia elites and assorted movers and shakers send their reps to meet in person. The hotels are totally rented out and cleaned out and turned into security bunkers for these meetings.

Something that came out however is revealing. They divide control into four classes. Money power, Political power, Intellectual power and religious power. These are the four castes they wanted to unite under their Jewish World Government. Note the major leaders the Rockefeller's:

"The Rockefeller Foundation is the source of many grants to ardent ecumenical movement projects and has been a major supporter of the World council of churches."

The Jews want a one world religion as part of the control grid. And this is Christianity to this day they are promoting and funding the Christian churches and Christian religious movements around the world. The entire Evangelical bible belt of America has been funded by Jewish money. Mega pastors such as Hagee brag about being on the pay roll of the Jewish Elites. They are all. The Rothschild's are the Vatican bankers. The Rockefeller's also fund a think tank in Colorado to create a synthesis of world religions and new age ideas under a centralized Christian core. You note this in Theosophy early which was funded and promoted by members in Jewish organizations such as the Christian Free Mason's. This ideology simply took Hinduism, Buddhism and other popular ideas and merged them into a synthesis with the Jewish religion via Christianity till everything was about Jewish characters from Abraham to Jesus. This pulls everything's intention into the Jewish thought form and keeps the spell going. This is also a popular and well known method of subversion used by the Catholic Church in Hindu India to this day. They open a fake Hindu Temple put up pictures of Jesus next to Krisna and dress like Hindu monastic's and mix Hinduism into Christianity till they get the people so far pushed into the Bible they demand conversion. This is what Theosophy is about. And why it was also so promoted in India with its main headquarters still there.

The Jewish Kabala tells the Jews to use synthesis as their method of subversion. This is also how and why the Jews created Christianity to blend the Goyim culture into Jewish control by corrupting the archetypes and cultural language into Jewish characters and meanings. Creating a Jewish thought form that's purpose is to destroy all the Gentiles nations in a Jewish Messianic war and out of this manifest a One World Jewish Government run by the 12 Tribes of the Jewish Race under the king of the Jews the Messiah. Which is how the Christian Bible ends with this coming about in the Book of Revelations. Jesus the Jewish Messiah returns at the head of an army of Jewish angels and destroys the Nations which means Goyim in Hebrew and builds the Zionist Jewish Theocracy over the ruins of the world. Which he rules with the 144,000 Jews which represents the 12 Tribes the entire Jewish Race....Note a single Goyim in there....OY Veh.

Note the major Elders of Zion the Warburg's, Rothschild's and Rockefellers are leading members in the Jewish Messianic Frankist movement, the Warburg's and Rothschild's being elevated to power by its leader Rabbi Jacob Frank the claimed Jewish Messiah of the time. Jacob Frank a Rabbi created the Illuminati Manifesto which was later translated into the industrial revolution period as the Communist Manifesto by two other Rabbi's that of Moses Hess and Mordechai Levy also known as his Goy presenting name of Karl Marx on behalf of Leon Rothschild. The Rothschild family in their own writings took over the mantle of Jewish Messianic linage from Frank. The Rockefeller's created the Communist Party of America and spent millions promoting the USSR in America and shipping industry to build it up. And Warburg got Lenin into Russia with trunks full of Money. The Rockefeller's employed fellow Jew Trotsky to recruit other Jews in New York and then sent him to Russia with trunks full of money. And Jewish Stalin was hired by the Rothschild agents. The whole Communist revolution was funded by Jewish banking elites out of New York and London and run out of the Jewish controlled Free Masonic lodges in Russia and aboard.

And all these Jews who created and push Communism....... All at the same time want a ONE WORLD RELIGON OF JEWISH CHRISTIANITY.

When the Vatican went back to the gospels and dropped all the nonsense. They created Vatican Two and the theology of Vatican Two right from the pure gospels only is Liberation Theology which is literally Christian Communism. Funny how they found the Communist Manifesto of the Jewish Rabbi's in a book written by Jewish Rabbi's two thousand years ago to create a Global Jewish Government. Its obvious as to why. Its the same program with the goal posts moved around on it. Pope Francis has admitted this as well. Calling Communism "Atheist Christianity".

Babylon's Banksters, Joseph P. Farrell

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Re: Bilderbergers Of Zion Want Global Christian Church

Postby EasternFireLion666 » Fri May 18, 2018 10:50 am

I also remember there were marxist like parables of jewsus... like If you wirk a whoke day and someone works one hour and gers paid equally rejoice fir him... or the one in which the prodigal sin gets a better welcone home gesture than the ine who is not reckless...

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