If you are undisciplined for routines

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If you are undisciplined for routines

Postby Egon » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:46 pm

If you are that kind of person lacking on Earth and/or Fire who feels like it's almost impossible to stick to a daily routine, you are too unorganized/undisciplined etc., what I personaly do is to create an "artificial" daily schedule with duties and rewards to which I make myself follow rather than trying to force myself figure out which goal is more important for the momment, to end up doing nothing and being frustrated.

If you set a rule to reward yourself after you have accomplished some "duty", these will be seem as more pleasant goals to reach and finish correctly rather than boucotting your efforts with "I must finish it otherwise I won't have a future on life" or other counter-productive mindset. For example, you can make a rule like "I will be allowed to play 40 minutes of games once I have studied this/finished the RTR schedule" etc. Also doing more RTR's will make your life easier and clear your mind, so one process build upon the other.

What I personaly do as example:

-Wake up and go to work
-Do the first half of the RTR schedule at home
-Study 3 matters
-Martial arts practice (monday, tuesday, friday)
-Follow my Meditation Program
-The whole RTR schedule or the later half + Reverse Shma again

-Watch 2 anime episodes or 1 movie
-Read 1 manga volume and 1/+ book chapter
-Translate 1 or more pages/articles related to Satanism/NS
*(I find writing at night as the last activity to be more constructive)

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Re: If you are undisciplined for routines

Postby Quietlysings666 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:14 pm

Yes very true, positive reinforcement is much better. I sadly have fallen into that"do or die" thing many times. Positive reinforcement. Hail Satan

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